Each Mission Farms CBD product is as well-planned as the next, and even at first glance, it’s easy to see the careful consideration that went into designing their product line. With THC-free and full spectrum options designed to combat specific ailments, like various skin conditions, pain, or poor sleep, there’s no doubt the brand has something to offer for every CBD consumer.

Lab Results

After each product is carefully formulated, the brand outsources to a third-party lab to ensure that the final product is as pure and potent as they intended. These test results are incredibly thorough and provide a complete terpene and cannabinoid profile analysis. They also show passing results for pesticide, residual solvent, and heavy metal testing. In an effort to provide complete transparency to their customers, Mission Farms made each of these third-party lab tests available on their website

Product Line

Mission Farms CBD

Mission Farms’ Goat Milk CBD Bath Soak isn’t the only way the brand is pushing innovation to the forefront of the market. In fact, the brand uses its luxurious goat milk to offer the same hydrating, vitamin-rich, MCT-packed boost in its CBD creams. These Goat Milk CBD Creams are available in “pure,” and three different varieties (Relax, Relieve, and Rest) that are bolstered with organic essential oils to provide targeted benefits. 

Mission Farms CBD

The same four formulas are used to create Mission Farms Goat Milk CBD Soap line, which the brand suggests combines the skin healing properties of the milk with CBD to benefit certain skin ailments, like dryness from psoriasis, eczema, and more. 

These three targeted blends, Rest, Relieve, and Relax, are also used to create Mission Farms CBD Oils, which are each available in a sample size with 250 mg of CBD and a full-sized bottle with 1,000 mg of CBD. The Pure CBD Oil formulation steers clear of the targeted essential oils for more general benefits and comes in the regular Full Spectrum and THC-free varieties.

Mission Farms CBD

Plus, Mission Farms packed their organically grown CBD goodness into tasty, convenient CBD Mints designed to dissolve slowly and offer increased absorption through the soft palate of the mouth. These mints offer a 10 mg dose of CBD and come in two varieties: full spectrum cinnamon flavor and THC-free peppermint. 

Mission Farms Product Review Results: 

  • Non-GMO hemp grown in Oregon
  • Grown without pesticides or chemicals
  • THC-free and Full Spectrum formulas
  • High-quality ingredients like goats milk and essential oils
  • Multiple products formulated to combat specific ailments
  • Lab-tested for potency and purity
  • Lab tests available on the brand’s website
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