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  • NutraCanna CBD Product Reviews

    Why We Support The Brand

    We at Key to Cannabis seek to use our work to support and expand the use and access to safe, effective CBD products that have the potential to help our readers make lasting improvements to their overall wellbeing and quality of life.  We are committed to ethical, responsible, unbiased science in our research, and apply the same philosophy to our CBD product reviews. Our goal is to help our readers make better purchasing decisions for their health and, ultimately, to help them find real symptom relief.  To this end, we have reviewed the products offered by NutraCanna.  

    We like NutraCanna for several reasons:  first, they are committed to working with small, sustainable family farms to minimize their environmental impact.  Any large-scale farming operation can negatively impact the environment, and overseas sourcing of cannabis introduces the potential for substantial carbon emissions.  

    NutraCanna addresses this by sourcing their hemp plants locally, from small organic farms in Kentucky that grow exclusively non-GMO strains. As part of a hemp pilot program in Kentucky, NutraCanna’s hemp, extracts, and finished products are held to rigorous testing standards at both in-house and independent laboratories.  

    This is important because hemp has a tendency to absorb problematic compounds from the soil it’s grown in, like heavy metals and pesticides, that could contaminate the finished product.  By sourcing their hemp plants domestically, NutraCanna both reduces their carbon footprint and creates a safer finished product free of heavy metal or toxin contamination.   

    After harvest, the plants are sent to the NutraCanna laboratory, where they are processed and their phytocannabinoids are extracted.  This is accomplished using a safe, environmentally friendly CO2 extraction method that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to strip CBD from plant solids, waxes, and pigments, leaving behind only the best, purest organically derived CBD isolate.  

    Nutra Canna is dedicated to creating a diverse array of CBD products that carry no risk of THC contamination.  To do this, they formulate each of their products with CBD isolate rather than full-spectrum extracts.  This minimizes the potential for CBD use to cause a false positive on a drug screen. Their products are tested and certified to be THC free, ruling out any accidental exposure to the psychoactive phytocannabinoid while providing therapeutic benefits.  

    The entire line of CBD products from NutraCanna is pharmacist-formulated in a controlled laboratory setting using plant-based ingredients.  Neither the finished products nor the isolates themselves are ever tested on animals, and the line is both vegan and gluten-free.  The test results and Certificates of Analysis are available online for public review at any time.  

    NutraCanna’s commitment to sustainability, accountability, and traceability of their materials is impressive and, we hope, will become the CBD industry standard in years to come.  Until then, we’re pleased to see companies like NutraCanna taking the lead and fostering an environment of public accountability in a climate where not every manufacturer has the best interests of their consumers at heart.  

    The diverse range of CBD products by NutraCanna include both daytime and nighttime formulations of dissolvable CBD tablets, CBD oils, and CBD infused gummies.  We like the dissolvable tablets especially, as they combine the quick absorption of sublingual tablets with longer-acting absorption through the digestive tract, offering a balance between immediate and lasting symptom relief.  

    As an added bonus, their daytime tablets contain a small dose of caffeine to help you get in gear without getting jittery or crashing midday.  The nighttime formulation contains a dose of melatonin to help induce sleep and maintain it throughout the night. NutraCanna also carries a range of topicals for localized relief for sore or stiff muscles and joints.  

    Each NutraCanna product is formulated with efficacy, sustainability, and accountability in mind.  These values are apparent at every step of the process, from the sourcing of sustainable, organic hemp from independent growers to their environmentally conscious extraction methods to their pharmacist-designed formulations.  NutraCanna carries an affordable, THC-free line of therapeutic CBD products for a variety of needs.

    NutraCanna Product Review Results:

    • Organically grown by small farmers
    • Non-GMO
    • Sustainably cultivated
    • Kentucky grown hemp
    • Products are cultivated and formulated in small batches
    • Plant-based and cruelty-free (no products are tested on animals)
    • Accurate potency and dosing
    • Concentrates are free of residual solvents
    • Public test results available online
    • Outstanding traceability of product and accountability within the brand
    • Great customer service!

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