At first glance, SeaBeDee products look very minimalistic, and the look and feel of the brand’s products and website are equally inviting. Upon deeper investigation, though, it’s obvious that this company is determined to make serious waves in the Cannabidiol industry. Each product is fashioned from high-quality hemp that’s organically grown in Oregon according to federal regulations.

After harvest, plant material undergoes a CO2 extraction process in which the purest quality CBD is removed to be utilized in the manufacturing process. The same process is used to identify and remove all federally detectable levels of THC as well, leaving behind other potentially beneficial cannabinoids in all of their full-spectrum products, which may provide even more extensive health effects for users. This CO2 extraction process is becoming a standard, and a mark of high-quality, residual solvent-free CBD products. Because SeaBeDee’s products are all Farm Bill compliant from seed to sale, they are legal in (and ship to) all 50 states, making them easily accessible to those who need them.

In addition to following federally-outlines legal guidelines and using only the highest quality starting material, we commend SeaBeDee’s dedication to consumer safety throughout the entirety of the manufacturing process. SeaBeDee provides 3rd party laboratory testing that ensures the potency and purity of their CBD rich hemp oil. These tests stand to ensure the exclusion of potentially harmful contaminants, like residual solvents or pesticides.

Continuing what we’d like to call a “consumer-forward” mindset, SeaBeDee designed each of their products to be accessible for people with special dietary needs. Each of their high-quality CBD products is free of soy, sugar, nuts, yeast, preservatives, and added chemicals. Every product has the ingredients plainly listed, making it simple for consumers to make responsible, healthy choices based on their individual needs.

Continuing this consumer focus, SeaBeDee offers unique Cannabidiol blends that target specific ailments. Each of these blends, like the Inflammation, Anxiety, and Sleep formulas, contain a proprietary terpene blend that helps target these certain conditions. This is an attractive factor for many CBD users, since these blends cover the most common uses for Cannabidiol supplements.

Each product that we tested by SeaBeDee definitely met our high expectations. Two outstanding, delicious products include the Sour Neon Gummy Bears and Peach Rings. We love that each gummy tastes just like the nostalgic convenience store snacks, but are even more impressed that each gummy is individually infused, meaning the cannabinoid profile is consistent for every piece. While some of SeaBeDee’s products boast the nutty, natural flavor of hemp, both of these edible products are perfect for users with pickier palettes because they completely mask the flavor of the hemp infusion.

Additionally, SeaBeDee offers CBD Capsules that are perfect for those who can’t tolerate the taste of tinctures. These capsules, although in powdered form, contain dried MCT oil—an ingredient necessary to the absorption of Cannabidiol by the body. You can also shop SeaBeDee for a variety of topicals that can be used on their own or in conjunction with any systemic CBD product. We had the pleasure of testing SeaBeDee’s Muscle and Joint cream, and can personally attest to it’s near immediate effects, as well as it’s light formula that leaves behind only a delicate, pleasant scent. The brand also offers a highly-potent option, a 1500mg tincture, in Vanilla and Peppermint, that is suitable for regular users, especially those who need larger doses of CBD. All in all, we have yet to try a SeaBeDee product that left us disappointed.

Additionally, we value SeaBeDee’s dedication to their moral grounding, as they donate a portion of proceeds to the American Cancer Society to help further cancer research and offer discounts to Veterans through a partnership with American Legions. Firm in our desire to provide CBD users with honest, detailed reviews of the latest cannabidiol wellness products, we are happy to recommend SeaBeDee products as high-quality, consumer conscious, cannabidiol-based supplements.

SeaBeDee Review Results:

  • Organically grown starting material
  • Hemp is domestically sourced in Oregon
  • Non-GMO
  • Safe, CO2 extraction method used
  • 3rd party tested for potency and purity
  • Formulas free of possible allergens, like soy, nuts, yeast, or preservative
  • Free of added chemicals
  • Unique, ailment-focused CBD formulas
  • Some proceeds donated to charity
  • Offers veteran discounts
  • Easily accessible customer service!