10 Tips for Rolling Better Joints

20 tips for rolling better joints

Every smoking circle has their de-facto joint roller. The guy everyone turns to when the team decides to smoke one, or the girl who can twist perfect pinners while walking into the wind holding all her smoking supplies. Are you ready to improve your joint roller technique? With a bit of practice and the right information, you don’t have to be a magician to craft a picturesque, slow burning joint. However, if you need help from the very beginning, you should try our step by step how to roll a joint article.

Necessary Items for Your Joint Stash Box

Make sure you have all the key elements for rolling great joints: weed grinder, crutches, papers, and a lighter at the bare minimum. Although many steps in the joint rolling process are largely preference based, there are several tips that require the above items if you want to improve your smoking experience. There are also some very clever weed accessories that have become essentials in our 420 smoking kit.

  1. Use the Best Rolling Paper

    The best types of rolling papers

    Are you still grabbing Zig-Zags off the counter at the gas station? They are impacting the flavor of your joints. There are three types of rolling paper materials and they each have unique characteristics that affect the way your joint rolls and smokes. Steer clear of wood pulp rolling papers, you want a paper made of rice or hemp. Those just learning should try a hemp paper as they are easier to roll with and stay lit well. Expert rollers looking for a tasteless, slow burn and a precise roll will benefit from rice papers.

  2. Select the Right Size

    Pick the right size rolling paper

    The right size rolling paper is a situational decision based on a few key factors: How many people are you smoking with? How high are their tolerances? How many joints do you intend to roll? If you show up to Snoop Dogg's house with a pack of single wides, you won't be able to roll 'em fast enough. The most popular and widely available sizes are 1 ¼” size and King Slims. 1 ¼" is generally considered to be the ‘standard’ cannabis rolling paper and is great for 1-3 people with moderate to low tolerances. King Slims are best suited for moderate-tolerance groups of 2-5 people or high-tolerance groups of 1-3. Not sure which papers are for you? Check our rolling papers sizing guide to find the right papers for your smoking kit.

  3. Always Grind First

    Grind your weed first

    You don't need to spend $60+ for the best grinder! Regardless of your rolling abilities, crafting a perfect joint will be nearly impossible without a grinder. We recommend metal grinders as they are more durable and provide a smoother, more consistent grinding action – but they are also available in plastic or wood. All that matters is using one! Need to buy a full size two or four piece? Check out Billowby, they carry top brands.

    Different ways to grind cannabis

    There are also lightweight, travel herb grinders ideal for smokers on the go – there is no excuse for breaking down bud with your hands.

  4. Use a Crutch, they are clutch

    Always roll joints with a crutch

    Have you ever been handed a joint with a soggy end that you can barely smoke? Don't be responsible for subjecting your smoking circle to that experience. Also known as a filter or tip, a crutch is essentially a mouthpiece made of glass or wood pulp – you can purchase perfectly-sized rolling tips or make them at home. They act as a handle that aids in holding and passing to others while optimizing airflow for an easy draw. As if that weren't enough, they also aid in the joint rolling process by providing a perfect cylinder to which the rolled cannabis can be integrated. The best part: now you can smoke your joint to the very end.

  5. Arrange Slowly Before Rolling

    Shape for a pinner or a cone

    Have you ever noticed that some joints come out looking like they have an elbow in the middle? A bit of gentle organization with your fingertips is all that's needed to position your bud properly – but it's often overlooked. Pinners are typically rolled for smaller groups and are very efficient, whereas cones provide a powerful hit and maximize the size of the rolling paper.

  6. Final Prep, then Roll Patiently

    How to roll a joint

    It's difficult to roll great joints if the ground cannabis is all over the place. It's important to take your time working the cannabis down into the paper to create a tube. We have additional step by step how to roll a joint help for this step if you're struggling.

    Perfect tube of weed prior to rolling

    After you've arranged the bud and rolled the paper back and forth between your fingers, set the whole thing down on the table. If it doesn't hold its cylindrical shape, you won't be able to get that tight tuck you're looking for.

  7. Create Paper Tension from the Tip

    Pull from the tip

    If you get a little crinkle in the paper after the initial tuck, you can fix it! Using one hand hold the tuck in place, shift your other hand to the tip of the paper and pull away from the crutch. Focus on creating just enough tension in the paper to smooth it out. This is an easy place to struggle, so we have some tips for how to roll a cone joint to help you get through the tuck and roll process.

  8. Light it Correctly, No Inhale on Ignition

    How to properly light a joint

    Do not try to earn style points when lighting your joints. Cannabis joints do not burn like cigarettes, and therefore should be ignited in a different fashion. Gently rotate the joint while slowly increasing the amount of direct heat to create a long-lasting, slow-burning cherry right from the tip of your joint. If one more person rubs their saliva all over the side of the joint to slow down the canoe, we might have to skip our turn.

  9. Step it up and Smoke Less Paper

    How to roll an inside out joint

    Did you know you can roll joints with the paper flipped inside out like pro skier Tanner Hall? By minimizing the amount of paper used to seal the joint, you can further decrease the burn rate and avoid unwanted paper taste. Rolling inside out may have a steeper learning curve, but those who master it rarely return to the traditional style.

  10. Twax for Potency

    Twax a blunt

    Twaxing is a new trend in cannabis. As defined by the originator, @WA5280, to twax is “to apply hash/concentrates to the inside, outside, or tip of your rolls/bowls in any way shape or form.” The main benefit here is a huge increase in the potency of your joint, which makes concentrates a helpful addition especially when sharing a joint and smoking in larger groups. If you don't have access to BHO or any other cannabis concentrates where you live, you can still try out how to make dabs at home! By implementing the inexpensive and easy-to-execute rosin press tech, you can use any cannabis flower to produce concentrates for your joints or blunts. For more medicinal benefits, you can add CBD to your joint as well. 

Add CBD to Your Joint