Whether you’re learning the ropes or you’re an experienced smoker, chances are that a chillum or one-hitter is an essential item in your smoking stoner survival kit. For those who are unfamiliar, chillums and one-hitters are slender, straight pipes with no carb (a third hole to regulate airflow). As the name indicates, these pipes only hold the amount of flower necessary for a hit or two, which is ideal for quick solo smokes and preserving your stash. One hitters are easy weed pipes to pack on the move, especially when you don’t have time to roll a joint.

dugout one hitter on the go

Regardless of whether you prefer glass, metal, or acrylic chillums, it’s important to keep your one-hitter protected and ready for use when on the go. Unfortunately, many people still rely on the obvious and outdated wooden dugouts invented 30+ years ago – those little wooden boxes that only hold a single gram of ground cannabis. Modern-day consumers want the ability to carry both Indica and Sativa strains based on their needs, as well as a lighter, poker, one-hitter, glass blunt, or small pipe. Unlike old school dugouts, the Eclipse Kit is smell-proof, durable, and able to carry multiple strains of cannabis. We will show you how it works with some of my favorite pieces.

One Hitter

Ditch the Dugout: A Pipe Case for One Hitters, Pipes & Chillums 2

The Hitter is perfect for those who require a piece that can keep up with their active and demanding lifestyle. The Hitter’s metal construction means you no longer have to worry about your pipe breaking if accidentally dropped off the chairlift or stepped on while hiking. We like to stock my smell proof Safety Case with a Hitter Pipe, Grinder Card, Tool and five Pebble containers. Each of these Pebble containers holds up to a half of a gram of ground cannabis. Ensure your Safety Case is always stocked with a poker – nobody likes a clogged Hitter!

Glass Blunt

Ditch the Dugout: A Pipe Case for One Hitters, Pipes & Chillums 3

If you have never used a glass blunt, we suggest you give it a try. These extendable glass pipes can be loaded with significantly more flower than a typical chillum or one hitter. Glass blunts fit perfectly on either side of the case and next to the pipe you can carry up to four Pebble containers loaded with ground flower. After toking, secure the glass blunt back in the Safety Case with the peace of mind that you’ll never break another piece of glass.


Ditch the Dugout: A Pipe Case for One Hitters, Pipes & Chillums 4

Those who enjoy chillums will appreciate the ability the configuration flexibility when packing their Safety Case. We like to arrange it with a combination of Pebbles, a Lighter and Grinder Card to create a complete smoking kit.

Small Pipe

Ditch the Dugout: A Pipe Case for One Hitters, Pipes & Chillums 5

The Safety Case can also accommodate small traditional pipes with room for additional flower storage. However, because of the case’s ultra-slim design, larger pipes will not fit as easily. Depending on how many Pebbles you carry and the size of your pipe, there is also room for your lighter, papers, crutches, and more. Once loaded, the Safety Case holds everything you need to smoke on the go.

Mix and Match with Larger Smell Proof Storage Options

Ditch the Dugout: A Pipe Case for One Hitters, Pipes & Chillums 6

In addition to your pipe, Black Rock has storage for all kinds of different things. Whatever your smoking preferences, the smell proof professionals at Black Rock have you covered. Ready to ditch your dugout?

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