Lab Results

Every product featured in the Wikala marketplace is backed by a thorough third-party lab analysis that you can easily access from each product page. These tests include information that verifies the accurate cannabinoid profile and THC content, and many also include tests that rule out heavy metals, pesticides, mold, residual solvents, and other contaminants. 

Product Line

In their efforts to offer a superior CBD marketplace, Wikala covers a variety of dosing options. From cannabidiol-infused drinks to healing topicals to even pet products, each Wikala selection is vetted as thoroughly as the next. 

Wikala’s CBD Drink selection includes Oki’s full line of CBD water and teas, which come in exciting flavors like Cranberry Revive and Mint Relax. They top this off with a small selection of CBD edibles from brands like CBDfx and Melon CBD. 

The CBD oil selection is where this intuitive marketplace really shines, and they offer a full range of CBD oil supplements to help you personalize your CBD routine.

The selection includes highly potent 1,800 mg tinctures to milder 20 mg doses—everything from energy blends to sleep tinctures to CBD oil multipacks, all boasting a variety of different flavors. (This is where the convenient “compare on site” option comes into play).

For consumer convenience, the CBD capsules selection is equally diverse, and includes handy, pre-measured doses of the same energy and sleep promoting formulas. Or, choose from a 10, 20, or 30 mg dose of Oki’s daily CBD capsule, or grab easy-to-swallow doses as low as 7.5mg from Vida+. 

Wikala’s CBD topical selection is seemingly limitless, and offers everything you need to fully cover your health and beauty routines. This includes a variety of muscle relief balms and useful healing balms and body creams, as well as specialty items like a CBD-infused Vitamin C face cream, several varieties of CBD face masks, and even CBD bath products. 

Last, but not least, Wikala offers a selection of CBD pet products that is small but thorough, and provides convenient wellness packs composed of tinctures and chewy treats. They also have a 1,000 mg bacon-flavored tincture that’s designed to entice even picky pets and a mild-mannered 250 mg oil that may work well for your smaller furry friends. 

Wikala’s selection covers the full scope of the CBD industry, offering many of the best brands the market has to offer. In fact, we’ve had the pleasure of firsthand experiences with some of these brands, too. They hold many of our own standards at the core of their operations, like choosing only brands backed by third-party lab testing, which makes us comfortable recommending Wikala to anyone seeking high quality CBD supplements for their wellness routine. 

Wikala Product Review Results:

  • Intuitive online CBD marketplace
  • Wide variety of CBD tinctures, topicals, edibles, drinks, and more
  • Each product backed by third-party lab tests
  • Free Shipping (over $50) to U.S. and Canada
  • Great customer service!

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