Canna Comforts grows their boutique hemp flower without genetic modification, under organic, sustainable conditions.  The plants are protected from potentially harmful environmental stressors that could increase their THC content and raised with care, by hand, by seasoned growers with years of experience cultivating cannabis.  The raw hemp flower produced by Canna Comforts is of outstanding quality and contains all the beneficial cannabinoids and secondary compounds necessary for full-spectrum benefits.

Lab Results

As Canna Comforts independently batch tests their products for quality, potency, safety, and legality (and makes those results available online for public viewing), you can verify that the product you’re receiving contains what is advertised on the label.  Canna Comforts holds itself to high standards of quality for all of its products and does not put out products that don’t meet those standards; if a product fails testing, it does not go to market.

All lab results are posted directly on Canna Comforts website and are updated frequently.

Product Line

Canna Comforts strains are crafted with a superb smoking experience in mind—a bowl of Canna Comforts hemp flower promises a flavorful, enjoyable medicinal experience loaded with beneficial cannabinoids.  As the individual cannabinoid profile varies from strain to strain, there is a perfect option for every need and condition.

In addition to their wide range of different strains of hemp flower, Canna Comforts also offers CBD extracts in both full-spectrum and pure CBD formulations, bath and body products, and pet products.  They even carry convenient pre-rolls and sumptuous palm wrap hemp rolls that smoke beautifully and are ready to go right from the box.

If you’re looking for a high-CBD alternative to traditional cannabis flower that’s organic, non-GMO, ethically produced, and provides all the benefits of a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile, we highly recommend Canna Comforts.  Their attention to detail and variety of delicious, potent strains of hemp flower make them a standout among CBD providers on the current market.

Canna Comforts Product Review Results:

  • Organically grown
  • Non-GMO
  • Sustainably cultivated
  • Colorado grown hemp
  • 100% plant-based products
  • Products are cultivated and formulated by hand in small batches
  • Vegan & cruelty free (no products are tested on animals)
  • Accurate potency and dosing
  • Concentrates are free of residual solvents
  • Public test results available online
  • Great customer service!

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