Unique Weed Accessories: 10 Upscale Essentials for Savvy Stoners

unique weed accessories smoking accessories

Is your smoking kit up to snuff? Every stoner has their own list of essentials—the accoutrements that add to every at-home session and make smoking on the go a breeze. Chances are you have one or two of these savvy stoner essentials in your smoking kit already, but we guarantee that you don’t have all of them. These are—without question—the 10 must-have cannabis companions that we rely on day-to-day, including a smell proof stash box, rice rolling papers, a grinder card, a sleek one-hitter, and more. Give your smoking kit a complete makeover, add a missing piece to your pot-smoking puzzle, or just dive in to get a feel for some of the best stoner accessories on the market right now.

Black Rock One Hitter

use a one hitter

Some things don’t change. How’s the saying go—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Quick and simple, the unbreakable one-hitter is still a smoker’s staple, despite the current boom of cannabis technology. A well-packed One Hitter still delivers a resounding wallop of smoke, making it a preferred method for skiers, other outdoor enthusiasts, and on-the-go herb aficionados. And please, whatever you do, don’t opt for the one hitter that’s painted like a cigarette—you’re seriously not fooling anyone.

VapeXhale EVO


Blow torches and dab rigs just not doing it for you? Look to VapeXhale—the undisputed glass monarch of the vaporizer kingdom. The EVO vaporizer was developed from an amalgamation of science experiments, years of research and development, and input from hundreds of dedicated stoners via weed forums. The resulting product is a vaporizer that combines the health benefits of vaping with the pound-for-pound knockout abilities of a water pipe. Whether you’re looking to dab or vape your favorite flower, the EVO’s ultra-effective, glass-encapsulated heating element delivers hard-hitting, thick, and tasty vapor.



Grinder Card

grinder card

Bulky coffee table grinders aren’t exactly inconspicuous—and oftentimes you don’t want to break your back bringing one with you when you’re traveling. This grinder card can slide into your wallet like a credit card, although we recommend stashing it in its designated pocket in the Safety Case. Whip out the grinder card in a pinch, and like an Italian chef with a block of aged parmesan, you’ll be looking at a small pile of finely ground herbs in no time at all. Perfect for rolling joints or packing a vape pen on the run.

Glass Blunt

glass blunt

OK— we're going to say it: glass blunts are absolutely underrated. Sure, I'm a fan of a good old-fashioned Swisher Sweet every once and a while (I'm preferential to grape or original), but the wide chamber of a glass blunt can be easily packed with 1.5 grams of flower and smoked down to the tube. Not to mention, if you’re truly sampling some high-grade, there’s no reason to introduce conflicting flavors in the form of an artificially-flavored blunt wrap. Instead, go with this heavy-hitting alternative that—if you’re burning blunts regularly—will save you both trees and trips to the gas station for Philly’s.

Rolling Tips

the best rolling tips

Nothing gives away a stoner like a mutilated business card. For the infrequent smoker, going Hannibal Lector on a movie ticket or tearing off a corner to a pack of gum is a fair enough move. But if joints are your preferred method of smoking, snagging some rolling tips is a pro play. Of course, you can always roll a joint without a filter—just don’t expect your friends to want to suck on that soggy, bedraggled excuse for a cone.

Grasshopper Vape Pen

grasshopper vape pen

If James Bond were to soothe his muscles with a little CBD after a day of derailing an international crime syndicate, this is the vaporizer he’d rely on. MI-6 didn’t have anything to do with this ingenious gadget, although it was developed by aerospace engineers. This literal vape “pen” performs admirably with flower and is a perfect addition to any smoking kit—especially if discretion is of the utmost concern. A gorgeously designed little chameleon that mimics an expensive pen, the Grasshopper camouflages right in at the office.

Rice Rolling Papers

the best rice rolling papers

Wood papers? No, thanks! Why buy high-quality flower if you’re going to skimp on paper? Hemp is a decent middle-ground, but rice paper burns slower and cleaner. Rice rolling papers are a bit trickier to roll at first, but eventually you’ll get used to them, and the learning curve will only amplify your rolling skills.

The Tool

how to use a vape pen

Call it a poker, call it a dabber, call it whatever you want—just don’t call it unnecessary. The Tool is the stoner’s Swiss Army Knife, and it can be employed in a million ways. Use it to break up oil, take dabs, pack joints, clean your one hitter, load your vape pen, etc. The spoon-shaped tip makes for an effective scooper, while the handle can serve as a poker or more agile scraper. Whatever your preferred method of smoking, having a Tool in your kit will make many a toker’s task even easier.

Moroccan Ashtray

Moroccan Ash tray

No one wants to see an ashtray overflowing with old roaches. Moroccan ashtrays add a touch of classiness to the smoker’s coffee table. They look like a curved, ornately painted honeypots, but with ridged edges to hold still-smoking joints and an open cavity to stash the remnants of past sessions.

Black Rock Smell Proof Storage

smell proof storage

Not every smoker is a stereotype—so why smoke like one? For the active professional on the hunt for a sleek, discreet, and simple smoking kit, there is truly no better investment. The smell-proof Safety Case has an inconspicuous yet sleek outer aesthetic—and on the inside, a customizable stash compartment perfect for organizing your vape pen, joints, pipes, blunts, oils, flower, papers, and more.

Shop Smell Proof Storage

smell proof stash case