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  • Biofield CBD Product Reviews

    Why We Support The Brand

    At Key to Cannabis, we strive to use our work to further the growth and expanded use of CBD products that measurably improve the quality of life for our readers.  We are committed to unbiased reviews and ethical, responsible products backed by independent testing and rooted in science. Our goal is to help lead our readers to make better buying decisions for their health and, ultimately, to real relief.  To this end, we have personally tested and reviewed the products offered by Biofield.

    Biofield is committed to high-quality ingredients, using organic, US-grown, non-GMO hemp to extract the 99% pure CBD isolate it uses for its products.  Their entire line of CBD products is certified free of THC, providing an excellent option for consumers who cannot (or choose not to) ingest THC in any amount and ensuring that your dose of CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test.  They’re also proponents of transparency and seek to create affordable products that don’t compromise quality, with price and customer rating comparisons across many popular brands.  

    Biofield is unique in that its CBD is sourced through a Federally protected hemp pilot research program in Kentucky.  The program requires third-party testing for safety and purity, and the CBD produced through it is legal for shipment in all 50 states.  All of Biofield's products are compliant with both the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills, so they are legal for sale and possession at the federal level.  

    The hemp flower used to create Biofield's products is grown under fully organic conditions without the use of pesticides or potentially harmful compounds.  The growing season in Kentucky is longer than in Colorado, and the rich soil and climate combined with the opportunities presented by the hemp pilot research program allow for Biofield to create their products from pure, potent, high-quality hemp grown (practically) in their own backyard.  

    Each product, from seed to shelf, is cultivated, processed, and packaged in Kentucky.  We especially like this aspect of Biofield -- their fully localized business model is environmentally conscious, sustainable, and enriches the surrounding community through its continued growth in a direct way.  

    Biofield uses a supercritical CO2 extraction method that yields potent extracts without the risk of contamination with residual solvent.  The extract is then further processed to purify the CBD, eliminating contaminants like THC that could cause a false positive on a drug screen. The finished product contains a healthy dose of beneficial CBD with none of the risk of accidental THC contamination. To verify purity, potency, and safety, each batch of products is tested before going to market by an independent laboratory.  

    The test results for each batch of Biofield are available online for public viewing, certifying them free of harmful compounds.  Since their hemp is sourced from an academic research pilot program, Biofield holds themselves to high standards of quality and potency:  you can trust that the product advertised on the label is what’s in the bottle. If a product does not meet quality or purity standards, it does not go to market -- no exceptions.  

    Biofield's product line is relatively limited, but it covers the essentials. The company offers a variety of strengths of CBD oil, as well as a softgel capsule option for more precise dosing.  In addition to their oral products, they carry a CBD-infused pain cream for localized symptom relief. Each of their products is certified free of THC and carries a potent dose of organic, naturally-derived CBD.  

    In terms of affordable, THC-free CBD options, it doesn’t get much better than Biofield.  The company’s commitment to quality, purity, sustainability, and potency come at a competitive price point that makes CBD accessible to consumers of all backgrounds and needs.  We proudly recommend Biofield's products to our consumers, especially those looking for CBD products without any detectable trace of THC.

    Biofield CBD Product Review Results:

    • Organically grown
    • Non-GMO
    • Sustainably cultivated
    • Colorado-grown hemp
    • 100% plant-based products
    • Products are cultivated and formulated by hand in small batches
    • Cruelty-free (no products are tested on animals)
    • Accurate potency and dosing
    • Concentrates are free of residual solvents
    • Public test results available online
    • Great customer service!

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