You can still smoke great joints even if rolling them by hand is simply not your strong suit. Rolling machines and pre-rolled cones present two legitimate alternatives to hand-crafted joints. Joints created using one of these alternatives to hand rolling can still be twaxed for increased potency and a slower burn.

Rolling Machines

Rolling machines are devices designed to automate the rolling process by providing a guided roll. These machines are manufactured in a variety of styles. Some are electric, while others require some level of manual work – it’s best to check the operating instructions specific to your machine for exact usage steps. Regardless of make and model, it’s important that your rolling machine fits your preferred paper size. While rolling machines do provided a guided roll, you can increase their efficiency by using a grinder to prepare your cannabis.

Pre-Rolled Cones

There has been a recent surge in popularity for ‘pre-rolls’. As the name suggests, they are pre-formed rolling papers that are manufactured in a cone shape. Cones almost always include an integrated crutch and are available in a variety of paper materials and sizes. While they are fairly easy to use, you can optimize your cone packing by trying some of our packing techniques.

Pre-Rolled Packing Machines

There are also machines designed to automate the cone stuffing process. They either inject the cone with cannabis, or use gravity and vibration to pack the cannabis into the vertical cone.

Joint Holder

Whether you’re using a rolling machine or packing pre-rolled cones by hand, make sure you keep your joints somewhere safe. Even the most perfectly shaped pre-rolls can be crushed, soaked, or broken if not stored in a durable joint holder like the Safety Case.

Ready to Learn?

If you want to learn, we can help you roll your first joint and we have tips to improve your rolling technique. With a little help and a lot of practice, anyone can roll a perfect joint.