Subduction coffee uses only the highest-quality American-grown, certified organic hemp available. After harvest, the hemp material is used to obtain the organic hemp derivatives and soluble hemp extracts necessary to create their proprietary +HEMP formula. 

Lab Results

Subduction uses the same +HEMP formula to infuse their coffees with the wholesome goodness of hemp and CBD, and the third-party lab test for this formula is on their site. Keep in mind that these test results are indicative of the concentration of cannabinoids prior to infusion and the strength of each cup of Subduction COFFEE+HEMP will depend on how you brew it. 

Product Line

The brand may have narrowed down to one corner of the hemp industry, but the trade-off is an extensive line of premium, hemp-infused, single-origin coffee, as well as their very own signature blend. Single-origin options include the bold, dark Brazilian Nossa Senhora, available ground and in compatible K-pods. This coffee is sun dried with the cherry attached, which helps achieve a flavor that is slightly fruity. Deep-roasting the beans the perfect amount results in a coffee with a nutty, caramel taste that delights the taste buds and excites the senses. 

On a lighter note, single-origin Sidamo is also available in the eight-ounce bag or convenient pods. This roast, originating in southern Ethiopia, features a complex flavor that hints at a citrus, berry blend with honeysuckle undertones. For those who prefer a brew that is more middle-of-the-road, Sumatra is also available in pods and freshly ground, and gives off earthy, herbal, and chocolatey vibes. 

Coffee and hemp may be two of the Earth’s most useful plants and Subduction COFFEE+HEMP perfectly melds the experience of both. By blending premium, freshly ground coffee with their optimized hemp extract, they offer a delicious cup of coffee that can bring endocannabinoid balance to your daily routine—something we can’t ignore—and we are happy to give the brand our full seal of approval. 

Subduction Coffee+Hemp Product Review Results:

  • THC-free, broad-spectrum hemp extract
  • American-grown, certified organic hemp
  • Third-party tested
  • Nano-technology increases absorption and efficacy
  • Water-soluble hemp infusion offers consistent quality
  • Utilizes sustainable farming practices
  • Fair Trade Company

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