At Key to Cannabis, we lend our focus to providing the resources necessary to help anyone get started on their path to CBD wellness. By combining our strict approval process with an intimate, unique experience with each brand’s products, we are able to make CBD recommendations we can stand behind. 

The same process stands true for Restorative Botanicals, a wholesome, high-end brand that offers an expansive selection of premium CBD products. There were multiple reasons to love this brand from the start, beginning with their commitment to natural ingredients. 

Each product is infused with premium CBD that can be traced back to Colorado Hemp Farms, where it was organically grown and harvested at peak freshness. That means every Restorative Botanicals product is sourced from raw material grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, and third-party batch tests are provided as proof of the absence of these and other harmful contaminants. 

These thorough lab tests also stand to prove the wholesome cannabinoid content of each product, including legal levels of THC. The potent, whole-hemp extract is harvested from the flower through CO2 extraction. This method is well-known for resulting in clean extracts with rich, terpene and cannabinoid profiles, and was likely a factor behind the efficacy we experienced with each product. 

From there, the brand designed multiple unique formulas, which they describe as “functional blends.” These blends are derived from essential oils and other all-natural ingredients that compliment CBD’s beneficial effects. Take, for instance, the arnica and essential oils in their Comfort Balm, which combine to warm the muscles and boost the pain and inflammation-relieving effects of CBD. 

The brand also places their focus on creating “CBD products you look forward to taking everyday,” which is the inspiration for the many unique and pleasant flavors and aromas you can experience within their product line. One example of these unique and appealing blends is the Restore Calm 300mg Tincture, which is available in Mint Chocolate, Cinnamon Spice, or Chai flavor.

Their wide variety of products also cater to CBD users who require stronger doses. Their Restore PURE6 Hemp Oil Extract features a 6x advanced blend that offers potent doses of their whole-hemp formula, and it provides a natural, herbal flavor and aroma that starkly contrasts  their sweeter, spicier blends.

Best of all, Restorative Botanicals’ products are accessible to a wide range of people, since every product (including the delicious, 10mg Bolder Gummies we tried) is gluten-free, dairy-free, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. Many products are also vegan or kosher, and each is combined with the wholesome carrier oil needed for the body to absorb CBD, so there’s really no limit on who can benefit from this product line.

Since they also offer premium, wholesome CBD blends for animals, like 4Paws Pet Blend Hemp Oil Extract, we really mean no limit. We tried their pet blend with our own furry family, and don’t regret a thing. 

In fact, our experience with Restorative Botanicals really left us with nothing to fret over. We are excited to have discovered yet another brand that puts consumer interest and safety first, and we are happy to stand behind these products in hopes that you find the best CBD product for you. 


Restorative Botanicals Product Review Results:

  • Colorado grown and registered hemp
  • Organically grown
  • Whole hemp formula
  • Carefully preserved terpene and cannabinoid profile through CO2 extraction
  • Third party test provided for each product
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • Cruelty free
  • Non-GMO
  • Many vegan and kosher products.