Doing the Impossible: If we can do it, you can too!

To be clear, this is our passion project—we both work full-time jobs in addition to running this blog—something we do for the love of it. Tommy is a professional photographer and filmmaker who works with the likes of Redbull and National Geographic. Nick is an outsourced COO who helps social entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster and with less work through automation, team optimization, and processes improvement.

For us, this isn’t about profit—it’s about impact. We’re not here to provide information; instead, we provide transformation—the opportunity to drastically improve your quality of life…naturally. These are our stories.



“I am a professional photographer and commercial director based in Denver, Colorado. I started my career in an office but quickly realized what I truly wanted: to work outside in the extreme sports industry. I grew up with dreams of being the pro athlete in whichever sport I became best at, but my body started breaking down in college. Between skiing and soccer, I succumbed to two knee surgeries and two shoulder surgeriesand subsequently spent years on and off pain medication. By the end of college, I was finally opioid-free, but I had a new problem. The meds had messed with my head, and I was constantly agitated, annoyed, and frustrated by the external events around me.

After my long stints on pain medication, I knew anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals were not an option, so I began experimenting with cannabis. I started out getting so high I could barely talk. Nick was there, he taught me how to roll my own joints. I learned with king size papers, which was probably a mistake because it gave me the opportunity to roll joints far bigger than I should have been smoking, but nevertheless, I slowly tinkered with my dosage.

The big breakthrough for me was learning the nuances of indica and sativa. In the beginning, I stormed through the day on the brink of a mental breakdown, and then finally calmed down once I smoked in the evening. Once I discovered that a small dose of the correct sativa would keep me balanced without inhibiting my professional performance, I was off to the races. I went deep into a learning phase on different consumption methods because simply dabbing a sativa instead of smoking it had an enormously different effect as well. I never thought I’d be able to use cannabis before, during, and after work while living a high quality of life, but now that I know how, I’ll never go back.” — Tommy 



“Ankle reconstruction. Bilateral hernia repair. Rotator cuff surgery. By the time I was 23, I had already had 3 major surgeries to repair sports-related injuries. I had a metal plate in my ankle and mesh in my inguinal canal—and my body didn’t like those foreign objects. I followed my physical therapy protocol, but I was still in an immense amount of pain. It hurt to perform basic bodily functions. I went to 3 different surgeons, and eventually, I was referred to a pain management specialist. “Wow,” I thought, this guy will surely know what to do. Boy was I wrong. Little did I know, all he wanted to do was prescribe me numbing creams and opioid-based painkillers. So I sought out other alternatives until I found CBD and THC—the wellness compounds contained in cannabis.

To say plant-based remedies changed my life would be an understatement. By combining the THC products from my local dispensary and CBD from Ambary Gardens, I was able to get the pain relief I needed—naturally. The proof? I never had to fill the medication the “pain management specialist” prescribed me. I began to formulate the perfect daily regimen that allowed me to stay clear-headed during working hours, which was important because I was working my corporate gig at the time. For reference, I have now transitioned out of the corporate world and into in advisory role where I’m able to help social entrepreneurs scale their businesses more efficiently—but it’s still important for me to remain mentally sharp during the day.

I would use CBD tinctures in the morning, along with a topical salve containing a mixture of THC & CBD. Once home from work, I would ingest more CBD tinctures and smoke a heavy indica for maximum pain relief and sleep induction. To be clear, I was also complimenting this practice with a holistic healthy lifestyle—physical therapy, yoga, working out, eating clean. Now that I have experienced the body’s natural ability to heal, it’s become my mission to show others that it’s possible too.” — Nick