Working from home can have a lot of benefits but it’s hard to draw the line between when you are working and when you are off work. To make that line clearer, it’s important to have quality smoking accessories that you can turn to when your day gets stressful, or if you just need to find some calm.

Learn all the ways smoking accessories can help you de-stress from a long day in your home office.

Use High-Quality Bongs

There is no better way to destress from your work from home routine than purchasing a high-quality glass bong. There is no better relief than being able to take a long draw from a well-made bong after a long day.

Flower has come a long way from when the first seed was planted for commercial purposes. Now that growers and harvesters are producing stronger and better strains our smoking devices need to upgrade as well.

Smoking a high-quality bud from a less-than-special pipe will not give you the subtle aromas and tastes you would have gotten had you used a premium bong. It’s one of the best reasons to smoke a bong.

Imagine purchasing a top-dollar bottle of wine from the store, would you go home and pour it into a plastic cup to drink? You probably wouldn’t — you’d pour it into an elegant crystal, long-stem wine glass (and then top it up for more!). The same can be said for your beloved bud (or any other herb of your choice) and how you consume it. Don’t waste premium flower on any old, dirty pipe. Rather get yourself a quality bong that will help you enjoy everything your weed has to offer.

Fumed Beaker Bong

$59.99  in stock
as of April 15, 2024 7:15 am

This old school tube is a classic! A simple slitted downstem shoots straight from the joint into the beaker base giving this the traditional bong sound, feel, and pull! This piece has beautiful silver fumed accents around the lip and base of the bong for a pop of color!

Hand Blown in the USA...

Try CBD Related Products

CBD has become incredibly popular in recent years because of how accessible it is for consumers. Unlike marijuana, CBD is not a psychoactive substance so it won’t produce the same high that weed does.

A huge range of products is now available on the market for those seeking relief from pain, anxiety, and more. There are soaps, edibles, creams, ointments, and smokable products available everywhere from local smoke shops to pharmacies.

CBD can be a great addition to your life if you are looking for ways to destress from your work-from-home routine because it has been touted by many as an effective treatment for anxiety symptoms.

Most CBD products will help you take the edge off as you transition through the various stages of your day and the variety of applications and forms makes CBD perfect for almost anyone.

If you aren’t a smoker, you can opt for a topical or edible application that will still allow you to reap the benefits of this superpower cannabinoid, but the benefits will take a little longer to take effect.

Find the best CBD products for you over here.

Try Vape Products

Bong smoking can be harsh for some people who aren’t used to it. Additionally, your throat and lungs may need a break if you smoke throughout the day. You could try a different smoking method to destress after a long day like a vaporizer.

Vaporizers use heat from an electric source to make your weed so hot that the THC eventually burns off into a light smoke — a little softer and smoother on the throat compared to smoking a bong. Vapes are also super portable so you could keep one on your desk for easy access.

Puffco Peak

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as of April 15, 2024 7:15 am

This device unlocks the true power of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor, and effects of the plant they're derived from. This means you get the most efficient and enjoyable experience, faster and easier than ever before, with no learning curve. 

Get a High-Quality Grinder

The last thing you want to do after spending a long day in your home office is grinding your own weed up by hand. It’s just another task that you have to get done on your to-do list and you have to do it before you’re able to start smoking a bowl.

To make this process easier on yourself, get a high-quality grinder that will make your experience quick and painless. Once you put the weed into the grinder you will have a perfectly ground bowl waiting for you in no time.

This is exactly how you can relax from your hard work day and unwind in the afternoon. You can even grind weed ahead of time and use a small air-tight container to store the excess weed inside.

You’ll have a bowl ready whenever you need it and it will have taken you almost no time and no energy to do. Most grinders have several compartments so you can trap keef inside and have an extra potent bowl ready for you when you get off work.

There are plastic, wooden, and metal grinders to choose from and each has its own benefits. Depending on which material your grinder is made from determines how you will clean your grinder. You want to make sure to clean them frequently to prevent the sticky THC from gathering in the grinder and obstructing its functionality.

Large Aluminum Grinder

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as of April 15, 2024 7:15 am

4 piece aluminum grinder 
Size: 3" diameter x 2" height

Stay Organized With a Smoking Tray

If you’re a diligent desk warrior who prides themselves on being organized, then you appreciate being organized in other spheres of life, too. A well-organized smoking tray is definitely preferable so that you don’t have an additional thing to stress about when you clock off from work at home.

RAW x No Jumper Backflip Rolling Tray

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as of April 15, 2024 7:15 am

Ian, Scott and Josh designed the RAW Backflip rolling tray to be easily stashable. That way you can easily flip it and put it away when the sesh is over. We took the wooden rolling tray to the next level, which is what we always do and what you wanted us to do.
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De-Stressing With Smoking Accessories

If you use the right smoking accessories when you transition from your home office to rest at the end of your day, you will be able to de-stress more easily and quickly. CBD products, high-quality bongs, vapes, and grinders can all make your life more enjoyable after all the hard work you’ve put in.


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