In a society stoked by abundance and over-indulgence, microdosing has emerged as a humble sigh of relief with an excess of benefits. This growing fad among smokers advocates that less is more when it comes to cannabis consumption. Microdosing involves ingesting small amounts of cannabis to receive all the benefits while skipping over unwanted side effects. The recently widespread legalization of cannabis has piqued the interest of many Americans, prompting them to check out all the hype. Microdosing presents a welcoming experience to newbies, while perhaps changing the game for seasoned smokers.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing delivers the medical perks associated with THC without any of the psychoactive properties. Instead of smoking with the intention of being incapacitated, people mindfully use tiny amounts of cannabis to regulate the experienced sensations and relieve physical or mental discomfort. 5 milligrams THC is the typical starting point for microdosers, but experiment to find your cannabis sweet spot. This limited amount allows practitioners to go about their day with an uninterrupted mindset and mood while still reaping the benefits of THC. Increased self-awareness and respect for the healing qualities of marijuana has made microdosing the new mantra for many.

Methods for Microdosing

When it comes to choosing a method for microdosing, it’s important to consider the anticipated outcome that’s best for you. Reflect on the advantages and disadvantages posed by each option before committing fully to one route. Keep in mind that what feels best for one person may not jive well with another.


Tinctures and edibles often provide longer-sustained effects with a heightened sense of control over dosages. Some become drawn in by its discreet ability to deliver THC without smoke inhalation. Edibles take much longer to produce noticeable impressions, so exercise caution and don’t let impatience get the better of you.


Although pipes and joints are convenient and readily available, they’re not economically friendly and present the most challenging system for accurately managing dosages. For those who enjoy the aesthetic appeal of smoking, try a transparent glass pipe so smoke is visible before entering the body and it’s obvious when the pipe needs a cleaning.


Vaporizing makes it easy to control doses while avoiding carcinogens. It’s grown increasingly popular as new technology for vapingbecomes accessible to smokers. Many devices allow users to adjust the temperature, creating different flavor profiles and enhancing the experience.

What Are The Benefits?

The sensations brought on by microdosing depend highly on the different cannabinoid profiles and the body chemistry of the smoker. Many consumers report feeling focused, creative, happy, energetic or somewhere in the middle as a result of microdosing. Others use it to alleviate pain, tension, or stress. Many are attracted to strains boasting relaxing or sedative properties as a method for unwinding naturally. Those having trouble meeting their daily calorie intake can rest assured that most strains will boost their appetite.

The personal nature of smoking implies that everyone perceives it uniquely; it’s all a matter of exploring the available choices to find what’s a good fit for you. Start by investigating what you hope to achieve through microdosing; do you crave peace of mind, an energy boost, or relief from pain? Use this information to determine what method and strain will best serve your intention. With cannabis being so widely accessible it may be tough to moderate, but for those seeking to remain attentive and poised throughout the day, you might rethink that extra toke because if microdosing teaches us anything, it’s that less indeed is more.

Table of contents

Table of Contents