Berkeley Gold starts with 100-percent organically grown hemp from the best farms in the United States. The farms they work directly with never use GMO products or pesticides, so the resulting hemp is pure and all-natural. 

Once the hemp is harvested, the next step is to process it. Berkeley Gold uses only high-end raw hemp processing facilities that use the best quality control measures. This guarantees that the end result is a pure hemp oil product. 

Once their hemp extract is completed, the Berkeley Gold team uses their 20+ combined years of experience in various healthcare sectors to create their unique product offerings, some of which are pharmacist-recommended. These products are also produced in a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging facility that meets their unwavering standards for creating only top-quality, safe products with 100-percent satisfaction, guaranteed.

In addition, Berkeley Gold takes an extra step that other CBD companies do not where each batch of products is personally tried and tested by their own team before leaving the facility. They refuse to sell anything to their customers that they haven’t experienced themselves, so that they ensure everything passes their standards and they can educate customers on their products more effectively.

Lab Results

All of Berkeley Gold’s products also go through rigorous third-party laboratory testing with Botanacor Laboratories, located in Denver, Colorado. The lab was the very first in Colorado to be founded on and focus specifically on hemp and CBD testing, and are considered a gold standard in the industry. 

The lab puts each of their products through a cannabinoids profile analysis, which tests them for 15 different cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC. This analysis also verifies that their products contain less than the federal legal limit for THC (0.3%), before being given final approval to be sold. Their lab results all get published directly on their website, in plain view, due to Berkeley Gold’s commitment to transparency.

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Product Line

Berkeley Gold creates a full, interesting CBD line, which includes products like drops, tablets, topicals, capsules, edibles, and even pet relief chews.

The best-selling Berkeley Gold product is their 2,500 mg Broad-Spectrum CBD-R (cannabidiol-rich) drops that come in unique flavor options like lemon, orange, and peppermint. Their high-quality hemp extract gets blended with all-natural essential oils. It is sold in a state-of-the art 30 ml bottle that’s produced with their unique Drip Trap Technology, which assures no leakage and waste of product. They also come in a 500 mg, 1,000 mg, and 1,500 mg option.

Another one of their best-sellers is their 1,000 mg CBD Roll-on Freeze Relief Gel. Combining menthol with 1,000 mg of CBD isolate, Berkeley Gold has created a fast-acting, non-greasy formula that promotes deep absorption to treat sore and stiff joints and muscles quickly.

Berkeley Gold is also well-known for its CBD Nano-Gels. Each innovative capsule pairs 25 mg of their broad-spectrum CBD oil with one milligram of melatonin, using water-soluble technology to maximize absorption and provide more bioavailability to help promote sleep faster than other formulas on the market. 

Berkeley Gold Product Review Results:

  • 100% organic Colorado-grown hemp
  • Non-GMO and no pesticides
  • Each batch verified by Berkeley Gold employees
  • Free shipping on all products
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Multiple dosage options for both broad-spectrum and CBD isolate formulas
  • Third-party tested and verified THC-free

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