Tesséra Naturals’ premium quality doesn’t come at random. The brand carefully designed the farming and manufacturing process to ensure that only the best goes into every product, even if that means using some creativity along the way. The brand sources their hemp from a Southern Colorado farm where it is sustainably grown using organic farming practices. Each hemp crop is planted alongside melon plants, which decompose and offer natural nutrients to the hemp as it grows. Thanks to the brand’s dedication to “all-natural,” the hemp is grown without pesticides, herbicides, or harsh chemicals. 

After harvest, the hemp material is sent to the manufacturing facility where it is first processed using Supercritical CO2 extraction—a solvent-free step that, in our experience, leads to clean, potent hemp extract. Then, the brand employs a careful purification process to remove plant waxes, chlorophyll, and other unwanted compounds, including THC. 

To ensure the total absence of THC to consumers, Tesséra Naturals took the manufacturing process a step further than many of the brands we’ve seen before. The absence of THC in Tesséra Naturals’ process is confirmed through careful testing and certified by the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment as zero-percent THC products. 

After the extract is made, some products require the hemp material to undergo a final step where regular CBD molecules are processed through proprietary nano-technology, creating nano-sized CBD molecules that are water-soluble and highly bioavailable.  

Lab Results

Before products are bottled in eco-friendly, BPA-free packaging and shipped, Tesséra Naturals does their part to ensure potency and purity. Every batch is tested at a third-party lab, and the brand proudly displays these test results on every product page

We checked them out, and we’re happy to report that every test is thorough and includes a screening for cannabinoid and terpene potency, pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and other contaminants, like yeast, mold, and E. coli. 

Product Line

Tesséra Naturals’ CBD line isn’t the biggest we’ve seen—but that isn’t always a bad thing. Instead of trying to offer massive variety, the brand places their focus on offering just enough. You can choose from a small, curated line of broad-spectrum tinctures, topicals, pet treats, and more to create a CBD routine that meets your needs in the morning, at night, and anytime in between. 

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The line starts with the brand’s singular CBD tincture formula, which is available in Mint and Natural flavor and two potency options—500 mg and 1,000 mg. The same broad-spectrum formula is available in a convenient capsule form. The Tesséra Naturals CBD Softgels are designed to promote daily wellness as a regular part of your daytime routine. If you need nighttime coverage, too, they pair perfectly with the CBD Softgel Sleep Formula capsules, which offer 25 mg of CBD and a hint of melatonin to help put your mind and body at ease. 

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The line extends past oral dosing to offer a couple of options that help target surface-level pain or muscle discomfort. The CBD Pain Cream includes lanolin and aloe vera to nourish the skin (which the brand claims makes it useful for sunburn relief) and 500 mg of CBD with rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus for cooling relief. 

The CBD Lavender Salve is equally as handy and provides a pure formulation of coconut oil, beeswax, lavender, and hemp extract that soothes dry skin, chapped lips, cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, and more. 

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Finally, Tesséra Naturals puts their THC-free formula to another good use—CBD Dog Treats! Each treat contains two milligrams of CBD designed to offer boosted bioavailability. The brand says that dogs (and cats!) can’t pass up the delicious beef flavor, which makes it easy to extend CBD relief to your furry friends. 


The small line from Tesséra Naturals offers big opportunity. Each product works well on its own or pairs with the next to help you create a CBD routine that works best to fit your wellness needs and daily routine. With several nano-emulsion oral formulas that offer increased bioavailability, a range of potency options, and two topicals that fight discomfort from the surface level, we think anyone can find what they need in this broad-spectrum CBD line. 

Tesséra Naturals Product Review Results:

  • Organic Colorado-grown hemp
  • THC-free, broad-spectrum formula
  • Certified zero-percent THC by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Nano-technology increases bioavailability
  • Formulated with the help of doctors, veterinarians, and industry professionals
  • Products for daytime, nighttime, or anytime
  • Multiple potency options 
  • Third-party tested for potency and contaminants
  • Test results available on every product’s page
  • Great customer service!

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