MaxCBD Wellness starts with hemp that is grown according to strict organic standards in Oregon. The hemp material is transferred to their manufacturing facilities in Colorado, where it is carefully processed into a variety of different CBD extract formulas. The brand suggests that its CBD extraction process gives them ultimate control over the quality of every batch. This process enables them to create CBD extract with all of hemp’s beneficial compounds but without any unwanted contaminants. 

Unfortunately, they don’t go into detail about their proprietary extraction techniques, which left us wondering what makes it so unique. Still, the brand guarantees that their extraction facilities meet the highest standards required by USA law and that there are no solvents, no heavy metals, and no pesticides in the final products. 

Lab Results

MaxCBD Wellness includes its third-party test results on every product page. The test reports offer cannabinoid potency information and include a full report on pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. 

Product Line

The MaxCBD Wellness line is small but versatile, offering a collection of systemic and topical products with and without THC. They offer a small selection of oral products, including both CBD oils and capsules. The full-spectrum oils are available in multiple potencies ranging up to 2,500 mg per bottle, and the CBD Isolate Oil offers 1,000 mg per bottle. They have one capsule option, a 15 mg full-spectrum CBD Softgel

Although the selection isn’t extensive, the bulk of the MaxCBD Wellness line targets pain relief. The 1,000 mg MaxCBD Pain Relief Cream offers a botanical solution that soothes targeted areas with peppermint oil and potent doses of CBD.

We think the brand makes up for the lack of options by offering carefully curated bundles, like the Pain Relief Bundle, which includes the Pain Relief Cream, Soothing CBD, Lavender Lotion, and 2,500 mg full-spectrum CBD Oil. Together, these products are designed to target pain from all angles, first by preventing pain and then by targeting pain from an internal and external source.

Finally, the brand offers a small selection of CBD Skin Care products, which they compare to some of the beauty industry’s leading brands. These unique formulas rely on CBD as an anti-aging ingredient and include a range of other coveted beauty ingredients, like collagen. 

The Anti-aging CBD and Collagen Face Cream relies on these two ingredients, plus aloe vera, olive butter, and beeswax to help hydrate and protect the skin. The line also includes a CBD and Collagen Eye Cream, or you can grab both in the Anti-aging CBD Bundle.


We think that the MaxCBD Wellness line is slightly limited, but it may still be a powerful therapeutic option for certain consumers, like those looking to use CBD for pain. The brand’s unique consultation process sets them apart from the crowd, and we commend the brand on their thorough approach to ensuring customer satisfaction. Because they do offer a range of potencies and formulas, as well as consultation services prior to and during your CBD regimen, we think they may be a suitable option for first-time consumers and advanced CBD users alike.  

Max CBD Wellness Product Review Results:

  • Free consultation services
  • Organically grown Oregon hemp
  • Full-spectrum and THC-free
  • Many options to target pain
  • Unique, full-coverage bundle options
  • Multiple potency options
  • Unique anti-aging skincare products
  • Third-party lab tested for various contaminants
  • Great customer service!

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