What is “Live Resin”?

Live resin refers BHO made from freshly harvested, flash-frozen plant material (as opposed to dried and cured buds/trim). Live resin captures the terpenes and flavonoids — and the resulting aromas and flavors — present in the living plant immediately after harvest, many of which would be lost in the curing process.

Live Resin (noun):
  1. Pronounced: /liv ˈrezən/
  2. Used to refer to both the process and resulting concentrate by use of a live cannabis plant that is not dried or cured.
  3. Cannabis concentrate that was derived from a living plant, thus saving as many of the terpenes as possible.
Usage Examples

“Wow the flavors of this live resin are amazing.”
“Live resin is the only way to go if you want the most pure cannabis flavors.”