Lab Results

TerraVita puts emphasis on transparency and provides consumers with an in-depth explanation of the ingredients used in each adaptogenic blend. The same can be said for the star of the show, CBD, which comes from clean and high-quality hemp extract. The brand uses a third-party laboratory to test the cannabinoid and terpene profile of each batch, as well as to rule out the presence of pesticides. You can see all of TerraVita’s lab results on their website.

TerraVita CBD

Product Line

TerraVita’s product line is robust and flavorful, and includes a range of oral supplements, pet products, topicals for localized relief, as well as CBD-infused bath products. The products can each be used on their own, or can be purchased in bundles to save money and help create a complete CBD routine. Some of TerraVita’s best products include:

TerraVita CBD Oil Tinctures

TerraVita starts with a line of targeted CBD tinctures, including Sleep, Ease, Relax, and Focus. We had our eye on the Sleep tincture, which has 1,000 mg of CBD and includes a blend of sleep-enhancing terpenes and melatonin set in a natural grapefruit flavor. Relax also contains 1,000 mg of CBD, but features a delicious lemon-lime flavor, stress-reducing terpene blend plus ashwagandha root which is known for its ability to control cortisol production. 

TerraVita Topicals and Bath Products

If the oral route isn’t for you, or you just want a localized treatment to amp up your CBD routine, the Max Relief Roll-On may help. By combining 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, cooling menthol, and moisturizing aloe vera, TerraVita packs a powerful punch of relief into a convenient roll-on applicator.

If a topical application sounds right but you need relief all over, you may consider the Revive Bath Soak. It’s a blend of epsom salt and Himalayan pink salt, coconut milk, shea butter, a proprietary botanical blend, and 250 mg of CBD that can be evenly dispersed to your entire body through your bathwater. 

TerraVita Pet CBD Tincture

TerraVita supplies everything you need to optimize your wellness routine, whether you need stress-relief, better sleep, boosted focus, or just the general balance CBD can supply. They also make it possible to extend that balance and ease to your pets, and the 500 mg CBD Isolate Pet Tincture aims to do just that. This tincture includes heart-healthy Omega 3 from Wild Alaskan Salmon, which is perfect for supporting the essential fat needs of both dogs and cats. This dose of essential fatty acids also serves a purpose—to help CBD be absorbed by your pet’s body so that they can experience the stress, anxiety, inflammation, and calming effects of this unique CBD blend. 

We loved this brand’s unique approach to CBD wellness, and although other brands have integrated botanicals and herbal extracts into their products, none of them seem to have done it as well as TerraVita.

Each product is well thought out and designed to be part of a total wellness routine. Whether that means using multiple CBD products to support your wellness around the clock, or integrating a single CBD blend alongside your existing wellness supplements, TerraVita offers a range of suitable, trustworthy options.

We’re happy to support the brand and offer our full seal of approval.

TerraVita Product Review Results:

  • Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate Products
  • Offers tinctures, topicals, and pet products

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