While Royalcanna does not go into a lot of detail on their website, they do state that all of their hemp flower is grown in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse environments. They only sell products that have a high CBD content, but this can vary per product and delivery style. Every Royalcanna product is pesticide, chemical, and filler free! Their edibles are also gluten and dairy free, and the brand tries to keep all of their products as natural as possible.

Every CBD product comes from high quality, non-seeded hemp plants, which creates a product with a diverse, beneficial terpene profile. Their 100-percent organic premium hemp flower is so pure that crystals can even be noted!

Lab Results

While there is no central location for lab results on Royalcanna’s website (yet!), each product includes a photo of its analytical results. The lab testing is performed by SC Labs in Oregon. Every lab result includes a potency analysis, full cannabinoid profile, and a water activity and moisture analysis. Customers can also see this information by scanning in the QR code on the package when they purchase.

Royalcanna CBD

Product Line

Royalcanna’s current product line is composed of three categories: edibles, premium flower, and topicals.

By far the largest category of CBD products that Royalcanna sells is their edibles. While many companies stick to just a handful of offerings, the brand works hard to provide unique products like their gluten free, dairy free, fat free, and MSG free Sour Bears. They also sell rainbow ribbons, peach rings, worms, and more. Most come in 100, 250, and 500 mg jars. 

Their premium hemp flower options rotate on an availability basis, but are all of the highest quality with a high CBD content. Common strain offerings include “Sour Space Candy,” “Bubble Gum,” “Grand Daddy Purple,” and Umpqua. One gram of flower runs less than $10, and all of their flower is 100-percent organic, pesticide free, and without any added chemicals or fillers. It can also be purchased in three-and-a-half grams, seven grams, and one ounce amounts.

Royalcanna also sells their hemp flower in “king sized” one-and-a-half gram pre rolls, which come in single, three, and six-packs. The pre rolls are hand rolled by Royalcanna staff, and are made from whatever hemp strains the brand is currently offering. 

While they currently only have one topical for sale, the fragrance-free CBD topical they offer is a great one. It comes in a one-ounce bottle and is full of natural ingredients like organic aloe leaf juice, witch hazel water, organic coconut oil, and vitamin E. When rubbed onto the skin, the pain cream helps to immediately soothe arthritis, joint pain, and stiff muscles.  

Royalcanna Product Review Results:

  • 100% pure organic hemp flower
  • Black-owned CBD business
  • Large, diverse collection of CBD edibles
  • Gluten and dairy free
  • No chemicals or fillers
  • “King sized” hemp pre rolls
  • Free shipping over $60

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