How to Roll an L Joint

How to Roll an L Joint

An L is a really long joint that gets its name from the paper orientation prior to rolling. Knowing how to roll an L is especially useful when smoking in large groups or with those who have high tolerances. The beauty of an L is that you can instantly increase the size of your joint with nothing more than an additional rolling paper leaf. This means that you can turn two regular size papers into a king size joint in a pinch! If you landed on this page and you'd really like to improve your joint rolling across the board, we recommend you start with our step-by-step joint rolling or our 10 tips for rolling better joints.

  1. Create the Rolling Paper

    Rolling papers

    Rolling an L is no different that rolling a normal joint, except that you will be using a rolling paper with an ‘L’ shape (created by sticking two papers together). To create the L shape, place two sheets of rolling paper on a flat surface in front of you. Orient one of the papers normally, with the glue side up and facing you. Rotate the second paper an additional 90 degrees counterclockwise, so that the strip of glue is next to the end of the first paper. If you prefer the joint orientation is reversed, rotate the paper clockwise and attach it to the other end.

    Making an L rolling paper

    Then lick the lower portion of the glue strip of the rotated paper and attach the two together. You should now have a single rolling paper that looks like an L.

    How to roll an L joint

    If you are looking to smoke less paper, you can cut off the far corner of the rotated paper as indicated in the photo above. Note that in our experience, it helps to let the glue dry out before moving to the next step, otherwise it is easy to rip apart the papers.

    How to make an L rolling paper

    This technique can be used with any size rolling paper to increase the volume of your joint.

  2. Load & Arrange

    How to roll perfect joint

    Now it’s time to load the rolling paper with ground bud. Make sure you use a grinder, as crafting an L joint will be very difficult without properly ground cannabis. An effective grinder does not have to break the bank! You can get a $10 Grinder Card from Black Rock, or spring for a full size two or four piece from Billowby.

    Rolling an L

    Arrange the ground buds in the trough of the paper as you would with any other joint. It’s important to note that because you are using a longer paper, the shape of the joint will be more pronounced; meaning a tapered cone will appear more conical and only the truest pinner will look like a straight joint.

  3. Roll Slow and Smooth

    Tips for rolling L extendo joints

    That said, make sure you arrange for the shape you intend to roll – use the photos below as a reference.

    Pinner vs cone joint size shape

  4. Shape it Straight

    Don't forget our classic pull-from-the-tip technique to straighten the paper out! If you're struggling to roll it up at this point, definitely check out our How to Roll a Cone Joint article.

    How to roll an L

    Once the joint has been formed, lick and seal the rolling paper. This will require licking two separate glue strips. Both parts of the paper will be sealed normally, the rotated portion of the paper will simply spiral around the tip of the joint until fully sealed.

    How to roll a perfect joint

    If any of this was confusing or you need a refresher on how to roll a joint, check out our comprehensive rolling guide. Note that because of how the papers are attached, the L cannot be rolled inside out.

  5. Seal the Flag

    How to roll a perfect L Joint

    Still struggling? Not to worry, we also offer personalized one-on-one joint rolling sessions – you'll be rolling picture perfect joints in no time.

  6. Bonus: How to Carry Your L

    weed stash box

    Regardless of which paper size you start with, and L is going to be much longer than a normal joint and will need to be protected before smoking. We recommend storing your joints in a smell proof stash box like the Safety Case. These pocket-sized cases are perfect for holding joints, vaporizers, concentrates, pipes and flower along with all your smoking accessories. We created a list of the 10 Essentials for a Savvy Stoner's 420 travel kit, so check it out and make sure you have all the items you need!

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