What is “Kief”?

Kief is a grade of dry sift that contains a mixture of trichome heads, stalks and cannabis plant matter. Kief often accumulates in grinders with chambers for that purpose, but it can also be sifted from dry cannabis or hemp buds with a mesh screen, sieve, or similar tool. Kief is an Arabic term meaning ‘pleasure or intoxication’.

Kief (noun):
  1. Pronounced: /keːf, ki(ː)f, kɪf/
  2. The sticky powder like crystals that cover cannabis.
  3. The trichomes of the cannabis plant, that is sometimes refereed to as pollen.
  4. What you go looking for at the bottom of your grinder when you are dankrupt.
Usage Examples

“The best addition to a bowl is a perfect crown of kief.”
“What’s all this sand in my grinder? That’s kief ,man, the best part!”