There’s quite a bit to love about this industry-leading brand. For starters, they source all of their hemp in the United States, from hemp farms in Colorado, Oregon, or Kentucky, some of the highest quality hemp hotspots in the nation. Each of their farms utilize organic farming practices, offering a high-quality starting material that is free of toxic pesticides and herbicides.

The brand is very vocal about their thorough farming process, which starts with soil tests to eliminate the chance of phytoremediation, a process in which hemp extracts toxins from the earth it grows in. The brand regularly maintains over 200,000 plants by hand, and waters crops only with fresh, naturally sourced water. Additionally, these water sources are tested multiple times per year to ensure the absence of contaminants as well.

As the hemp grows, it is tested every five days, and harvested when at its peak therapeutic value. This meticulous growing process helps ensure consistency from bottle to bottle, for every single product they offer, but they strive to offer even more reassurance to consumers.

Confident in the quality of their hemp, Charlotte’s Web provides access to up-to-date batch tests regarding the potency and purity of every product they offer. After the delicate hemp flower is properly tested for contaminants, they send it through the manufacturing process. There they utilize a quality-controlled CO2 extraction process to remove CBD and other flavorful terpenes and healthful cannabinoids from the hemp. Only their original formula utilizes the traditional technology of alcohol-extracts, and Charlotte’s Web is part of a growing movement towards CO2 extraction as a standard, due to its incredibly clean cannabinoid output.

Planted in the belief that Mother Nature knows what she’s doing, Charlotte’s Web strives to preserve the natural whole-plant formulation of their hemp, offering a wide selection of full spectrum products that provide the synergistic effects of cannabis’ many cannabinoids and terpenes. After manufacturing, they outsource to a microbial testing laboratory in Lafayette, CO for a final Certificate of Analysis proving the immaculate quality of every unique CBD product they offer. As advocates of cannabis-consumer awareness, we love the thorough chain of custody Charlotte’s Web provides. You can easily find the batch test for your products on their website.

We also appreciate the straight-forward nature of every product, which includes only high-quality CBD oil and other natural ingredients, and never artificial flavors, fragrances, or dyes. Though focused mostly on whole-plant extracts, they also offer a selection of CBD isolates for THC-sensitive consumers. Choose from a number of high-quality oils and capsules, or opt for more exciting options like the Hemp-Extract Infused Gummies, available in useful variations like Recovery, Calm, and Sleep.

Charlotte’s Web also covers a range of topical products and products designed for pets. We are impressed by the innovative design of the brand’s pet line, which includes unique treats like the Calming Chews and Cognition Chews for dogs. The line also includes Hemp Extract Drops for Dogs, which may be a suitable option for pets of all sizes.

Further we commend the brand on their clear goal: improving the lives of others through the power of CBD. As like-minded cannabis advocates, we are happy to support Charlotte’s Web in this endeavour, and recommend their line of high-quality CBD products to those who stand to benefit from the healing power of the cannabis plant.

Charlotte’s Web Product Review Results:

  • Organically grown
  • Hand tended hemp crops
  • Outstanding quality-control over agricultural process
  • Oregon, Colorado & Kentucky grown hemp
  • Products are cultivated and formulated in small batches
  • Utilizes third-party testing for every batch of products
  • Plant-based and cruelty-free (no products are tested on animals)
  • Consistency across all products for accurate dosing
  • All products are free of residual solvents
  • Updated Batch test results available online
  • Friendly and supportive customer service!