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  • Nature's Script CBD Product Reviews

    Why We Support The Brand

    At Key to Cannabis, we strive to support the growth and use of pure, potent CBD products that have the power to improve your quality of life and give you the information you need to make an educated decision as a consumer.  In service of this mission, we are committed to providing unbiased product reviews to help consumers find products that will bring them relief. We have personally tested a variety of Nature’s Script’s products to determine their efficacy and safety. 

    After testing many, many other products on the market, we can say with confidence that Nature’s Script provides quality, effective products that can alleviate a variety of symptoms.  Nature’s Script’s products are made of pure CBD isolate and contain no THC whatsoever, making them legal in even the strictest jurisdictions.  The starting hemp material used by Nature’s Script is organically grown using sustainable, responsible agricultural practices by experienced hemp farmers.

    Nature’s Script offers a variety of products ranging from consumables like CBD-infused gummy candies and a relaxation syrup in addition to the traditional tinctures.  They also carry pet products and topical CBD options.  As their products are made of pure CBD isolate, they are certified free of THC (and they have the independent batch tests publicly available online to back up their claims).  Their starting material is also tested in-house to certify that it is free of pesticides or heavy metals and further reducing the risk of contamination of the finished product with harmful compounds. 

    The company sources their raw hemp from experienced hemp growers who cultivate their crops organically, under ecologically conscious conditions, without using genetically modified strains.  Then, their process begins with the first in a series of extraction processes to isolate the CBD from the other compounds in the hemp, removing all the extraneous materials and leaving behind only the pure, unadulterated goodness of CBD.

    Nature’s Script is committed to sustainability in the selection of the hemp farmers they choose to work with and practices ecologically conscious business methods wherever possible, promoting an overall culture of sustainability.  They seek to expand their business in a responsible way by using pure, organic, plant-based medicine with no residual solvents to formulate beneficial and potent products in small batches.

    In addition to their certified THC-free products, many of Nature’s Script’s products are formulated with herbal extracts like skullcap, passiflora, and white willow bark to enhance the anxiolytic and insomnia-busting effects of CBD.  Their products may be especially helpful for people struggling with insomnia, anxiety, or depression and may help amplify the effects of the dose of CBD they contain. 

    Each batch of products made by Nature’s Script is independently tested by a third-party laboratory.  These results are available online for public viewing any time and ensure that the potency and purity advertised on the label matches what is inside the bottle.  We have personally reviewed these results and experienced good personal success with their products, which range from relaxation aids to topical products to easy-to-dose CBD gummies.  Their selection blends familiar favorites like tinctures with less common products like a full relaxation syrup to create plenty of variety. 

    Nature’s Script assures that its products are THC free, potent, pure, and safe by backing up those claims with third-party testing that’s available to the public.  The company holds itself accountable to high quality standards and makes sure that each product meets or exceeds those standards long before they reach the consumer, so you can trust that the product you’re receiving (and consuming) is what’s advertised on the label. 

    If you’re looking in organic, sustainably-grown, pure, potent, plant-based medicine without any risk of contamination with THC, Nature’s Script may be just what you need.  Their commitment to pure, high-quality products that are effective and safe is evident in the caliber of work they produce.  We’ve experienced good results with their products and they’re legal in even the strictest of municipalities.

    Nature’s Script Product Review Results:

    • Organically grown
    • Non-GMO
    • Sustainably farmed
    • 100% plant based pure CBD isolate
    • Formulated in small batches
    • Vegan & cruelty free (no products tested on animals)
    • Accurate potency and dosing
    • Completely free of residual solvents
    • Public, independent test results
    • Great customer service!

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