All of Endoca’s CBD products start with organic hemp that is grown on the company’s 2,000+ acres in Scandinavia.

After the hemp is harvested, it is put through a supercritical CO2 extraction process to produce the brand’s trademark hemp oil. This is one of the most pure and efficient ways to create the highest quality CBD oil possible. The low temperatures that the extraction is done at preserves the entire spectrum of beneficial molecules (like cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and plant waxes) from the hemp while still being safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and gentle. 

Endoca also uses a new CO2 washing technology to capture any ambient CO2 particles and recycle them into a plant wash. Once all that is done, the oil is used to create the innovative products Endoca is known for—oils, creams, capsules, edibles, crystals, suppositories, extracts, packs, and food supplements. 

Customers will receive discounts when they purchase multiples of any product, six percent for two or three, nine percent for four or five, 12 percent for six or seven, and 15 percent for eight or more. The company also offers a rewards program, where one point is earned for every dollar spent. Extra points can also be earned for referrals and the points can be redeemed for free products or money off of future purchases. 

Lab Results

Endoca products go through some of the most rigorous quality testing in the industry. They not only undergo a cannabinoid and terpene analysis, but are also tested for pesticides (around 300 of them), heavy metals, flammables, chemicals, microbes, and mycotoxins. Most products also go through nutritional testing as well. All of these tests are performed by an independent, third-party laboratory for unbiased results, and their Certificates of Analysis are published on their website

Endoca CBD

Product Line

Endoca’s product line is incredibly diverse, with traditional CBD offerings like oils and capsules, it also branches out significantly in terms of innovative, never-before-seen options like CBD suppositories and food supplements.   

Endoca CBD

As many people are looking for CBD to help them with issues like sleep or pain but aren’t sure where to start, Endoca does something few other companies do by offering a “starter pack.” The starter pack comes with a 10 ml bottle of their medium strength raw CBD oil (300mg), a 30-count bottle of their 10 mg CBD capsules (300 mg total), and a 20 mg lip and skin balm. It can help users decide whether they like CBD oil or capsules better before committing to a larger sized bottle.

Endoca Product Review Results:

  • CBD products produced under pharmaceutical control
  • Independent, third-party lab quality tested
  • 100% organic
  • CBD calculator to compare true product cost
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Very diverse, innovative product line
  • Endoca Foundation Access Program helps low income individuals afford CBD products
  • Starter CBD packs for beginners

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