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How To Easily Extend The Life Of Vaporizer Batteries

What’s the worst thing that could happen while you’re billowing away those ecstatic smokes from your vape? Most people would agree that quickly losing the life of vaporizer batteries is the most distressing concern. If only the user would know how to extend the life of a vaporizer battery.

We’re letting in on a little life hack! The ‘how to’ on extending the life of your vape.

Initially, most vaporizers used the traditional batteries with lifespans that were significantly limited. But over time, manufacturers were able to introduce more powerful lithium-ion batteries to ensure every vaping session goes through its full cycle. While most of these lithium-ion vaporizer batteries come with reasonably extended lives, you can still apply specific techniques to optimize their durability.

How to Extend the Life Of A Vaporizer Battery

Avoid Overheating the Unit

It’s common knowledge that high temperatures reduce the longevity of any battery. Overheating your vaporizer might seem like an excellent idea of getting the coil to heat up and vaporize the e-juice quickly. But the same could significantly reduce the lifespan of your e-cig battery.

Typically you should never expose your vape device to temperatures exceeding 113 degrees Celsius. And after using the vaporizer, allow it to cool down, then turn the device off. Remember that as long as your vape device is on, it still sucks away some power from the battery even when you’re not necessarily vaping.

Extremely low temperatures can also impact the lifespan of a vaporizer battery adversely, especially in the case of a MOD. Avoid using the device when temperatures fall to – 4 degrees or lower.

Avoid Overcharging the Battery or Charging It Too Soon/Late

The effects of high temperatures on the lifespan of your battery are similar to those of overcharging your battery. Since most people vape during the day, it may seem convenient to leave the battery charging overnight. Most of us do it for our smartphones as well.

Leaving any battery to continue charging when it’s already fully charged is setting it up for poor performance. Your best bet is to charge your vaporizer battery and remove it from the charger as soon as it’s fully charged.

Similarly, don’t recharge your battery even when it still has a lot of power in it. This will reduce the total capacity of the cell by affecting what’s known as “battery memory.” However, it’s okay to recharge it as soon as it falls below 40%. Also, remember not to let the battery die off completely before you can recharge it. Doing so puts strain on the charging cell, adversely impacting its lifespan.

If you don’t intend to use the vaporizer for an extended duration, it’s smart to store it with at least a 50% charge. You don’t want to come back to a vape device with a flat battery, for as we’ve mentioned, charging flat batteries reduces their performance significantly.

Invest in Numerous High-quality Batteries and Rotate Them Often

Whether you’re a seasoned vapor or just beginning, one of the best recommendations you must follow is to invest in batteries that are widely known for their longevity. One of our favorite vaporizers with a notorious battery are Dr.Dabber CBD Cartridge and Battery Combo.  

Another expert piece of advice is always to have an extra pair of batteries as backup. Ensure you rotate them routinely, so that you don’t overwork one over the others. By having additional sets of charging cells and rotating them frequently, you can seamlessly vape as you clean one of the cells. Besides, getting additional sets of high-quality vaporizer batteries will prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

Store Your Vaporizer in a Cool Dry Place

Where and how you store the vaporizer has a direct correlation with the longevity of its battery life. For proper storage, safely tuck the vaporizer in a cool, dry place.

Also, when buying a vaporizer, ensure you go for rust-resistant materials. That will come in handy when conditions are too humid. Rusting impairs the functionality of the whole unit which directly extends to the battery.

Use the Vape Device Regularly

Ever heard of the theory that if anything isn’t used as often as it should, it gradually winds up dysfunctional? The same applies to a vaporizer battery. Keeping the battery cells active goes a long way in maintaining their longevity. Of course, this doesn’t imply that you should take to chain vaping.

Overusing the unit will inevitably reduce its longevity. Worse yet, research  suggests that over-vaping with untested devices comes with numerous harmful effects on the user’s life. Every individual has their optimal dosage, but if you’re only starting to vape, begin small and gradually work your way up to a desired dose.

Clean the Batteries

Vaporizer batteries tend to get dirty, especially from e-liquid spills. When that happens, the connection between the batteries and the vaporizer becomes weaker. This causes the charging cells to work exceedingly harder than they should, ultimately reducing their lifespan.

Cleaning your vaporizer battery often is an excellent tip in enhancing its longevity. While cleaning your e-cig batteries, use a cotton swab and wipe down the cells, placing much emphasis on the contact points between the batteries and the device. Never allow the batteries to get too wet or soiled.

Use the Right Charger

Charger compatibility is a crucial factor you must consider when seeking to enhance the duration of your vaporizer battery. The fact that a charger seems to charge your vape doesn’t necessarily make that charger ideal for that exact battery.

Most importantly, remember that vape batteries are quite different from regular ones. That underscores the importance of charging them using their original chargers. If the charger gets damaged in any way, get a replacement from a reputable company, preferably from a retailer that deals in similar vaporizers as yours.

Remove the Cartomizer

We already highlighted the importance of ensuring your battery has sufficient charge if you don’t intend to use it for some time. Another crucial tip is to remove the cartomizer.

When the cartomizer is on, it completes the circuit, passively draining the battery of your vape pen. Therefore, carefully unscrew the cartomizer and save yourself the agony of coming back to a fully-drained vape battery.

Extend The Life Of A Vaporizer

Remember, durable batteries translates into infrequent replacement, which is ultimately cost-effective. The above tips are the surest methods to enhance the performance and longevity of your vaporizer battery.

If you are currently in the market for a new vaporizer with honest product views, check out our Key to Cannabis Gold Seal of Approval Vape Pens and Cartridges. 

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What is Live Resin and Why Should You Try It

With so many new cannabis products emerging, it’s hard to keep up. One innovative form of cannabis concentrates has recently garnished tons of attention, especially among medical cannabis users. Live resin, which is often referred to as the “freshest form” of cannabis concentrate, is different from other concentrate products in many ways. Understanding this unique product, how it’s made, and all the added benefits it may carry will help you see why you should be using this magical stuff for yourself. 

What is Live Resin?

what is live resin why should you try it

Live resin is one of the newest forms of cannabis concentrates and is considered to be a form of Butane Hash Oil (BHO). It differs from other forms of BHO (and most concentrates) in multiple ways that make it more appealing for some users, especially those hoping to reap the many medicinal benefits associated with the cannabis plant. Unlike other concentrates, which are generally processed from dried cannabis flower, this concentrate is made using nearly the entire plant immediately after harvest. Making it requires expensive, high-quality equipment (which need to be operated by professionals), so it isn’t the type of concentrate you can make at home

To make live resin, the stalk, leaves, stems, and flower of freshly harvested cannabis plants are cryogenically frozen, and then blasted with Butane at temperatures below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The butane-based extraction process removes all of the trichomes from the plant material, which includes the “full spectrum” of the plant’s cannabinoid and terpene profile. 

The collected material is then dried in a vacuum chamber at low temperatures, which allows sensitive terpenes (like Myrcene) to be better preserved. The resulting material is a concentrated, full spectrum cannabis product that contains more terpenes than many other concentrate formulation. Because the product is made from a fresher source (frozen, not dried cannabis) and contains the full spectrum of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, many people consider it to be more “pure” and of higher medicinal value than other products. 

Live Resin Gives a Fresher Experience than Other Concentrates

what is live resin why you should try it terpenes

Though other types of cannabis concentrates are popular, live resin offers a unique sensory experience that is closer to smoking bud. Many concentrate products lose quite a bit of their terpene content during the extraction process. 

Terpenes are responsible for most of the flavor and aroma of the cannabis plant, therefore many concentrates have a “bland” aroma compared to cannabis flower. Live resin, however, maintains most of its original terpene content and is made from fresher plant material. Because of its fresh source, it also contains more water than other cannabis concentrates, making it a bit more viscous. When these characteristics combine, you get a concentrate product that offers the same fresh, skunky aroma and bold cannabis flavor that many smokers love. 

Medical Users Gravitate Towards Live Resin for Boosted Effects

what is live resin why you should try it

Further, many people believe that live resin offers boosted medicinal effects since it offers a cannabinoid and terpene profile that is closer to cannabis in its natural state. The increased terpene and cannabinoid contents are thought to lead to greater synergistic effects. Plus, many terpenes found in cannabis have been linked to their very own therapeutic effects. Though there are no studies yet to prove that this concentrate has any more medical value than other concentrates or cannabis products, it definitely yields some pretty significant psychoactive effects.

There are no arguments that live resin is a much fresher product, since comparing live resin to other BHO products is essentially like comparing flash frozen vegetables to canned. Many people comment on the tailored, detailed “high” they get from these products, too, which may be why it is sometimes considered the “cognac” of cannabis concentrates. 

How to Use Live Resin

what is live resin why you should try it

Though live resin is different from other types of concentrates in many ways, it’s consumed in a similar manner. The most popular way to consume it is with a dab rig (oil rig), and this is often considered the only way to reap the full potential of the concentrated cannabis product. However, dab rigs are not always convenient, since they require some extra tools and aren’t very discreet. The concentrate can also be added to some vaporizer models for reaping its benefits on the go. 

For users who have experience with concentrates, using live resin will feel like second nature. Anyone who hasn’t used cannabis concentrates before should use live resin with caution, starting with small doses until you know how concentrated cannabis will affect you. If you use other cannabis products with no issue, chances are you’ll have no problem with live resin, either. All in all, live resin is a high-quality, concentrated cannabis product that provides a flavorful, therapeutic smoking experience that all cannabis users can love. 


Live resin offers a unique experience compared to other concentrates. Its high content of terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial compounds make dabbing closer to smoking flower, but without the harshness often caused by combustion. If you enjoy a rich, flavorful concentrate experience, we recommend dabbing live resin — use lower temperatures to keep the flavor as vibrant as possible.

What is a Volcano Vaporizer and Why Should You Use One

Cannabis is everywhere, and people are eating it, drinking it, smoking it, rubbing it on their skin, and vaporizing it to reap the benefits of the wholesome plant. One consumption method that’s recently gained a lot of traction is vaping, which offers a new spin on traditional smoking methods. 

Whether you’re a new user looking for a high-quality way to start vaping cannabis, or a canna-connoisseur looking to upgrade your vape, the Volcano Vaporizer has a lot to offer. If you’ve been around the cannabis-market block once or twice, Volcano is a name you’ve likely heard before. But until you experience the vaporizer’s power for yourself, it’s almost an enigma—the type of vaping experience you assume you’d have at a high-end cannabis lounge.

Luckily, you can have the same high-quality vaping experience in your own home with one of Volcano’s many devices, assuming you’re just as impressed with the product’s specs as we are. We’ll discuss the Volcano vaporizer in detail — what we love about it, who it’s best for, and how to get the most out of it.

Volcano Vaporizer is an Industry Leading Vaping Device

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vapor is made by Storz & Bickel, a vapor tech company that originated in Germany and hit the European and American markets in the late 90’s. The Volcano Vaporizer refers to their most iconic models, the Volcano table top vaporizer that hit the shelves in 2000. These devices are similar to other handheld devices in that they have a dry herb chamber and work to gently heat the cannabis to the point of vaporization. 

From there, the Volcano totally changes the game, passing the vaporized cannabis into a “balloon,” or attached bag that holds air. This balloon, made from food safe, flavorless, odorless materials, comes in two sizes, including “standard” and “XL.” The filling chamber on these vaporizers is generally larger than portable, single-use style vapes, and the vapor balloon holds quite a bit of active, THC-infused vapor. 

You can choose from a couple of options with their Easy Valve filling Chambers that allow you to vaporize both dry herb material and liquids. This innovative style of vaporizer was the first of its kind and provides several benefits where other vaping devices may falter. The Volcano Vaporizer is also suitable for vaping cannabis with larger groups, unlike some handheld devices that quickly overheat after consistent use. 

The balloon style mechanism also separates the vaping experience from the heating chamber. This is a huge plus when considering the dangers of handheld vapes, especially low-quality handhelds that have been known to malfunction or combust while in use. Plus, when the Volcano vaporizer first emerged, it offered a unique opportunity for caregivers to prepare a medical cannabis dose for ill patients. Now, the Volcano Vaporizer continues to lead the industry in quality and design, and their conical, metal vaporizers have become the icon for a high-quality vaping experience.

Why Does The Quality of Your Vaping Device Matter?

volcano vaporizer

When looking to buy a cannabis vaping device, you’ll find that there are many alternative options. However, the Volcano Vaporizer offers a level of quality unmatched by most vape brands. Those who are new to vaping or who do not understand the mechanics of vaporized cannabis may not understand the necessity of a high-quality vaping device.

The therapeutic and medicinal effects of cannabis are linked to one or more of hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in the cannabis plant. These cannabis molecules are often incredibly sensitive, and many degrade quickly under inappropriate environmental conditions. Low-quality vaporizers often have a tendency to vaporize cannabis at too high of a temperature, which may burn away many of these beneficial compounds before inhalation.

Many poorly designed vaping devices are also inefficient and waste much of the plant material placed inside. Some vaporizers that utilize high temperatures may actually combust the plant material, which is no different than smoking cannabis. When using a Volcano Vaporizer, the vapor will contain most of the beneficial terpenes and Cannabinoids from the material you place inside. The leftover plant material, or Already-Vaped-Bud (AVB), will be of good quality, too, and perfect for using your AVB to make edibles later.

Benefits of Vaping vs. Smoking Cannabis

volcano vaporizer

Many people are turning to vaping over smoking, which is why vaporizers like the Volcano are in high demand. There are several benefits to vaping cannabis over smoking. First, it’s important to note that the product of combustion, smoke, is harmful to the lungs. This is true for any kind of smoke, not just when smoking cannabis. Although research is limited, many speculate that vaping cannabis is easier on the lungs. 

Also, vaping cannabis gives users greater control over dosing, while providing the ability to easily use additives or flavored vape oils to further customize the vaping experience. Vaping usually provides less smell, too. Although you can still experience the pleasurable, floral aroma of fresh cannabis bud when adding it to the chamber, the smell of vapor fades more quickly than smoke and won’t stick to your clothes and hair the same way. 

The popularity of vaping has skyrocketed in recent years and is expected to continue to rise in popularity. For many, vaping provides a clean, discreet, and effective cannabis experience. For others, the Volcano Vaporizer is the best way to utilize the benefits of cannabis both during social and solo sessions. 


Volcano vaporizers are popular among cannabis connoisseurs, and for good reason. They are an effective and highly customizable way to consume flower, concentrates, and other cannabis and CBD products. The vapor they produce is gentler on the lungs than harsh smoke and makes an excellent alternative to combustion for people choosing to use cannabis or hemp medicinally as well as recreationally.