When we need to pass a urine drug test, we prefer to use the substitution method over cleansing products to ensure a reliably clean result. Unlike cleansing drinks or detox programs, a synthetic urine kit replaces your own urine sample with a quantity of clean urine. Since this method removes the risk of an incomplete cleanse, there are a lot of benefits to it. However, it may not be entirely foolproof — using subpar synthetic urine can produce a bad result.

So, how do you determine which substitution products are reliable and which aren’t? Here, we’ll compare one of the most widely available synthetic urine kits, Monkey Whizz, with the powdered urine kit from TestClear. There are many similarities between the two products but, as we’ll demonstrate, not all substitution products are created equal.

A General Note About the Drug Testing Industry

As we talk about how to choose a drug testing product, we’ll need a certain level of understanding of the relationship between the drug testing industry and the companies creating products designed to “spoof” those tests. These two fields are locked in an arms race of sorts, a self-sustaining cycle that creates an ever-evolving line of products. As testing companies create tests capable of detecting things like dilution or substitution, cleansing companies reformulate their products to meet the requirements of the new tests.

Because the two industries are at constant war with each other, the product that worked last year might not work on Tuesday of next week, and what works for a small lab in Poteet, TX might not fly at a major testing lab in San Diego, CA. Your odds are affected by where you are and the type of test you’ll be taking, but ultimately, it’s still a bit of a gamble every time.

With that in mind, it’s important to choose cleansing and substitution products that are on the cutting edge of drug testing technology. Using the best products available will give you the best chance of passing your drug test, even accounting for all other factors.

What is the difference between TestClear vs. Monkey Whizz?

Monkey Whizz is a product that many people have heard of, but isn’t as widely used as other substitution products. This may be partly to do with the fact that Monkey Whizz is often marketed as a fetish product  rather than a drug test substitution product, which may confuse some consumers. That said, we think it’s worth noting because, while the synthetic urine included in the Monkey Whizz kit is formulated to look and smell like the real thing, it may be missing some of the crucial ingredients necessary to hold up to the scrutiny of more advanced drug testing.

One of the perks of Monkey Whizz is that, in addition to their regular synthetic urine kits, they also have kits targeted at helping people pass supervised drug tests. These kits include things like fake penises and bags that are strapped to the body to dispense the urine through tubes, making for a more natural appearance during testing that’s super helpful if you’re being watched by a testing administrator.

This can be an important benefit for some people, especially people taking drug tests for legal reasons or high-clearance jobs. However, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor when choosing a synthetic urine kit — there are plenty of ways to help yourself pass a supervised urine test without the help of an expensive specialized kit.

How do TestClear vs. Monkey Wizz Retailer Support Compare?

A cursory look at reviews of Monkey Whizz products show very positive ratings overall — so far, so good. However, things get a little murkier when you delve further into the reviews themselves. A significant number of consumers use the kit for fetish purposes — no kinkshaming here, but that purpose doesn’t exactly align with ours, and those reviews don’t tell us anything about the kit’s ability to help you pass a drug test.

The reviews relating to drug testing are a little dicey. Many people have had success with Monkey Whizz, and it might work for you. However, if you’re facing a more advanced drug test, you may not be so lucky. This may have to do with a particular ingredient that may be included in Monkey Whizz (they’re a little cagey about clarifying whether or not it is a part of their product formula): biocide.

What ingredients are used in TestClear vs. Monkey Wizz?

Biocide is a general term for a class of ingredients that interferes with the action of biological materials and particles. For drug testing purposes, these compounds interfere with the action of the antibodies that interact with THC and its metabolites to produce a positive result. This sounds like a good thing on the surface, but there’s a problem: drug testing companies have caught on to this strategy, and many tests will pick up on the presence of biocides and flag the sample as being contaminated or tampered with, yielding a failing result.

Final Thoughts on TestClear vs. Monkey Wizz

For us, the possible presence of biocide is a big problem in urine substitution products, not because it will give a false positive every time, but because it introduces the unnecessary risk of a false positive. Since the whole point of using the substitution method is to eliminate as much risk of contamination as possible, this seems a bit self-defeating to us.

We prefer to use the Powdered Urine Kit from TestClear, which is formulated using the same ingredients as the synthetic urine used to calibrate drug tests, ensuring a clean result every time. The product is simple and straightforward to use — simply mix the powder with water in the included vial about an hour before your test, then activate the warmer and use it to bring the specimen to body temperature (using the included temperature strip to ensure the correct range is reached).

The TestClear kit includes enough powdered urine for an ample specimen and its formula includes each of the markers that labs test for, including creatinine, uric acid, and urea. The TestClear formula does not contain biocides or other ingredients that could interfere with the action of the test and arouse suspicion.

It is true that the TestClear kit is not available in specialized kits for supervised tests the way that Monkey Whizz is. However, TestClear does carry supplemental products that will help you successfully use the substitution method for a supervised drug test when used in conjunction with their powdered urine kit. If you need help with a supervised test specifically, browse the selection at TestClear to find your ideal companion product.

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Ultimately, we feel that the security of the Powdered Urine Kit from TestClear is worth the investment. We trust TestClear’s substitution products to produce a reliably clean result, and their range of cleansing products is backed by a guarantee of efficacy, as well as outstanding customer service and expedited shipping. We hate to resort to cliches, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” is especially true of drug testing products. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your career — choose drug testing products that work every time.

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