The hemp that is used to make Opulent Organic’s high quality products is all grown in the industry-leading state of Colorado. They make sure it is all grown outdoors, under the natural sunlight. All of their farmers must use completely natural farming practices, making their hemp non-GMO, eco-friendly, and even kosher.

Their hemp extraction process is no different. They require that it is done without chemicals, pesticides, or solvents. All of their products contain broad-spectrum CBD oil, which keeps as many of the good-for-you cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes as possible to help encourage the entourage effect. 

Opulent Organics offers a discount for people who buy multiple products at a time, which increases the more products bought at a time. These discounts also come with free shipping, which gives people zero excuse to not stock up. 

Lab Results

All of their products have been tested and verified by a third-party lab. To access the Certificate of Analysis for any of the products you purchased, visit the lab section of their website and enter the lot number or scan the QR code.

Product Line

Opulent Organics has their product line divided up, not by category, but by reason for usage: balance, relief, sleep, and energy. 

opulent organics cbd

For balance, the brand offers CBD drops, gummies, and softgels. Helping with daily wellness, everyday stressors, discomfort, anxiety, exercise recovery, and quality sleep, the products are a great, all-natural way to help with things that we all deal with regularly. Their CBD drops come in 500 mg and 1,000 mg bottles, and have unflavored and flavored choices like lemon, and mint. Their CBD gummies also come in delicious, gluten-free 10 mg flavors made from natural fruit: lemon, grape, and orange. For people who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without having to taste it, there is a capsule option that offers 25 mg of CBD per capsule. 

opulent organics CBD

People seeking relief from muscle and joint pain have their own category of specially formulated products as well. Each Relief CBD capsule has 25 mg of CBD and 10 mg of curcumin (the main ingredient in turmeric) and is great for treating exercise-induced inflammation, discomfort, relaxation, and quality sleep. For those needing more direct relief, Opulent Organics also has a salve that can be applied to the areas causing problems. Not only do they help replenish and rejuvenate cracked, dry skin, they also come with either 500 mg or 1,000 mg of CBD as well as lavender, beeswax, and eucalyptus. Their salve is also pharmacist approved. 

opulent organics CBD

For sleep, there is also a capsule option that comes with both 25 mg of CBD and 1 mg of melatonin in each capsule. Not only does it help with sleep, it also helps with some of the things that prevent quality sleep—inflammation, discomfort, and relaxation.

opulent organics CBD

Their last category is energy. They have an energy and focus drink mix with 20mg of CBD and 120 mg of caffeine for a jitter-free energy boost, as well as individual packets of the drink mix with 15 mg of CBD and 90 mg of caffeine. They easily mix with water and are sugar free.

Opulent Organics Product Review Results:

  • 100-percent gluten-free
  • Independently lab-verified for potency and purity
  • Totally THC-free
  • Products specifically for balance, relief, sleep, and energy
  • CBD drink mixes available
  • Pharmacist-approved products
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Colorado-grown, organic hemp
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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