Receptra Naturals calls themselves an agricultural company, and after a little digging, we see why! The brand has their hands on every step of the manufacturing process—starting with the seed—in order to ensure the quality, efficacy, and consistency they claim. 

Every batch starts with hand-harvested industrial hemp that’s organically grown at the company’s family-owned farm in Colorado. The best hemp material is chosen for extraction, an ethanol wash process that’s designed to extract the plant’s maximum benefit, including potent, full-spectrum cannabinoids and high levels of Beta-Caryophyllene. The remaining alcohol is carefully evaporated, leaving behind Receptra Naturals’ pure hemp extract. 

From here, the brand employs internal and external chemists and cosmetic experts to design their full line of premium hemp products. Each formulation is unique and includes a blend of organic, plant-based, and all natural botanicals designed to enhance the effects of CBD.  

Although we commend the brand’s expert approach to designing effective CBD formulas, we needed to look a step further to confirm that the products really are as “clean” as the brand claims. As with any brand using a solvent-based extraction technique (as opposed to CO2 extraction), we’re always weary of the possibility that residual solvents or other contaminants could make it to the final product.

Lab Results

Luckily, Receptra Naturals ticks all of our boxes for a high-quality brand, including lab testing. Every batch is third-party tested for cannabinoid and terpene content, foreign matter like mold or insects, microbials, and heavy metals. With your batch number, you can view the full Certificate of Analysis for any product on the brand’s site.

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Product Line

Receptra Naturals strives to offer serious relief through a line of high-quality CBD products that are curated based on your needs. The Seriously Relax line includes the Serious Relax Tincture or Gel Capsules for internal use, as well as a CBD and Arnica Body Oil designed to help tackle stress from the outside in. 

The Serious Relief line is powered by the same potency hemp extract and turmeric to help stop pain in its tracks. Try the Serious Relief Tincture in two potencies, 33 mg and 66 mg per dose, combined with the Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical Stick or Salve. 

The Serious Rest series combines CBD with Chamomile, linalool, and valerian root for a botanical blend that eases stress and promotes healthy sleep without the potential side effects of melatonin. Just like the other targeted series, the Serious Rest blend is available in handy gel capsules, too. 

If you just want to experience the true power of Receptra Naturals unadulterated full-spectrum hemp oil formula (or prefer a general use CBD supplement), the Serious Wellness tincture includes just hemp extract and MCT oil and offers a potent 50 mg dose of CBD each time. 

Although these curated CBD sets are the star of the show, the brand covers all corners with a small selection of THC-free CBD products and even a few CBD products for pets

Although the CBD line isn’t the biggest we’ve seen, Receptra Naturals offers a respectable amount of options, even for consumers looking to target certain ailments or those who need THC-free solutions. We love that the brand offers an easy-to-swallow softgel option for many of their premium formulas, and that the CBD bundle packs offer a great discount on a full-coverage CBD routine. 


Ultimately, the brand shakes out to be what they claim—a hands-on company that meets consumers’ needs at every turn—and we’re happy to recommend the Receptra Naturals CBD line to anyone looking for powerful, professionally designed CBD for anytime of the day. 

Receptra Naturals Product Review Results:

  • Organically grown hemp from family-run farm in Colorado
  • Locally and sustainably sourced
  • Food-grade ethanol extraction
  • Carefully batch tested for potency and potential contaminants
  • Batch tests available on the brand’s website
  • Curated CBD sets, including formulas for stress, sleep, pain, and more 
  • Full-spectrum and thc-free options
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Bundle sets to help you save!
  • Great customer service!

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