What is an Eighth, Quarter, or Ounce? A Visual Guide

how much weed weighs

Cannabis is sold in preset denominations. You may have heard some of them before – gram, eighth, quarter. But a quarter of what? Good question. When people talk about the quantity and price of a given amount of cannabis, the baseline denominator is an ounce. So when you see pricing for eighths and quarters, those are 1/8th's or 1/4th's of an ounce, respectively. Let's put that into perspective. Note: because cannabis buds are produced in a variety of densities, the appearance of a set weight may vary slightly.


one gram of weed

A gram is the smallest amount of cannabis that you can reasonably expect to purchase from a caregiver or dispensary. If you aren't sure whether you'll like a certain strain, a gram is the perfect amount to give it a test drive.

grams of weed in a joint

For reference, a pre-roll from the dispensary typically weighs in around a gram, and hand-rolled joints will range from .25 gram pinners to 1+ gram cones. Grams will cost anywhere from $7-15 and are the least efficient from a cost perspective.

They are also a perfect amount for testing the strain by packing a one hitter.

Eighth (3.5 Grams)

an eighth of weed

An eighth is 1/8th of an ounce and is equivalent to 3.5 grams. It's the most common weight purchased by most cannabis consumers due to it's affordability. Eighths are ideal for the casual to moderate smoker. An eighth can be rolled into roughly 7 half gram joints, or 14 quarter gram bowls. The price of an eighth can vary greatly around the country, but they generally range from $25-$55 in Colorado/California to upwards of $60 on the East Coast. I've discovered you can even fit an 1/8th of rolled cannabis in the Safety Case.

Quarter (7 Grams)

7 grams of cannabis weed

A quarter, or a quad, is 1/4th of an ounce and weighs in at 7 grams. Buying by the quarter is also very common as it allows heavier smokers to really get acquainted with a strain – an eighth can go quick! Minor price breaks can be seen at a quarter (depending on the specific dispensary or caregiver) but don't expect them.

Half (14 Grams)

a half ounce of weed

A half ounce equates to 14 grams of cannabis. Price breaks, on a per gram basis, typically begin at the half ounce quantity. For reference, many infused butter/oil recipes (for edibles) call for a half ounce of dried cannabis. Feel free to cook with less, just know that depending on your recipe it may lower the potency of the edibles.

Ounce (28 Grams)

an ounce of weed

An ounce of cannabis weighs 28 grams. Buying by the ounce is the most cost effective way to purchase legal cannabis. In fact, many dispensaries and caregivers offer ounce specials. As a daily user, ounces are the way to go.


different amounts of weed side by side

Pro Tip: Grind Your Cannabis

For slower burning joints and bowls, it is imperative that you grind your cannabis into small, even bits.

ground weed grinder

There are a variety of grinders designed to do this – do you know which grinder is best for you?

Bonus: Try High CBD strains

Did you know that you can purchase CBD legally online now? Reputable brands like Colorado-based Ambary Gardens are paving the way for customers to receive plant based relief.

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Key Takeaways

    Start with a gram or eighth to try a new strain despite the higher per-gram cost
    Price breaks generally start at the half ounce, the weight required for most infused butter/oil recipes
    Buying by the ounce is the most cost effective