Meditation invites us to draw our awareness inward, away from outside distractions, and calm the cluttered waves of the mind. Onlookers might view this as glorified sitting, but to find a real sense of stillness amidst chaos takes a ton of mental control. It challenges us to abandon the inner dialogue that dictates much of our existence and stay present with every breath. That means stop going over the rapidly-accruing to-do list in your mind, let go of tomorrow’s anxieties, and forget about the embarrassing thing you said to your cute coworker last week. Easier said than done, right? That’s where cannabis comes into play and can make all the difference for those struggling to find their zen. In this age of acceptance, the combination of cannabis and mindfulness has become increasingly popular among practitioners. So next time you’re fighting for some peace of mind, consider lighting up before turning down.

Benefits of Meditation

In today’s hustle, it’s imperative we take time for a mental reboot every now and again. I’m not talking about margarita therapy or a lavish vacation to the tropics. Meditation is an accessible and healthy way to relieve stress and anxiety while providing relaxation and clarity. When left to their devices, negative thoughts have the power to plague our minds and run rampant with our emotions. Meditation intervenes by shining awareness on the destructive patterns of thought that inhibit our quality of life. This heightened level of consciousness restores control over our emotional state and deepens our sense of self. A regular meditation practice cultivates an internal safe-haven away from the hyper-stimulating world in which we exist. When you’ve got a hundred deadlines or the traffic is unbearable, or you’re just overwhelmed in general, this space of stillness is there to take some of the load off.

How Cannabis Supports Meditation

Restoration, mental focus, and stress release are all intimately connected with both cannabis and meditation. It’s no wonder, then, that many are turning to this combination for an enhanced reflective practice. Cannabis interacts with our unique endocannabinoid system to produce a euphoric sensation, making it the perfect tool for reaching a desired state of mind. It’s worth noting that the varying characteristics of cannabinoid profiles should be well-thought-out when choosing to enlighten with marijuana. Mixing a notoriously uplifting or energizing strain with meditation likely won’t bring the tranquil experience you were expecting. It’s wise to explore all the prospects before embarking on your meditative journey. When first integrating cannabis and meditation, we suggest combusting or vaporizing your cannabis as opposed to ingesting it. That’s because consumption methods that involve inhalation make it easier to control dosage and intensity. We’ll go over specific strain recommendations below as those should be chosen on conjunction with the type of meditation you intend to practice.

Methods and Strains for Meditation


Find a strain that promotes focus and concentration to help keep your sights set during a gazing meditation. Centering on a fixed object over a length of time encourages wandering thoughts to pass without attachment. Maybe for you, it’s a flickering flame or perhaps a rippling body of water that can naturally draw you into a trance. Settle your attention on whatever brings a full-body sense of calm and allows the waves of the mind to slowly dissipate.


When we’re physically and mentally relaxed, the body reflects this sensation as deeply rejuvenating breaths. Alternately, when we’re in a state of fear or panic, breathing becomes shallow and rapid. This physical translation of emotions has a profound impact on our overall well-being, which is why many use breathwork to regain control. An uplifting strain with the ability to suppress anxiety best serves the purpose of harnessing the power of the breath.

Body Awareness

For some, calming the mind is a piece of cake, while sitting still is the most challenging aspect of meditation. This stationary form of reflection empowers us to facilitate an inner conversation with the body, observe areas of tension, and mindfully allow them to relax. An indica dominant strain that delivers a thick body high without dulling the mind puts us right where we need to be for the physical release of collected stress.

Table of contents

Table of Contents