Binoid is a unique brand for a couple of reasons. First, each and every product offered is formulated with “water soluble” CBD, meaning it dissolves completely when mixed into a water-based beverage (and many foods as well). This makes their CBD tinctures a versatile option for people who like the idea of CBD beverages but find that traditional tinctures don’t quite feel right.  Their four CBD Wellness Drops flavors (lemon, orange, ginger, and peppermint) complement and enhance many different flavor profiles, giving you an opportunity to really get creative without compromising any therapeutic potency. 

According to the brand, their unique CBD formula (called “NANO+”) took two years to develop and was designed by licensed pharmacists, who have determined it to be “4-5x more effective.” The CBD molecules are finely micronized, or broken down into tiny bits that are more easily metabolized by the body. This property not only allows Binoid tinctures to be effortlessly stirred into drinks, it also the body absorb the cannabinoids more quickly. This may mean faster symptom relief for many people, as it is metabolized differently than standard oil-based tinctures. 

Binoid’s products are all part of a growing CBD extract type called “broad spectrum,” meaning they use whole hemp extract and then carefully remove all traces of THC while leaving the cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles intact. These types of products offer the synergistic benefits of hemp’s natural phytocannabinoid profile while containing virtually undetectable amounts of THC (with independent lab results to prove it). This can be a helpful alternative to CBD isolates for those who are THC restricted, and we commend the brand’s commitment to versatility by making their products accessible to all CBD users. 

Each Binoid product is crafted from wholesome ingredients from seed to plant to processing to bottle, including everything that’s added during the manufacturing process. Each product’s unique, bold flavor comes from 100% natural flavors. In addition, each product is non-GMO and vegan, which (again) makes them suitable for a wider range of CBD users. We love seeing brands like Binoid becoming more inclusive of people who choose not to consume animal products.

Finally, while it isn’t directly product-related, we feel that our customer experience was worth noting. The brand’s customer service representatives are superb at what they do — and clearly have a passion for it. They guided us through their unique line of water-soluble CBD products, providing details about everything from practical application to flavor preferences. Based on our experiences and research regarding the brand, we give Binoid CBD products our full seal of approval and consider them a Gold Tier brand.

Binoid Product Review Results:

  • Oregon grown hemp
  • Organically grown without pesticides or herbicides
  • Tested 5 times before sent for 3rd party analysis to ensure consistency
  • Broad Spectrum formula carefully preserves terpenes and cannabinoids
  • Multiple water soluble formulas
  • Third party batch test provided for each product on website
  • Non-GMO
  • THC-Free
  • Vegan friendly