With more and more people being diagnosed with cancer each day, we believe it’s important for our readers to understand how cannabis and CBD can help treat cancer. In other articles we’ve analyzed the published medical studies on CBD and cancer; however, in this article we’ll be providing a first hand account from a testicular cancer survivor on how CBD aided in his treatment. Chris Becker is now starting a wellness brand to help people take immediate action rather than waiting for a prognosis to make positive change in their lives.

When were you first diagnosed with cancer and what was the official diagnosis?

I found out I had a 15cm mass in my abdomen on January 10th, 2018. The diagnosis at this time was unknown. They thought it was Sarcoma, Lymphoma or Renal Cell Carcinoma.

Did you undergo any conventional cancer therapy before choosing CBD oil? If so, how did you feel afterward? Was it effective?

At first, I wanted to go holistic since all of the above possibilities had a terrible prognosis. However after about a month, and the mass growing to 22cm, I got a biopsy and they found out it was Testicular Cancer latest stage. I then started conventional treatment right away as it has an overall 95% survival rate, however, mine was lower since I was so far in.

How long after you were diagnosed did you start using CBD? What led you to try cannabis-based therapy for your condition?

I started using CBD right after my first chemo cycle. I’ve always been a believer in cannabis and was doing countless hours of research on it.

How did your doctor respond to your decision to use CBD as a cancer treatment? Was it difficult talking to your doctor about using CBD?

My doctor was definitely pro-cannabis as a way to mitigate the side effects of chemo, but not as a treatment or enhancer to help the body heal. However, it was not difficult to have my doctor completely on board with it.

We also wrote an article that specifically addresses how to talk to your doctor about CBD.

Can you describe your CBD routine? Were there any THC products used? What dosage of CBD helped you find relief?

I used one product. Full spectrum CBD capsules from a company called CBD Alive. Each capsule contained 10mg of cannabinoids. I took one a day at first, then went up to two a day. Usually in the morning. There was some THC. I believe it was a 20:1 ratio product. I think I went to 4 a day at one point, and then back to two a day.

How did Cannabidiol help?

One thing for sure is it helped with fear and anxiety. Gave me a more “no worries” feeling which was excellent for stress management and perfect for healing. I believe it helped my body deal with this issue on its own, as well as making the chemo more effective and less destructive as my side effects were very minimal.

Was Cannabidiol useful for managing other symptoms related to your condition?

I believe it was for sure. Mainly stress.

How long did you take Cannabidiol? How long after starting Cannabidiol did you (or your doctor) begin to notice results?

It’s hard to pinpoint since the chemo regimen I was doing is a proven effective method they’ve been using for years now for what I had. I also think there was just a combo of positive thinking as I called chemotherapy “healing therapy”, lots of prayers, CBD and having a ton of love and support.

How long after starting Cannabidiol before you were officially in remission?

In my case, there is no remission. My surgeon at UCLA had a completely different outlook because he is also a survivor himself. On youtube, he claims no matter what stage testicular cancer is in, it’s 100% curable. I was using CBD already for a few months straight and 2 months after my last chemo cycle, I had to do a big surgery. In one incision they took the left kidney, left testicle, some lymph nodes along the aorta and the 12cm mass (down from 22cm) which was once a lymph node on the aorta at one point before growing out of control.

The surgery was a success and I was like, that’s it. I’m done. The surgeon, Dr. Mark Litwin, said he was happy to bring me to the finish line as usual, this is where it ends. However, despite this amazing news that everything has gone exactly right, another miracle happened. One of the doctors on my team came to my room in the hospital a few days after surgery. He said, “did you hear the great news?” I looked at him kind of confused and replied, “No I haven’t.” Thinking how could there be any more news? He then said, “The pathology results came back on everything we removed. It was all negative. Non-viable tumor. No cancer found.” I was amazed as I completely forgot about pathology at this point. I thought maybe I would hear what type of mixed germ cell tumor it was later but it turns out, it was all killed. Upon leaving the hospital 8 days after surgery, my surgeon put his hands on me and said, “God has given you a second chance, do something good with your life.” A very memorable moment.

Do you still take Cannabidiol now?

Yes. Just about every night before bed.

What advice do you have for anyone who is skeptical of using CBD as a treatment for cancer?

I would say that there is almost no reason not to use it. At the end of the day, it will help your body deal and heal with the challenge in front of it.

If you were ever to have to go through the process again, would you choose still CBD as a preferred treatment method? What would you do differently?

Well, this is kind of hard because I originally discovered something with my left testicle in June 2016. I didn’t go to the doctor for almost 2 years. After countless warning signs of pain, injury, I didn’t go. That’s because the pain was mainly leg and back pain and some abdominal pain which all felt like related injuries. Being very active, I didn’t think anything of it. If I had to do it all over again, I would still go with the chemo/surgery as the primary option, while using CBD just because of the very high success rate. I would probably implement a lot more grounding and sunlight.

What is the best way for a reader to get in contact with you?

The best way would be my Instagram @newchrisbecker.

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