Writer Profile: Thomas Wrona

Thomas Wrona is a full-time copywriter who specializes in all things hemp, cannabis, and wellness. Prior to rediscovering his love for writing a few years ago, Thomas was a pro athlete — a pro cyclist, to be specific. Back in 2011 he became the US Junior National Champion in road cycling. Along with the rest of that year’s national team, he went to the World Track Championships in Moscow and broke a long-lasting record in the team pursuit event. He was also the first-ever American winner of the Junior Tour of Ireland. And then he got injured. Thomas’s first season in pro cycling was hindered by a combination of Achilles tendonitis and poor nutrition. Even though the Achilles issues eventually got better, his ‘muscle memory’ wasn’t quite the same again and he never really reached my potential as a pro. But what he learned from the bike stuck with him, and today he still enjoys studying and applying the principles of training theory. It’s just that now he takes a much more holistic approach — no overtraining or pressure to improve required. Thanks to some great mentors, Thomas eventually stumbled upon cannabis compounds like CBN and CBD. In 2016 he began working on a cannabis farm that specialized in CBD-rich cultivars. The farm did everything themselves — growing, harvesting, extracting, formulating products, lab testing — everything. Thomas was blessed to have a front-row perspective as custom cannabis extracts changed the lives of patients, family, and friends. These extracts eventually changed his life, too, though it took some time to get the formulation right. The most impressive part of the whole thing? It didn’t even seem to matter what health conditions our patients had...cannabis helped them regardless. That was all thanks to its impact on the endocannabinoid system, he eventually learned. These days Thomas pretty much just creates content about all the things he’s experienced. On occasion he also helps brands source solvent-free hemp extracts. Amazing teams (like the one at Key to Cannabis!) have made life as a freelance writer possible — and fun. In the future Thomas hopes to have a permacultural farm of my own. Yes, it’ll feature cannabis, and yes...he plans to write about it. :)

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