Diamond CBD starts with non-GMO hemp harvested from one of the brand’s trusted partners in Colorado, Kentucky, and Scandinavia. Premium material is hand-selected and dried under optimal conditions. Then, raw material is carefully tested to ensure that it meets the brand’s strict standards for purity and potency. A careful Supercritical CO2 extraction is used to collect whole-plant material that is rich in CBD, and the material is then carefully refined depending on the CBD formula needed. 

Lab Results

Diamond CBD places an emphasis on transparency and consumer safety and outsources to multiple U.S. labs for third-party testing that ensures high-quality potency and purity for each batch. You can find a lengthy list of third-party lab results for every product the brand offers on their site

Diamond CBD

Product Line

Aside from carrying a massive selection of the industry’s leading CBD brands, Diamond CBD layers the options on thick with their in-house CBD line. The Diamond CBD collection includes a seemingly endless selection of standard CBD tinctures, including carefully designed Terpene-Infused CBD Liquids to provide a curated version of hemp’s effects. 

The line steps away from the norm, though, with wildly innovative CBD products like the highly potent 350 mg CBD Double Shot, tasty CBD Cake Pops, and 100 mg CBD Bath Bombs. Diamond CBD also features a collection of “Active CBD” vape oil, or formulas in which the extract has been carefully heated to convert all CBDa material into potent, pure CBD.

All partner brands included, Diamond CBD can help you get your hands on any CBD-infused product you can imagine. A selection of Handcrafted CBD Edibles includes high-dose caramel apples infused with CBD, or opt for CBD dried fruit for an equally tasty, but more shelf-stable edible option. 

The CBD topical selection leaves nothing to be desired and includes a full variety of CBD pain creams, antioxidant-boosted beauty formulas, and general-use CBD lotions. They even have Raw CBD powder available for purchase by the gram or in bulk quantities as high as 1,000 grams. Dig around in their online shop and you’ll find CBD-infused chocolate, pet treats, bath soaks—truly anything you can imagine, all made to the same high standards the company was founded on. 

Can you vape Diamond CBD Oil?

Diamond CBD has a full selection of CBD vape products, inducing CBD Vape Additives, that are perfect for vaping your CBD dose. 

How to use a Diamond CBD Vape Additive?

A vape additive is made to offer a nearly flavorless addition to your favorite vape oils, so you can add CBD to your vaping routine without changing much at all. Just follow the directions on the bottle, as the amount you should use will vary based on the potency of the product and your individual vaping needs. 

Diamond CBD Product Review Results:

  • Non-GMO hemp from Kentucky, Colorado, or Scandinavia
  • Third-party tested with results available for public viewing
  • CBD isolate and full spectrum formulas
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Hundred of products with massive diversity
  • Dosing options for beginner and experienced users
  • Many unique products, like Handcrafted Edibles and “Active CBD”
  • Subscription and rewards options to help save
  • Partnered with multiple industry-leading brands to offer more variety
  • Ships to all 50 U.S. states

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