In ‘This Week in Cannabis’ we want to help you uncover leading cannabis news, industry insights, scientific discoveries and more. Our hope is to help educate the greater public on the many uphill battles we still need to achieve prior to legalization. There are still a lot of laws, regulations and problems that cannabis companies and consumers are faced with.

This Week in Cannabis: July 5th-11th, 2020

Good news: we have lots of positives to share this week. “OIL DAY” is quickly coming up, endocannabinoid health is reportedly everything, and CBD products just keep getting better. Here’s what went down this first week of July. 

710 Here We Come!

Flip the number 710 upside down and you spell “OIL”—get it? Celebrated every July 10th, Oil Day is basically 4/20’s kid cousin. It celebrates all things cannabis oils, waxes, dabs, shatter, and more! 

If you’re among the many oil connoisseurs out there, don’t miss out. Even those who wish to avoid public gatherings can celebrate Oil Day by purchasing a CBD oil product or two. And don’t forget about the utility of THC…

Hemp Transportation Drama

It’s fully legal to transport hemp and hemp derivatives over state lines…at least in theory. In practice, though, hemp transporters are getting stopped by law enforcement with the kinds of payloads that—if they were THC-based cannabis—would make most drug mules look downright amateur. 

The only problem? It can be hard for law enforcement to distinguish between hemp flower and cannabis flower. One deliveryman was stopped in South Dakota carrying 300 pounds of hemp flower in his truck; while this driver’s marijuana-related charges were dropped, he was still penalized for the (much smaller) amounts of cannabis and cocaine that subsequent drug tests found in his system. 

Maybe there’s a learning lesson here. If you’re going to work in the hemp industry, then really walk the walk and stay away from hard drugs!

CBD Skincare Comes to Spain

CBD skincare is poised to become much more popular in Spain, and it’s all thanks to a product placement deal between Colombian company Khiron Life Sciences and distributor Red Yellow Red. 

Kuida CBD products will soon be available in as many as 20,000 stores across Spain and Portugal. “Red Yellow Red have a large and compelling distribution network, and a robust sales and education program that aligns with our proven market entry approach to help more consumers integrate Kuida into their daily skincare regimen,” Khiron Europe’s president Tejinder Virk said in a statement. The deal even makes provisions for training staff on the health benefits of CBD.

Maine’s Rec Cannabis Program (Slowly) Pushes Ahead

Recreational cannabis is fully legal in Maine. Buying it in an actual store, however, is a different story. License caps and regulations regarding store placement have slowed the rec. industry’s progress. Stores were planned to open this Spring, but now it’s looking like things might have to wait until next year. 

And these delays have been hard for cannabusinesses who tried to invest early. “You already had folks paying rent […] they followed all these rules and now are being told they might not be able to open,” consultant Amanda Melnick told Marijuana Business Daily. “It doesn’t feel right to cap the market like this when so many people have put their life into creating these businesses and looking forward to being able to have a store in Maine.”

Endocannabinoid Health: An Antidote to COVID’s Stress?

Chances are you’re under more stress than normal right now. 

May we make a suggestion, besides getting out in nature or avoiding the news? You might want to try giving your endocannabinoid system a boost. This system is anti-stress by its very nature—in far more ways than one.  

Just as promising, boosting your ECS is simple: eat well, sleep well, move lots, and supplement with phytocannabinoids! Activities like yoga and massage therapy may help, too. For a more technical overview of cannabimimetic techniques, check out this helpful paper

To Sum Things Up…

All in all, it’s been a great week for the cannabis and hemp industries. Between bright plans and bright products, we’re hopeful that cannabis will continue to shine in the future. Just remember to keep your endocannabinoid levels up in order to fully take advantage of it. 

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