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  • TestClear Drug Testing Product Reviews

    Why We Support The Brand

    We at Key to Cannabis seek to use our work to support the growth of consumer-oriented companies that provide products intended to help cannabis consumers maintain their freedom while taking cannabis for whatever reasons they choose to.  There are many companies hawking products that claim to help consumers pass a drug test, but many of these products are unvetted and untested, which could put a dream job or court-ordered drug test in jeopardy. For our drug testing needs, we turn to TestClear.  We have personally tested their products specifically for cannabis use, and we are proud to work with them.  

    TestClear carries an extensive array of products geared for a variety of needs, from substitution products for an unsupervised urine test to cleansing products for supervised tests.  They also offer products to help you pass a saliva or hair drug test, including cleansing shampoos and a specially formulated mouthwash.  

    We trust TestClear because their products are formulated to work against the latest drug testing technology to provide a clean result, even in heavy or long-term users.  They stand by their products and provide outstanding customer service, including rush delivery options for time-sensitive orders. We’ve personally tested an array of both short- and long-term cleansing products from TestClear as avid cannabis consumers, and we’ve been consistently impressed with the results.  When used correctly, we haven’t had a product fail us yet.

    In terms of urine testing products, TestClear is an excellent source for a variety of needs.  For unsupervised urine tests, we recommend their powdered urine kit for a foolproof pass every time.  If your test will be supervised, don’t panic:  you still have plenty of options. If you have the time, their 5 and 10-day cleansing programs are very effective, especially for long-term, heavy smokers.  For occasional cannabis consumers, a 1 to 3 day cleanse may be sufficient.  If you are on a time crunch, you might benefit from a cleansing drink to help you test clean.  

    For hair drug tests, TestClear offers different cleansing shampoo options: Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo and Zydot Ultra Clean.  While the two work well independently, we like to combine them for a deep clean and maximum effectiveness without resorting to drastic measures like bleaching and re-dyeing the hair (yikes!).  Both shampoos possess powerful hydrating properties in addition to their intense cleansing effects so they won’t leave your hair feeling devoid of moisture or looking worse for the wear.

    TestClear also carries options for saliva and blood tests; while these are shorter-term options, they may be good for some consumers to have on hand.  This is particularly true if you work in an environment where you are subject to random drug testing with very short notice.  

    In addition to their cleansing and test aid products, TestClear offers an array of home drug tests for a variety of substances.  The company carries urine tests for cannabis as well as other commonly used substances, saliva tests, and hair testing kits (these need to be mailed off to be processed in a lab, so they aren’t as instantaneous as the other tests).  We’ve compared their tests to other drug tests and have found no difference in performance or reliability.

    On top of their diverse array of products, TestClear offers a wealth of drug testing information, including helpful how-tos, consumer reviews, and information about what to expect during your drug test.  Their site is a good resource for more information about drug testing, especially if you’ve never been tested before and don’t know what to expect. Their top-notch customer service experts can help you find the product that’s right for your situation, then choose the shipping option to get it to you in plenty of time, guaranteed.  

    TestClear guarantees many of their products and stands by their offerings -- if you aren’t satisfied, you can contact their customer support team about a refund.  Drug tests are a high-stakes issue, and you want to be able to trust your products when your job or legal status is on the line. For reliable, consistent results, we trust TestClear’s line of drug testing products.  

    TestClear Product Review Results:

    • Reliable, consistent products across all categories
    • Scientifically designed to produce clean results with modern drug panels
    • Current with the latest drug testing technology
    • Varied product range for many different needs
    • Detailed instructions for each product
    • Real customer reviews from verified purchasers
    • Personalized product suggestions on request
    • Bulk discounts available
    • Great customer service!

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