Rather than shoving the joint rolling necessities into various pockets and crossing your fingers that all the items arrive safely, you can condense them into a compact, travel friendly joint rolling kit. Built to take a beating, the smell proof Safety Case will ensure the safe arrival of all your joint rolling necessities. Gone are the days of wet rolling papers, forgotten lighters, and hand-crumbled cannabis. Just slip the ultra-slim smoking kit into your pocket or purse and you’ll be ready to smoke up anywhere. Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to roll one up. Whether you’re on the side of a mountain or at a social event, you will need a few basic items in order to complete the joint rolling endeavor.

Rolling Papers

A Smell Proof Rolling Kit for Joints and Blunts 2The first necessary item is a pack of rolling papers. These small leaves of paper are manufactured specifically for rolling cigarettes and/or joints. There’s a variety of rolling papers on the market today – they can be found in a multitude of materials, sizes, flavors, and thicknesses. Click here if you need help selecting the best rolling papers for you.


A Smell Proof Rolling Kit for Joints and Blunts 3Perhaps the most important item is the cannabis bud itself. Depending on the size of joint you like to roll, you will need to have roughly 0.5-1+ gram of cannabis on hand. Not sure which type of cannabis is best? Use my guide to help select the right strain variety for you! For those of you working on your pot photography, try our tips.


A Smell Proof Rolling Kit for Joints and Blunts 4Who wants to smoke joints that look like the one on the left? Rolling a pearled joint is almost impossible without a grinder. A grinder is a tool used to break the cannabis buds up into fine, evenly ground pieces. While we typically use a four-part grinder when rolling at home, nothing beats the size and performance of the grinder card when on the move.


A Smell Proof Rolling Kit for Joints and Blunts 5While it may sound obvious, we can almost guarantee that the lack of a lighter has halted more than one of your joint sparking operations. Matches, hemp line, or the trusty magnifying glass will also work – just make sure you have a heat source at your disposal!


A Smell Proof Rolling Kit for Joints and Blunts 6You will also benefit from using a crutch, a mouthpiece made of wood pulp or glass. Also known as a filter or tip, a crutch helps prevent burnt lips and sloppy joints. You can easily slide a few pre-perforated crutches right into the inside cover of your Safety Case. They ensure optimal airflow and a more pleasant smoking experience for all.

Table of contents

Table of Contents