Unfortunately, the cannabis coffers aren’t always overflowing for most of us. To quote Boston George’s father from Blow, “Sometimes you’re flush, and sometimes you’re bust.” Whether you’re between jobs or between dealers, it’s worth knowing how to best conserve your weed when resources are tight. We put together this guide to blazing on a budget to help you extend the life expectancy of your stash.

    1. Don’t Roll Joints

      puff puff passAs much as we love joints—they’re our personal favorite way to smoke—they’re horrible from an herb conservation standpoint. Every swirl of smoke that spirals off of the cherry and into the sky? That’s wasted weed, because every second that joint burns and your lips aren’t locked on it, Mother Nature is bogarting your bud. If you just love to smoke joints and can’t bear to part with them, here are three tips to help make your weed last: avoid sparking up in high winds, roll regular size papers, and opt for a pinner roll instead of a cone-shaped cannon.

    2. Use a 4-Piece Grinder

      4 piece grinder for weedWhen smoking at home, using a high-quality 4-piece grinder is a smart move. Finely ground herb is preferable for all smoking styles, whether you’re vaping, rolling a joint, or packing a bong. This is because a fine grind produces slow, even-burning bowls. Plus, that kief collection will be a life-saver when your stash runs out—it’s like an insurance policy on your supply! Of course, if you’re on the move, a grinder can be impractical, in which case a Grinder Card will also help you conserve cannabis in a low-profile format.

    3. Get a Snap Bowl

      snap bong pieceThe snap bowl is a must-have for a bong smoker who is trying to conserve their weed. Bigger bong bowls are meant to be “cornered,” which means a smoker can torch a section of the bowl and leave “greens” for the next person. On the other side of the spectrum, a snap bowl is personal-sized. No need to order an XL-pizza when a slice will do, right? Snap bowls follow this same principle. Buy a snap-sized bowl from your local smoke shop, and pretty soon you’ll understand why some bong smokers swear by these babies—they’re compact, powerful, and effective.

    4. Pack a One-Hitter

      one hitter on the go smokingThis is our preferred method for smoking on the go while trying to conserve weed. Not only does the one-hitter pack a surprising punch for such a small and simple smoking device, but it’s also the most reasonably priced pipe you can buy. Not to mention the fact that metal one-hitters are virtually indestructible, so you don’t have to worry about breaking an expensive glass piece on a sidewalk or rocky trail.

    5. Pre-grind your Flower

      cannabis groundsThe size of a nug doesn’t matter—it’s the density that counts. That said, nug size can be misleading, and the best way to figure out exactly how much weed you have is by pre-grinding your flower. Especially when you’re nearing the end of your stash, grinding up that flower will help you better gauge how much is left in your arsenal.

    6. Direct Inject vs. Carb Pipes

      dugout one hitter on the goCarb pipes have little thumb holes on the side of the bowl that may seem useful, but can cause you to burn more herb than necessary for each hit. Direct-inject pipes ensure that all of the smoke hits you where it counts, and none of it swirls stupidly out of a hole on the side. You want a streamlined airflow—like a one-hitter—for increased smoking efficiency.

    7. Go For a Glass Blunt

      glass bluntAnother highly-underrated smoking device, the Glass Blunt punches high above its weight class. It can be loaded like a chillum and hits like Barry Bonds on steroids. After the one-hitter, the Glass Blunt is our second choice for squeezing out a maximum high from minimum weed.

    8. Pick the Right Strain

      sativa versus indicaIt’s an established fact:  some strains get you higher than others. Not only that, but different highs feel different to different people. It’s important to know the difference between a head-focused sativa and a deeply physical indica. We recommend speaking to your local budtender, or, if that’s not an option, to do some research on strains on a site like Leafly.

    9. Buy Better Pot, and Buy More of It

      strains of cannabisThis seems counter-intuitive, as better green costs more green, but paying more upfront means that your stash will actually last longer. If two hits of top-shelf will get you high versus four hits of mid-grade, it’s well worth the extra cash in the long run. Consider buying premium flower a long-term investment, and then it’s easier to stomach the upfront cost. In the same vein, buying in bulk seems like a rookie mistake, but it’s really an intelligent play with the price breaks. As long as you have decent self-control and don’t mind smoking the same strain for a while, buying an ounce or a half-ounce instead of an eighth of a gram will stretch your dollar further.

    10. Sip a Little Coffee

      coffee and cannabis in the morningWe are big fans of a morning cup of java and a joint—it’s how we start nearly every morning before sitting down to work. Even if you can’t make a joint happen, pair a little coffee with a bowl or an espresso shot with your bong snap. It’s scientifically proven that enjoying coffee with your cannabis actually extends the life of your high.

BONUS! Mix in CBD Flower:  Symptom Relief Without the Buzz


Everyone loves a classic cannabis joint, but did you know you can also roll a jay or pack a one-hitter with organic hemp flower?  It’ll not only extend the life of your cannabis, but hemp is naturally high in CBD and can provide fast-acting, full-spectrum symptom relief when smoked, alleviating anxiety and inducing an overall sense of well-being.

We enjoy the organic, non-GMO, sustainably grown hemp flower strains from Canna Comforts, which look, smell, taste, and smoke just like the top-shelf marijuana strains that inspired them.  Federally legal and batch-tested for quality, purity, and potency, we trust Canna Comforts for a delicious and therapeutic hemp flower experience.

Table of contents

Table of Contents