Pro Volleyball Player Jeff Samuels Discusses CBD & Sativa

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Jeff Samuels is professional volleyball player and elite athlete. Last year, Jeff took home the National Volleyball League’s Most Improved Player Award and the Crowd Pleaser Award. We flew down to Florida to link up with Jeff and discuss how he uses cannabis sativa to achieve his athletic goals and high-CBD strains to aid recovery.

Tell us a little bit about yourself; where are you from and where do you currently live?

I'm from Michigan but I just moved to South Florida. I played lacrosse in college at Davenport University in Grand Rapids, MI where I found the game of volleyball. I transferred to Michigan State University where I was a Middle Blocker for the Men’s Volleyball team. I transitioned to the beach game professionally in 2014 and I'm currently ranked as the #19 player (by USA Volleyball) in N. America.

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You are clearly an elite athlete, when did you start playing sports? Was it always volleyball?

I’m from Grand Blanc Michigan, now Deerfield, Florida. I grew up playing hockey (at age 10) & lacrosse at a high level. As a goaltender in hockey, I played semi-professional for the Flint Generals at 16. Won two National Championships playing roller hockey where I was the most valuable goalie in both. Also as a midfielder in 2006, I won The World Lacrosse Games in London, and Canada with Team Champion Lacrosse in 18+ Over.

jeff samuels

When did you first realize that cannabis played a positive role in your athletic abilities and/or recovery?

I never used cannabis until I played volleyball, but I quickly found out for me that CBD was vital to the recovery process. Especially for someone who doesn’t like taking a bunch of pills on a regular basis. It also helps with the mental stress from travel or physical obligations. It helps me fall in love with the little things that go into perfecting my craft. I’m one to really monitor the intake of everything that goes into my body, so I don’t abuse cannabis – moderation is key.

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Many people don’t associate cannabis with athletics; why do you think it helps so much?

I believe everything put here naturally is here for a reason and I intend to take full advantage. I’m more healthy than ever since I've realized such with food and cannabis. Mother earth will always provide for us.

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Can you tell me specifically about your cannabis regimen as it pertains to athletics?

I usually use sativa to boost my energy and mood, and when I have access to concentrates I prefer vaping and dabbing. Last season when living in Colorado, edibles really helped with pain from a prior back injury, I used oils and butter to cook with and like it with my coffee to activate the cannabinoids.

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What’s one item you always pack when you travel to tournaments?

One accessory that’s a must have for me would be the Black Rock Safety Case to keep everything tight and in order. The Pebble's are perfect for stacking a few different concentrates.

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