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The 7 Best CBD Products for Pain Relief

Over the years, cannabis has been proven to be one of the best natural plants in aiding medicinal capabilities. Apart from helping ease symptoms of arthritis, skin inflammations, and diabetes, cannabis can also minimize or treat chronic pain.

The use of cannabidiol is spreading, and just like many herbal medicines, it doesn’t have significant side effects. Cannabis also works with the endocannabinoid system to help treat chronic pain associated with various conditions, including arthritis and multiple sclerosis, among others. Some people are even looking to replace their pharmaceuticals with CBD. There are many options to incorporate cannabis into your life. Some people prefer to smoke the plant via vaporizers, others prefer edibles or tinctures. Read on to learn more about CBD and pain management.

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How to Use Already Vaped Bud (AVB) to Make Edibles

There has always been a little secret at the intersection of vaporizing cannabis and edibles. One of the main benefits to vaporizing your cannabis is the ability to use your flower once for vaporizing and then using it again to make edibles.  This is not something many people are aware of, but it’s a great way to get more from your herb!

Smoking weed turns your herbs into ash and even chars it—leaving no THC after the flower is combusted. Vaping, however, helps you efficiently ingest the THC and gives you the opportunity to re-use your flower a second time. Both vaporizer pens and desktop units will work for producing AVB.

DaVinci Vaporizer

How To Easily Extend The Life Of Vaporizer Batteries

What’s the worst thing that could happen while you’re billowing away those ecstatic smokes from your vape? Most people would agree that quickly losing the life of vaporizer batteries is the most distressing concern. If only the user would know how to extend the life of a vaporizer battery.

We’re letting in on a little life hack! The ‘how to’ on extending the life of your vape.

Initially, most vaporizers used the traditional batteries with lifespans that were significantly limited. But over time, manufacturers were able to introduce more powerful lithium-ion batteries to ensure every vaping session goes through its full cycle. While most of these lithium-ion vaporizer batteries come with reasonably extended lives, you can still apply specific techniques to optimize their durability.

How to Extend the Life Of A Vaporizer Battery

Avoid Overheating the Unit

It’s common knowledge that high temperatures reduce the longevity of any battery. Overheating your vaporizer might seem like an excellent idea of getting the coil to heat up and vaporize the e-juice quickly. But the same could significantly reduce the lifespan of your e-cig battery.

Typically you should never expose your vape device to temperatures exceeding 113 degrees Celsius. And after using the vaporizer, allow it to cool down, then turn the device off. Remember that as long as your vape device is on, it still sucks away some power from the battery even when you’re not necessarily vaping.

Extremely low temperatures can also impact the lifespan of a vaporizer battery adversely, especially in the case of a MOD. Avoid using the device when temperatures fall to – 4 degrees or lower.

Avoid Overcharging the Battery or Charging It Too Soon/Late

The effects of high temperatures on the lifespan of your battery are similar to those of overcharging your battery. Since most people vape during the day, it may seem convenient to leave the battery charging overnight. Most of us do it for our smartphones as well.

Leaving any battery to continue charging when it’s already fully charged is setting it up for poor performance. Your best bet is to charge your vaporizer battery and remove it from the charger as soon as it’s fully charged.

Similarly, don’t recharge your battery even when it still has a lot of power in it. This will reduce the total capacity of the cell by affecting what’s known as “battery memory.” However, it’s okay to recharge it as soon as it falls below 40%. Also, remember not to let the battery die off completely before you can recharge it. Doing so puts strain on the charging cell, adversely impacting its lifespan.

If you don’t intend to use the vaporizer for an extended duration, it’s smart to store it with at least a 50% charge. You don’t want to come back to a vape device with a flat battery, for as we’ve mentioned, charging flat batteries reduces their performance significantly.

Invest in Numerous High-quality Batteries and Rotate Them Often

Whether you’re a seasoned vapor or just beginning, one of the best recommendations you must follow is to invest in batteries that are widely known for their longevity. One of our favorite vaporizers with a notorious battery are Dr.Dabber CBD Cartridge and Battery Combo.  

Another expert piece of advice is always to have an extra pair of batteries as backup. Ensure you rotate them routinely, so that you don’t overwork one over the others. By having additional sets of charging cells and rotating them frequently, you can seamlessly vape as you clean one of the cells. Besides, getting additional sets of high-quality vaporizer batteries will prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

Store Your Vaporizer in a Cool Dry Place

Where and how you store the vaporizer has a direct correlation with the longevity of its battery life. For proper storage, safely tuck the vaporizer in a cool, dry place.

Also, when buying a vaporizer, ensure you go for rust-resistant materials. That will come in handy when conditions are too humid. Rusting impairs the functionality of the whole unit which directly extends to the battery.

Use the Vape Device Regularly

Ever heard of the theory that if anything isn’t used as often as it should, it gradually winds up dysfunctional? The same applies to a vaporizer battery. Keeping the battery cells active goes a long way in maintaining their longevity. Of course, this doesn’t imply that you should take to chain vaping.

Overusing the unit will inevitably reduce its longevity. Worse yet, research  suggests that over-vaping with untested devices comes with numerous harmful effects on the user’s life. Every individual has their optimal dosage, but if you’re only starting to vape, begin small and gradually work your way up to a desired dose.

Clean the Batteries

Vaporizer batteries tend to get dirty, especially from e-liquid spills. When that happens, the connection between the batteries and the vaporizer becomes weaker. This causes the charging cells to work exceedingly harder than they should, ultimately reducing their lifespan.

Cleaning your vaporizer battery often is an excellent tip in enhancing its longevity. While cleaning your e-cig batteries, use a cotton swab and wipe down the cells, placing much emphasis on the contact points between the batteries and the device. Never allow the batteries to get too wet or soiled.

Use the Right Charger

Charger compatibility is a crucial factor you must consider when seeking to enhance the duration of your vaporizer battery. The fact that a charger seems to charge your vape doesn’t necessarily make that charger ideal for that exact battery.

Most importantly, remember that vape batteries are quite different from regular ones. That underscores the importance of charging them using their original chargers. If the charger gets damaged in any way, get a replacement from a reputable company, preferably from a retailer that deals in similar vaporizers as yours.

Remove the Cartomizer

We already highlighted the importance of ensuring your battery has sufficient charge if you don’t intend to use it for some time. Another crucial tip is to remove the cartomizer.

When the cartomizer is on, it completes the circuit, passively draining the battery of your vape pen. Therefore, carefully unscrew the cartomizer and save yourself the agony of coming back to a fully-drained vape battery.

Extend The Life Of A Vaporizer

Remember, durable batteries translates into infrequent replacement, which is ultimately cost-effective. The above tips are the surest methods to enhance the performance and longevity of your vaporizer battery.

If you are currently in the market for a new vaporizer with honest product views, check out our Key to Cannabis Gold Seal of Approval Vape Pens and Cartridges. 

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Tammy Taylor is a full-time content marketing specialist. He has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends for quite some time. He has worked for various domains before he came to the cannabis industry.  He has been writing for Vape4Ever for quite some time. When he is not working, Tammy likes to workout, try new foods and play with his dog.

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Linx Vapor

Linx Vapor

Linx Vapor is a standout in the vaporizer industry, but what makes them worth your money? We examine Linx Vapor and what their products bring to the table.

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What is Live Resin and Why Should You Try It

With so many new cannabis products emerging, it’s hard to keep up. One innovative form of cannabis concentrates has recently garnished tons of attention, especially among medical cannabis users. Live resin, which is often referred to as the “freshest form” of cannabis concentrate, is different from other concentrate products in many ways. Understanding this unique product, how it’s made, and all the added benefits it may carry will help you see why you should be using this magical stuff for yourself. 

What is Live Resin?

what is live resin why should you try it

Live resin is one of the newest forms of cannabis concentrates and is considered to be a form of Butane Hash Oil (BHO). It differs from other forms of BHO (and most concentrates) in multiple ways that make it more appealing for some users, especially those hoping to reap the many medicinal benefits associated with the cannabis plant. Unlike other concentrates, which are generally processed from dried cannabis flower, this concentrate is made using nearly the entire plant immediately after harvest. Making it requires expensive, high-quality equipment (which need to be operated by professionals), so it isn’t the type of concentrate you can make at home

To make live resin, the stalk, leaves, stems, and flower of freshly harvested cannabis plants are cryogenically frozen, and then blasted with Butane at temperatures below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The butane-based extraction process removes all of the trichomes from the plant material, which includes the “full spectrum” of the plant’s cannabinoid and terpene profile. 

The collected material is then dried in a vacuum chamber at low temperatures, which allows sensitive terpenes (like Myrcene) to be better preserved. The resulting material is a concentrated, full spectrum cannabis product that contains more terpenes than many other concentrate formulation. Because the product is made from a fresher source (frozen, not dried cannabis) and contains the full spectrum of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, many people consider it to be more “pure” and of higher medicinal value than other products. 

Live Resin Gives a Fresher Experience than Other Concentrates

what is live resin why you should try it terpenes

Though other types of cannabis concentrates are popular, live resin offers a unique sensory experience that is closer to smoking bud. Many concentrate products lose quite a bit of their terpene content during the extraction process. 

Terpenes are responsible for most of the flavor and aroma of the cannabis plant, therefore many concentrates have a “bland” aroma compared to cannabis flower. Live resin, however, maintains most of its original terpene content and is made from fresher plant material. Because of its fresh source, it also contains more water than other cannabis concentrates, making it a bit more viscous. When these characteristics combine, you get a concentrate product that offers the same fresh, skunky aroma and bold cannabis flavor that many smokers love. 

Medical Users Gravitate Towards Live Resin for Boosted Effects

what is live resin why you should try it

Further, many people believe that live resin offers boosted medicinal effects since it offers a cannabinoid and terpene profile that is closer to cannabis in its natural state. The increased terpene and cannabinoid contents are thought to lead to greater synergistic effects. Plus, many terpenes found in cannabis have been linked to their very own therapeutic effects. Though there are no studies yet to prove that this concentrate has any more medical value than other concentrates or cannabis products, it definitely yields some pretty significant psychoactive effects.

There are no arguments that live resin is a much fresher product, since comparing live resin to other BHO products is essentially like comparing flash frozen vegetables to canned. Many people comment on the tailored, detailed “high” they get from these products, too, which may be why it is sometimes considered the “cognac” of cannabis concentrates. 

How to Use Live Resin

what is live resin why you should try it

Though live resin is different from other types of concentrates in many ways, it’s consumed in a similar manner. The most popular way to consume it is with a dab rig (oil rig), and this is often considered the only way to reap the full potential of the concentrated cannabis product. However, dab rigs are not always convenient, since they require some extra tools and aren’t very discreet. The concentrate can also be added to some vaporizer models for reaping its benefits on the go. 

For users who have experience with concentrates, using live resin will feel like second nature. Anyone who hasn’t used cannabis concentrates before should use live resin with caution, starting with small doses until you know how concentrated cannabis will affect you. If you use other cannabis products with no issue, chances are you’ll have no problem with live resin, either. All in all, live resin is a high-quality, concentrated cannabis product that provides a flavorful, therapeutic smoking experience that all cannabis users can love. 


Live resin offers a unique experience compared to other concentrates. Its high content of terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial compounds make dabbing closer to smoking flower, but without the harshness often caused by combustion. If you enjoy a rich, flavorful concentrate experience, we recommend dabbing live resin — use lower temperatures to keep the flavor as vibrant as possible.

What is a Volcano Vaporizer and Why Should You Use One

Cannabis is everywhere, and people are eating it, drinking it, smoking it, rubbing it on their skin, and vaporizing it to reap the benefits of the wholesome plant. One consumption method that’s recently gained a lot of traction is vaping, which offers a new spin on traditional smoking methods. 

Whether you’re a new user looking for a high-quality way to start vaping cannabis, or a canna-connoisseur looking to upgrade your vape, the Volcano Vaporizer has a lot to offer. If you’ve been around the cannabis-market block once or twice, Volcano is a name you’ve likely heard before. But until you experience the vaporizer’s power for yourself, it’s almost an enigma—the type of vaping experience you assume you’d have at a high-end cannabis lounge.

Luckily, you can have the same high-quality vaping experience in your own home with one of Volcano’s many devices, assuming you’re just as impressed with the product’s specs as we are. We’ll discuss the Volcano vaporizer in detail — what we love about it, who it’s best for, and how to get the most out of it.

Volcano Vaporizer is an Industry Leading Vaping Device

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vapor is made by Storz & Bickel, a vapor tech company that originated in Germany and hit the European and American markets in the late 90’s. The Volcano Vaporizer refers to their most iconic models, the Volcano table top vaporizer that hit the shelves in 2000. These devices are similar to other handheld devices in that they have a dry herb chamber and work to gently heat the cannabis to the point of vaporization. 

From there, the Volcano totally changes the game, passing the vaporized cannabis into a “balloon,” or attached bag that holds air. This balloon, made from food safe, flavorless, odorless materials, comes in two sizes, including “standard” and “XL.” The filling chamber on these vaporizers is generally larger than portable, single-use style vapes, and the vapor balloon holds quite a bit of active, THC-infused vapor. 

You can choose from a couple of options with their Easy Valve filling Chambers that allow you to vaporize both dry herb material and liquids. This innovative style of vaporizer was the first of its kind and provides several benefits where other vaping devices may falter. The Volcano Vaporizer is also suitable for vaping cannabis with larger groups, unlike some handheld devices that quickly overheat after consistent use. 

The balloon style mechanism also separates the vaping experience from the heating chamber. This is a huge plus when considering the dangers of handheld vapes, especially low-quality handhelds that have been known to malfunction or combust while in use. Plus, when the Volcano vaporizer first emerged, it offered a unique opportunity for caregivers to prepare a medical cannabis dose for ill patients. Now, the Volcano Vaporizer continues to lead the industry in quality and design, and their conical, metal vaporizers have become the icon for a high-quality vaping experience.

Why Does The Quality of Your Vaping Device Matter?

volcano vaporizer

When looking to buy a cannabis vaping device, you’ll find that there are many alternative options. However, the Volcano Vaporizer offers a level of quality unmatched by most vape brands. Those who are new to vaping or who do not understand the mechanics of vaporized cannabis may not understand the necessity of a high-quality vaping device.

The therapeutic and medicinal effects of cannabis are linked to one or more of hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in the cannabis plant. These cannabis molecules are often incredibly sensitive, and many degrade quickly under inappropriate environmental conditions. Low-quality vaporizers often have a tendency to vaporize cannabis at too high of a temperature, which may burn away many of these beneficial compounds before inhalation.

Many poorly designed vaping devices are also inefficient and waste much of the plant material placed inside. Some vaporizers that utilize high temperatures may actually combust the plant material, which is no different than smoking cannabis. When using a Volcano Vaporizer, the vapor will contain most of the beneficial terpenes and Cannabinoids from the material you place inside. The leftover plant material, or Already-Vaped-Bud (AVB), will be of good quality, too, and perfect for using your AVB to make edibles later.

Benefits of Vaping vs. Smoking Cannabis

volcano vaporizer

Many people are turning to vaping over smoking, which is why vaporizers like the Volcano are in high demand. There are several benefits to vaping cannabis over smoking. First, it’s important to note that the product of combustion, smoke, is harmful to the lungs. This is true for any kind of smoke, not just when smoking cannabis. Although research is limited, many speculate that vaping cannabis is easier on the lungs. 

Also, vaping cannabis gives users greater control over dosing, while providing the ability to easily use additives or flavored vape oils to further customize the vaping experience. Vaping usually provides less smell, too. Although you can still experience the pleasurable, floral aroma of fresh cannabis bud when adding it to the chamber, the smell of vapor fades more quickly than smoke and won’t stick to your clothes and hair the same way. 

The popularity of vaping has skyrocketed in recent years and is expected to continue to rise in popularity. For many, vaping provides a clean, discreet, and effective cannabis experience. For others, the Volcano Vaporizer is the best way to utilize the benefits of cannabis both during social and solo sessions. 


Volcano vaporizers are popular among cannabis connoisseurs, and for good reason. They are an effective and highly customizable way to consume flower, concentrates, and other cannabis and CBD products. The vapor they produce is gentler on the lungs than harsh smoke and makes an excellent alternative to combustion for people choosing to use cannabis or hemp medicinally as well as recreationally.

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Vape Exhale Evo Review: The Best Vaporizer on the Market

If you’re looking for the smoothest possible dab hits with the most flavor, you need to try a VapeXhale. This new product is like a mix between a Volcano vaporizer and your typical dab rig with a quartz nail. The primary difference with the VapeXhale is that it uses hot air to heat the concentrate as opposed to a hot surface like your nail. The traditional heated nail works like a frying pan whereas the VapeXhale works like a convection oven.

Why is the VapeXhale’s technique better?

We love the VapeXhale because it produces thick, vaporous hits with very small amounts of concentrate. A dab the size of a grain of rice will provide 2-3 flavorful hits at a temperature of 350°F – which is significantly lower than the temperature required to dab off of most nails. The lower temperature means less coughing and more taste with each dab. The pronounced flavors produced by the VapeXhale are courtesy of its all glass vapor path – the first desktop vaporizer to incorporate this feature. Plus, the VapeXhale is the first vaporizer of its kind to cool the vapor using the Company’s patented HydraTube water pipe attachments.

Most desktop vaporizers don’t have the capability of vaporizing concentrates, but the VapeXhale handles both flowers and concentrates with ease. Overall, the VapeXhale is by far the most efficient way we’ve found to consume cannabis concentrates.


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Knowing When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Vape

So, you’ve been using pen-style vapes for quite some time and are looking for improvised versions of them? Whether the battery life concerns you or you are looking for a chance to be on par with your fellow vapers, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we shall see why you need to upgrade your vape, what are all the advanced versions available and their features. We shall also look into the best vape mods available on the market and their approximate prices.

Why Change My Vape?

There are several reasons why you may consider upgrading your vape, here are a few:

  1. You want a powerful battery backup: Pen-style vapes, just like any other electronic device which operates on battery, lose their battery backup after quite a while. (For nerds, after around 300 charges.) So, you may consider going to better versions of e-cigs instead of buying the same model again.
  1. You are looking for a change in flavor of the liquid: Pen-style vapes don’t offer that flexibility with changing the flavors of the liquid, this may prompt you to upgrade to a vape which allows you to change the flavors – there are varieties available.
  1. Peer Pressure: Your fellow vapers already have a later and advanced vape and this may prompt you to upgrade yours so that you can be on par with them.
  1. Higher models are available at affordable prices: Technology of today becomes obsolete tomorrow. The same is the case with vapes. Maybe there are new vapes with advanced features, though not latest for affordable rates. You may just want to give a try.
  1. Probably, you want to try cloud chasing or are already a cloud chaser and are looking for vapes which produce more vapor with more power.
  1. You can make an investment: After vaping for a while, you find it worthy of the experience it offers and look forward to the enhanced experience an advanced vape can offer.

What are other advanced options available?

There was once a time where pen-style vapes were the only alternatives for cigarettes. Gone are those days, there are better options available in the market. Here are a few.

  1. Vape mods: These are a bigger, bulkier and more complicated form of e-cigarettes. They are the modified versions of pen-style vapes (hence the name mod- meaning modified). Unlike a pen-style vaporizer, there are no wire connections, no coils ready to screw in. The device will strictly work on battery. They don’t work on tanks your familiar with, instead, they work on Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (RDA’s in short). Instead of using readymade coils, you build them yourselves. This demands a fair working knowledge of Ohm’s Law to make sure you are not overtaxing your battery.
  1. Box Mod: A box mod resembles a box, understandable right? There are electronics involved here, preventing you from building up something dangerous. It is compatible both with both tanks and RDA’s. Most people go with the tank option since they don’t want to keep filling the liquids. A tank can hold up to 5 millimeter of liquid, which lasts for a quite considerable time. There are several options available in the market today where you can buy the best vape mods.

Bonus tip: If you already have a Vape Mod based on a coil, here are few tips and signs to look into when it is required to change your coil.

Here are five signs that show you that the coil has done its work well and needs replacement.

  1. It tastes like burnt when you vape: The most obvious sign that the coil needs to be replaced is when the vapor tastes burnt. Replace your coils immediately.
  1. The e-juice doesn’t taste like you expected it to: If your e-juice tastes different all of a sudden, then, it is an indication that this is the time to change the coil.
  1. Vape is leaking: If your vape is leaking e-liquids, then worn away coil is the culprit. It may be dangerous if you continue to use a leaking vape. So, try replacing the coil ASAP.
  1. Vape makes strange sounds while you use it: If the vape is making gurgling sounds while you use it, it’s high time for you to replace the coil.
  1. The coil is working for more time than expected: It is actually good if you have no problems with your coil for a long time, far beyond the expected period. But prevention is better than cure, so look out for the slightest symptoms and replace the coil.

Which are the Best Vape Mods Available in the market?

If you are convinced enough that you have to upgrade your vape and looking which one to consider, here is the link to a page which offers a full-on comparison on the best Vape mods available for purchase and also allows you make purchases as well. What more, it also provides a comparison based on better capacity and price, including other specifications. Go here for the Best Vape/ Box Mods.

Final Words

Whether to change or upgrade your mod is entirely a personal choice. This article has thrown light on when and why to upgrade, and the options available. Do consider having alternatives ( purchasing more than one type of mods) as the technology of mods is still improving and sometimes, the device may break down when you are in need of it.

Happy Puffing!

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Volcano Classic Vaporizer Review | How to Use It and Why you Need One

Cannabis is everywhere, and people are eating it, drinking it, smoking it, rubbing it on their skin, and vaporizing it to reap the benefits of the wholesome plant. One consumption method that’s recently gained a lot of traction is vaping, which offers a new spin on traditional smoking methods.

Whether you’re a new user looking for a high-quality way to start vaping cannabis, or a canna-connoisseur looking to upgrade your vape, the Volcano Vaporizer has a lot to offer. They are an effective and highly customizable way to consume flower, concentrates, and other cannabis and CBD products.

If you’ve been around the cannabis-market block once or twice, Volcano is a name you’ve likely heard before. But until you experience the vaporizer’s power for yourself, it’s almost an enigma—the type of vaping experience you assume you’d have at a high-end cannabis lounge.

Luckily, you can have the same high-quality vaping experience in your own home with one of Volcano’s many devices, assuming you’re just as impressed with the product’s specs as we are. We’ll discuss the Volcano vaporizer in detail — what we love about it, who it’s best for, and how to get the most out of it.

What’s The Perfect Temperature for Vaping Cannabis?

This article is a guest post from Michael Jacobs at gotvape.com.

Readers of this article are likely familiar with the advantages of vaping versus smoking cannabis. Vaping cannabis dramatically increases the availability of psychoactive compounds compared to smoking, and there are far fewer toxins generated from combustion.

But, there is a hidden benefit that many are unaware of! Vaping allows for precise control of temperature, and this can have notable effects on how a particular strain feels in the body and mind.

The reason for this is that the different compounds in a dose of cannabis vaporize (and therefore become available for absorption by the tissue of the lungs) at different temperatures. The vaping process causes the compounds (cannabinoids) to sublimate or “boil” off so that you can inhale them.

Smoking does this too, but the heat is so high that much of the cannabinoids burn off simultaneously. But when you have precise control, you get access to a wide range of effects. It’s like splitting white light (smoking) into colors with a prism (vaping). Editor’s note: We have a separate dabbing temperature guide if you’re interested in the right range for your rig or e-nail.

Thus, a single strain can induce different effects depending on the temperature at which it’s vaporized. Here’s what you need to know to start exploring this phenomenon.

Minimums and maximums

First, let’s look at the endpoints of the vaping temperature spectrum. THC, the cannabinoid with the lowest boiling point, starts to vaporize at 315°F (around 157°C). Therefore, this is the minimum temperature required to feel any psychoactive effects.

If you keep temps right around the boiling point, you can get a mild, pleasant high that’s great for new consumers and those with low tolerances. For those who enjoy vaping for the flavor, this temperature will also start releasing terpenoids and flavonoids, the compounds responsible for those delicious aromas and tastes characteristic of cannabis. Even if you like getting high fast, try more hits at this lower setting to experience some nice flavor effects and a more gradual build.

The other endpoint is where combustion occurs. This can start happening around 450°F (230°C), though it won’t be certain until around 550°F (290°C). The cannabinoid with the highest vaporization point, THCV, requires 428°F (220°C) to begin vaporizing, and most see their full expression around 465°F (240°C). Thus, we can set an upper limit of testing ranges to 465° Fahrenheit.

Boiling Points of Other Cannabinoids

CBD evaporates at anywhere between 320°F and 355°F (160-180°C), depending on strain and the amount of water in the plant.  You might notice that this is very close to THC’s boiling point of 315°F, making it difficult to isolate THC or CBD through temperature alone.

If you need one cannabinoid to dominate over the other, you’re better off choosing a strain with more of your preferred compound. There are high-CBD marijuana strains available, but we prefer to vape organic hemp flower for whole-plant CBD. Our favorite is the Lifter strain (read our review OR just buy it) (shown below) from Canna Comforts.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for CBD for health purposes, you will need to turn up your vape mod up a few extra degrees to release it effectively.

Consumers seeking antiemetic effects should go to at least 355°F (180°C) to maximize release of Delta-8-THC, the cannabinoid most responsible for the anti-nausea properties of cannabis. Temperatures above 365°F (185°C) begin to release cannabinoids associated with relaxation like CBN, which can be helpful for sufferers of insomnia and sleep disturbances.

CBG requires temperatures above 390°F (200°C) to vaporize, with maximum release at around 445°F (230°C). THCV and CBC begin to vaporize as temperatures breach 425°F (220°C). We have also written an extensive discussion about the medical benefits of different cannabinoids.

Terpenoids and Flavonoids

Terpenoids and flavonoids are naturally-occurring compounds found in plants, fruits, and essential oils that give cannabis its characteristic scent and flavor.

Aromatherapy lovers take note: you can get some of the same effects by finding a cannabis strain that matches the terpenoid profile of your favorite essential oil. While it won’t be as potent (at least until we start seeing a lot of cannabis essential oils on the market!), there may be some beneficial effects induced by these (as of yet) poorly-understood compounds.

From a vaping perspective, terpenes and flavonoids enhance the aesthetic experience and may play a role in moderating or intensifying the effects of other cannabinoids. However, at higher temperatures, they start to burn off and the smell and taste of the cannabis and its vapor.


Using the information detailed above, we can define some ranges that you can use to start experimenting with different vaping temperatures:

Below 320°F: Too low to activate cannabinoids, but you might get some flavor out of your cannabis or organic hemp flower.  This is the range colloquially called “waste it to taste it.”

320-345°F: Flavor-oriented vapor. Core psychoactive compounds are present, but in mild amounts, producing a light high from THC and a good dose of CBD (with strength increasing commensurate with temperature). This range is good for beginners or testing a new strain out. Lower temperatures will also extend the life of your stash.

345-390°F: Deeper high. Bolder flavors are enhanced, while some of the more subtle notes are muted. Most variation in strains is notable within this range, making it perhaps the “best” range to vape most strains for most consumers. The majority of vapers will find a comfortable cannabis vaping temperature within this range.

390-465°F: Sedative high and the release of more exotic, lesser-known cannabinoids. Those who love to explore the deeper, more relaxing highs can play around in this range, though temps at the higher end of the range may yield a harsh vapor. Other cannabinoids, like THCV and CBG, begin boiling in this range.

Above 465°F: Too high. You’re combusting your cannabis and losing the benefits of vaping — just smoke instead.

The water content of your cannabis or hemp strain will also impact these temperature ranges. Water has to be boiled out of the plant material before the cannabinoids can reach their full expression. Thus, when comparing strains or temperatures, you’ll need to control for water content as best as you can.

Age and moisture levels can also affect THC content due to the conversion of THCA to THC with time and heat – check out our article detailing decarboxylation for the science behind this. It’s important if you ever decide to make edibles!

About the Author

Michael is a marketing and creative content specialist at GotVape.com with a primary focus on customer satisfaction. Technology and fitness combined healthy lifestyle obsession are his main talking points

What are the Effects of Vaping CBD Oil? Does it Get You High?

CBD use is on the rise, with applications for everything from seizures to multiple sclerosis to depression and anxiety. While high-quality CBD oil tinctures and gel caps remain popular delivery methods for many CBD consumers, another method of consumption is on the rise: vaporizing.

If you’re a smoker of any kind, you’re probably familiar with vaping. A vaporizer uses much lower temperatures than those used when smoking to convert a liquid (oil-based) CBD extract (read our review ) into a vapor.  This vapor is readily absorbed by the vascular tissue of the lungs, making vaporized CBD more fast-acting than CBD taken orally or sublingually.

This makes it a very attractive option for many people, especially those who choose not to (or may not be able to) smoke. However, there are a few things you should know when choosing CBD vapor products. Here, we’ll discuss what to expect from your CBD vaping experience.

Will Vaping CBD Oil Get Me High?

One of the most common questions people have about CBD oil is, “Will it get me high?”  The short, simple answer to this is a resounding no.  Farm Bill-compliant CBD contains .3% or less THC, meaning it won’t get you high no matter how much you smoke. Your lungs would give out before you absorbed enough THC to feel its effects. For many medical users of CBD, this is a good thing: it means that you can use your medicine while maintaining your mental clarity.

CBD has no psychoactive effects of its own, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel it working. One of the benefits of CBD vape oil is its fast-acting nature; since it’s absorbed by the tissue of your lungs, it goes to work quickly, so you’ll feel it working within a few puffs off your vape. It’s also completely safe: overdose is impossible.

What Effects Can I Expect to Feel from CBD Vape Oil?

If you’re unfamiliar with the effects of CBD, you may not know what to expect from your first vape session. First, know that you won’t feel hazy or out of sorts—CBD has no psychoactive effects so it won’t inhibit your ability to get work done or go about your day. You can expect to feel clear-headed, focused, and decidedly not impaired. Many describe the sensation of vaporizing CBD as a ‘wave of relief’ that can be felt throughout the body. Think about it like a natural, plant-derived and inhaled version of Advil.

There are a number of physical effects you can expect to feel when vaping CBD. First, CBD reduces pain and inflammationtreating chronic pain by providing long-lasting relief that addresses not just the symptom of pain (this is through CBD’s analgesic properties, which are similar to those of pharmaceutical painkillers, but without the impairment and risk of addiction), but also the underlying cause of that pain: inflammation.

This is important because, at their core, most diseases are rooted in inflammation, from Alzheimer’s to Crohn’s Disease to eczema, even type II diabetes.  Alleviating the underlying inflammation can help relieve symptoms in the short term while ameliorating their severity in the long term. When you vape CBD, you can expect to feel lasting pain relief.

CBD can also positively impact our emotional and mental states without producing impairment. CBD has been shown to greatly reduce feelings of anxiety and to reduce stress levels in both humans and animals. An NCBI study found that participants who were pretreated with CBD before giving a public speech experienced “significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance.” Vaping CBD can help keep chronic and acute anxiety at bay, as well as lessen the frequency and severity of events like panic attacks.

CBD can induce sleep, providing relief from ailments like insomniaInsomnia is often related to stress, anxiety, or trauma, so it makes sense that the soothing power of CBD can help you fall asleep. Many CBD consumers describe a “soothing” sensation that they experience after vaporizing, which can help relax both your mind and body and induce feelings of calm, peace, and well-being. CBD can also help reduce or relieve symptoms related to PTSD.

A Quick Note About Drug Testing

Even for consumers in legal states, drug testing is a condition of employment for millions of Americans. Drug tests look for THC, but it’s reasonable to wonder if, as a cannabinoid CBD might carry some risk of producing a false positive in a drug test. The short answer is: probably not. Much of the data we have about CBD is anecdotal, and its potential impact on drug testing is no exception.

There are very few peer-reviewed studies on the subject, and the ones available paint a rather murky picture:  avoiding full-spectrum products containing traces of THC can reduce your risk of a false positive, but that may not eliminate the risk entirely.  A smattering of studies show that even isolate-based products may not be completely risk-free under certain circumstances.

If you are concerned about passing a drug test, you’ll need to consider this potential risk when deciding whether CBD is right for you. To learn more about the science of CBD in drug testing, check out our dedicated article here. We’ll separate the science from the scare tactics and help you make the decision that’s best for your situation.

Final Thoughts 

Because CBD targets inflammation, relieves pain, and quells anxiety and insomnia, its potential applications are vast and diverse. CBD can benefit people suffering from everything from epilepsy to anxiety disorders. However, its benefits are not just limited to those with chronic illnesses. CBD can also help improve wellness in healthy people by reducing the inflammation that contributes to illnesses associated with age, such as heart disease and increased risk of stroke.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, Farm Bill-compliant CBD vape oil, make sure the ingredients list is short!  CBD vape oil should contain a carrier oil, the CBD extract, and perhaps a flavor or two. That’s it. Steer clear of products containing propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol and make sure you’re getting a pure product.

We like the pre-filled CBD vape oil cartridges from Joy Organics. Made from organically-grown hemp and enhanced with a proprietary blend of terpenes, these vape oil cartridges make it easy to start vaping immediately.

What is CBD Vape Oil? Review: Where to Buy Quality CBD Vape Oil

There’s no doubt that CBD is on the rise; its applications are broad and diverse, with potential benefits for everything from chronic painand inflammation to arthritis and anxiety. A growing number of states have implemented laws permitting the medical use of marijuana-derived CBD (available by prescription only), but hemp-derived CBD is legal for possession and use nationwide under the 2018 Farm Bill, which distinguished hemp as an agricultural product separate from marijuana and fully legalized its cultivation at the federal level.

While CBD is often presented in the form of a tincture or capsule, another form is becoming increasingly popular: vaporizing. If you’re a smoker of any kind, you’re probably familiar with vaping. Often touted as a cleaner alternative to smoking, a vaporizer uses a heating element to vaporize an extract, which is then absorbed by the tissue in your lungs and into the bloodstream.

There are a lot of reasons people choose to vaporize their CBD: It’s easy to dose, makes a healthier alternative to things like cigarettes, and can be used by people with conditions like asthma who might not be able to smoke. However, there are a lot of CBD vape oils on the market, and choosing the best one can be difficult; you want to make sure you’re getting the benefits of CBD without carcinogenic additives like propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. Here, we’ll discuss what CBD vape oil is and what to look for when choosing one for yourself.

CBD Vape Oil: What Is It Exactly?

To answer this question, we need to talk a little bit about the properties of CBD.  CBD is often extracted into a highly viscous, concentrated oil or into a pure isolate. Regardless of the form, it must be mixed with a thinning agent (also known as a carrier oil) before the CBD can be vaporized. That’s because the highly viscous raw CBD oil is too thick to perform in standard vaporizer cartridge—as is the pure CBD isolate (which looks a lot like crystallized table salt).

That brings us to the million dollar question—which thinning agent is in your cartridge? This is important because some are known to cause cancer while others prove to be extremely safe. Let us repeat—not all pre-filled CBD vape cartridges are safe!

The most commonly used thinning agents are listed below and only 2 of the 4 are safe to inhale through vaporization:

AVOID: Propylene Glycol (PG): Propylene Glycol is a commonly used chemical that’s found in a wide range of household products like paint, deodorant, cosmetics, and even food. The FDA has deemed PG safe for human consumption and topical application; however, inhaling the gas of the heated liquid is an entirely different story. Multiple studies have proven that “PG and GL [glycerol] were identified to be the main sources of toxic carbonyl compounds from e-cigarette use. Significant amounts of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde were detected at reactor temperatures ≥215°C [≥419°F].” These compounds are highly toxic and can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, throat irritation, asthma, and cancer.

AVOIDPolyethylene Glycol (PEG): Believe it or note, PEG is even worse than PG. A 2017 study found that PEG produced significantly higher levels of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde than PG!

OKAYVegetable Glycerin (VG): Pure Vegetable Glycerin is one of the safer thinning agents. In fact, the same 2017 study found that the cancer causing carbonyls produced by VG we non-detectable.

OKAY: Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT): MCT is another safe thinning agent used in vaporizer cartridges. The only potential drawback to MCT oil when compared to the other options is that is doesn’t produce as large of vapor clouds—but that has no bearing on the effects of the CBD. It just so happens that MCT oil is a common and highly effective carrier oil that’s used in CBD tinctures as well

Because of its chemical properties, CBD must be combined with a carrier oil in order to be effectively vaporized. Therefore, the vape oil ingredients list should be pretty short: CBD, a carrier oil, and possibly natural terpenes for flavoring, if you’re purchasing a flavored vape oil. Anything else is suspect, and likely indicates that you’re not getting a pure product.

Can I Vaporize My CBD Oil Tinctures?

Technically, yes, but we don’t recommend it. CBD products are formulated for specific consumption methods—tinctures should be taken orally and vape cartridges should be inhaled via vaporization. If vaporized, CBD tinctures will not burn well and the taste won’t be good.

What to Look For In CBD Vape Oil

When looking at the label on the CBD vape oil you’re considering, the first ingredient should be the carrier oil (aka thinning agent). When choosing a CBD vape oil, it’s important to look for a pure product that doesn’t contain any toxic additives like PG or PEG. In other words, the thinning agents used should either be VG or MCT oil.

The second ingredient on the label should be the CBD, which may be listed as “CBD isolate” or “hemp extract.” The term “hemp extract” is often used on full-spectrum products and simply means that the extract contains other cannabinoids and terpenes besides pure CBD. It is thought that these products may be more beneficial than CBD alone; this theory is known as the Entourage Effect and posits that the different cannabinoids within the cannabis plant work synergistically together, amplifying one another’s effects.

The only additional ingredient (maybe two, but this list ought to be short) should be extracts added for flavor or aroma, and should be naturally derived. Some manufacturers add plant extracts such as lavender to enhance the calming effects of their CBD blend, while others include terpenes (a term for the class of chemical that is responsible for cannabis’ rich, skunky aroma), which may increase the absorption of CBD as well as enhancing its flavor. Steer clear of products with a laundry list of ingredients, or whose ingredients include toxic additives.

A Quick Note About CBD & Drug Testing

If drug testing is a part of the conditions of your employment, you might be concerned about the potential of CBD to cause you to test positive for THC. This isn’t an unfounded concern — however, there isn’t exactly a cut-and-dry way to answer it.

Much of the data we have about CBD is anecdotal, and its potential impact on drug testing is no exception.  There are very few peer-reviewed studies on the subject, and the ones available paint a rather murky picture:  avoiding full-spectrum products containing traces of THC can reduce your risk of a false positive, but that may not eliminate the risk entirely.

If you are concerned about passing a drug test, you’ll need to consider this potential risk when deciding whether CBD is right for you. To learn more about the science of CBD and drug testing, check out our article for a more thorough discussion of how to minimize your risk of a false positive.

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Visual Guide: How to Use a Vape Pen

So, you’ve probably heard about dabbing:  superheating a “nail” to vaporize concentrates like wax, shatter, or isolates. Dabbing is a great way to consume high doses of THC (or CBD, for that matter), but it can be intense for the uninitiated.

If the whole blowtorch thing weirds you out or the price tag of a quality desktop dab rig seems steep, don’t write off dabbing just yet. Did you know you can smoke dabs with a load-your-own style vaporizer pen?

Don’t get it twisted: we personally find dabs to be highly enjoyable and we recommend anyone try one before swearing them off entirely. That said, you don’t NEED a dab rig.

This is because, technically, a ‘dab’ is just a small dose of concentrate. This essentially means that no matter where you heat it up, you’re dabbing. If you already own a portable vaporizer, read on for pointers on how to use it for dabbing as well as oil-based concentrates.

If you’re looking for your first pen, there is no need to spend more than $60 – $100 for a reliable, quality vaporizer. There are many different vape pens on the market, and they all work in generally the same way (despite what the enormous range in price points would suggest).

  1. Understand How Your Vaporizer Pen Works

    Regardless of make or model, almost all dab pens have the same basic anatomy: a battery, an atomizer/chamber, and a mouthpiece. First, take the mouthpiece off the pen to expose the chamber. You should see a coil, or heating element, inside. As a quick refresher, vaporization occurs when cannabis concentrate is heated to a specific temperature range where the cannabinoidsand terpenes begin to boil off into a gas without combusting (catching fire and burning).

  2. Get the Important Vape Pen Accessories

    We recommend storing your dabs in an air-tight, smell-proof container to ensure that flavor and potency are preserved. Silicone is our favorite dab-friendly material for its nonstick properties, but a glass container would also do the trick. Speaking of silicone, silicone dab mats are great for saving any spilled dabs, as even the stickiest concentrates can be recovered with your dabber instead of lost to the table or floor. If you’re seriously in a pinch, some parchment paper folded around the dab will do, but if you dab with any kind of regularity, do yourself a favor and invest in a few basic tools.

  3. Select the Right Concentrates

    Now that you have your pen and dabbing tools, you need concentrates. While it is possible to load a dab pen with nearly any type of concentrate, there are certainly some that work better than others. Solvent-based extractions that produce oil (free of plant matter) vaporize best in pens. This means concentrates like BHO, PHO, and CO2 oil are ideal for load-your-own vaporizer pens. In our experience, there are certain types of concentrate consistencies, like budder, wax, and sugar, that vaporize better than others, like shatter. Not only do they tend to vape more smoothly in a pen, but these softer consistencies also tend to be easier to work with and load on the go. If you don’t have access to concentrates, you can follow our guide on how to make dabs at home. You can also buy CBD isolate (shown in image below), which is a very effective extract for relief from pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

  1. Load Your Vape Pen Chamber

    Given the high price tag of quality concentrates (or, alternatively, the effort you put into making your own), it’s important to handle them properly. Touching concentrates with your fingers will degrade the quality of your oil, so use a dabber to collect the concentrate from your parchment paper or container.

    Place the concentrate near the coil, taking care not to inadvertently bump the coil with your tool (they can break!). Use the inside rim of the chamber to scrape any residual concentrate off the dabber. Storing your dabber against the Dab Mat in the lid of the Safety Case will help ensure your other supplies don’t get sticky.

  2. Taking Dabs from Your Pen

    Now you are ready to vape! Press and hold the ‘on’ button through the duration of your inhalation. The best rips will come from slow and steady draws as opposed to inhaling as hard as you possibly can. This is because the only way to draw air through the pen is via very tiny air holes at the bottom of the chamber that naturally restrict airflow. Many dab pens have adjustable temperature settings; it is important to select the correct one for you. Lower temperatures will produce more flavorful hits with less throat irritation, while higher temperature settings will provide more powerful hits with dense clouds of vapor. Although it sounds obvious, it is important to make sure that your battery is fully charged for consistently potent and flavorful hits. Many people stock an extra battery or charger in their vaporizer pen case to ensure they never run out of power.

  3. Priming the Wick

    If you prefer thick vaporous hits, you may find that pressing the button down for a few seconds before you begin inhaling is more effective.  This is a technique known as ‘priming the wick.’ Normally you would do this with the mouthpiece already on, but we photographed this action with the chamber open so you can see what happens inside the vape. Essentially, it pre-melts the concentrate so that it sinks to the bottom of the chamber and fully surrounds the heating coil. Simply hold the ‘on’ button down for a few seconds until the concentrate has melted down into the chamber and it begins to vaporize.

  4. Store in a Smell Proof Vaporizer Case

    As you can see, smoking dabs on the go require a few critical tools and vape pen accessories. By using a smell proof vaporizer kit, you can keep everything organized and ready for the next time you want to load your pen on the go.

Common Questions

How big of a dab should I put in?

As a rule of thumb, fill your chamber ¾ full or less.  Much more, and you can have problems with clogging or overflowing. Some pens perform well after adding a dab the size of a grain of rice, while others can hold nearly a half a gram of concentrate — it all depends on your pen’s chamber. Deeper chambers with larger capacities typically perform better with more concentrate, whereas smaller, shallower chambers do well with small dabs.

Furthermore, if you set the pen down prior to consuming the oil, it can sometimes leak and create a sticky mess. To maximize the flavor and effectiveness of each rip, we recommend loading only what you intend to consume immediately. This ensures that the chamber won’t leak prior to being stored in a protective place like a safety case.

How long of a hit do I take?

This will depend on the specific make and model of your pen. Most pens only allow the ‘on’ button to be pressed down for a short time (i.e. seven to nine seconds). This is to ensure that the heating element and associated vapor does not get too hot and begin to combust the concentrate. It is more efficient to take several shorter draws, as opposed to a single massive rip.

When do I need to reload?

You will need to reload your dab pen when the hits become less vaporous and begin to taste like the heated wick (as opposed to the flavorful, terpene-rich concentrate). As soon as you feel like you aren’t getting a great hit, it’s time to check the chamber to see how much concentrate remains. If the chamber is nearly empty, it’s time to reload. However, if it is still full, it likely means that your battery is losing charge.

I keep accidentally pressing the button of my pen, is this avoidable?

Yes, most dab pens come with a locking feature that inactivates the ‘on’ button. Simply press the button five times consecutively and the light should blink, indicating that the ‘on’ button has been deactivated. To unlock the dab pen, quickly press the button down five times consecutively again.

Can I vaporize CBD?

Yes, just make sure to use high-quality organic material in isolate form or in a cartridge.

Can I travel with my vaporizer pen?

Yes. We recommend using a quality vaporizer case for carrying all your dab pen essentials in an organized fashion and ensuring no more sticky pockets or broken pens. As long as you follow the TSA guidelines, you can even take your vape pen on the plane!

Which Vape Pen is Best?


We recommend you select a vaporizer with no metal coil or silica wicks in the heating chamber – like the Ceramic Vaporizer by Black Rock Originals.  This is the best portable vaporizer we have tested to date. The benefits to an all-ceramic chamber are smooth, flavorful hits that truly mimic dabbing as opposed to vaping.  The ceramic chamber also eliminates the potential of harmful metals leaching into your concentrate during vaping.

Smoking vs. Vaporizing: Which is Better? Pros, Cons, & Tips

Smoking and vaporizing are two popular methods for consuming cannabis flowers and concentrates. The primary difference is temperature. When you smoke a joint, you set it on fire and inhale everything that’s burning inside the rolling paper, including the paper itself. Think of vaporization as an instant extraction and consumption alternative. By heating the cannabis to a specific (lower) temperature range, you can consume the beneficial cannabis compounds stored in the plant, without consuming the actual plant on which they are produced.

There is a temperature range where the cannabinoids found in the trichome heads begin to boil off into a gas without combusting any plant material. Most cannabinoids and terpenes, the therapeutic compounds found in cannabis, boil in the range of 315-440°F (157-227°C). Beyond 451°F (233°C), combustion begins to occur. For reference, the lowest possible temperature of the butane flame in your Bic lighter is 761°F (405°C).

Which is better? The answer, like so many other questions in the cannabis world, is preference-based. Below are some of the main questions to consider when choosing between smoking and vaporizing.

How is cannabis smoke different from cannabis vapor?

By definition, combustion is the process of burning something. Because vaporization does not ignite the plant matter, the vapor produced is comprised of mostly cannabinoids (up to 95% carcinogen free). In contrast, the smoke created from the combustion process is diluted by up to 90% with non-cannabinoids, which contains carcinogens and can cause respiratory irritation.

The thicker smoke produced by the combustion of cannabis comes from the plant buds and leaves, which are non-essential relative to the trichomes they harbor. If you are one of the many Americans around the country that still needs to consume undetected, vaporization offers a discreet solution with minimal smell.

Which gets me higher?

The effects of both smoking and vaporizing can be felt almost immediately and typically result in the elevated sensation most people associate with the THC in cannabis. The instant effects of vaporizing and smoking cannabis making controlling dosage relatively easy; simply inhale more (or less) as necessary. Many people find smoking cannabis results in a stronger, hazier high relative to vaporizing, which is considered to be more mild, clean, and therapeutic.

Which is more flavorful?

The terpene and cannabinoid-rich vapor produced by vaporization is typically more flavorful and smooth than the smoke produced from combustion. Many describe the vaporization experience as inhaling the ‘essence of the plant’. When smoking cannabis buds, the flavor (produced by terpenes) is less apparent because the smoke can be diluted with plant matter by up to 90%.

Which has a more effective dosage?

This is a difficult question as many cannabis users prefer smoking, while others prefer vaporization. It goes without saying that vapor produced by vaporizing is significantly more concentrated with cannabinoids than the smoke produced by combustion. However, many users find that no matter how many inhalations they take from a vaporizer, they never achieve a high consistent with smoking.

The same can be said for many vaporizer users who claim that smoking cannabis is less effective and results in respiratory irritation. In our experience, vaporization provides a more forgiving, manageable, and mild medication option for newer cannabis users.

Some people enjoy packing a one hitter pipe because of the limited amount of smoke required to pack a considerable punch.

Which is easier on the go?

With the right tools, both smoking and vaporizing on the go can be a quick and easy process. We recommend one of the various smell-proof Safety Case kits that include everything you need to load a vaporizer or protect your pre-fill cartridge and battery. If you prefer to smoke flower, a small one hitter pipe is especially helpful for conserving cannabis.

Having said that, vaporizers do tend to be a little bit more travel-friendly and more compact. We like the vaporizer selection over at BloomGroove, which has a whole selection of portable vapes.

Do you inhale and exhale the same way?

Regardless of your preferred consumption method, we want to clear up a common misconception: holding in the smoke or vapor does not get you higher! Studies have shown that approximately 95% of the cannabinoids present in smoke or vapor are absorbed within the first few seconds of inhaling. Steady in and steady out! Here’s our guide on how to inhale smoke properly.

Ready to try smoking, dabbing, or vaporizing? Reference our dosage guide here.

How do dabs fit into the equation?

Dabbing is the process of dropping a dose of cannabis concentrate onto a heated water pipe attachment (known as a “nail”) and inhaling. Dabbing teeters the line between combustion and vaporization as the cannabis concentrate is heated to temperatures ranging from 500-900+°F.

However, because clean cannabis concentrates are typically free of plant matter, there is less risk of inhaling potentially harmful carcinogens, even at higher temperatures consistent with combustion. Dabbing involves highly concentrated cannabis extracts and is not recommended for novice consumers. Check out our guide on dabbing etiquette for more.


    Those seeking a discreet, manageable, and healthy way to medicate should try vaporizing
    Those looking for the traditional, hazy, powerful high should stick to smoking
    Regardless of how you consume, no need to hold in the smoke! Steady in, steady out

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Product Review: Atman Lucky Bear CBD/THC Mini Mod Vaporizer

There are a lot of pros to a classic pen-style vape — discretion, portability, and ease of use, to name a few.  However, there are some disadvantages, too: most notably, the elongated style of these models makes them more prone to damage and leaking, especially around the tank.  Box mod vaporizers offer more protection around the tank, but can sometimes be bulky and heavier than their slender counterparts.

Enter the Atman Lucky Bear vape, a compact, lightweight vaporizer that combines the portability of a pen with the durability of a box mod, extending the life of both your vape and your tanks of choice.

This tiny little vape is adorable and effective.  Measuring just three inches tall when assembled with a standard 510 cartridge (the battery itself is about 2.25” tall), and is shaped like a tiny polar bear hugging the tank.  The button to power on and use the vape is located in the polar bear’s eye, and the LED light turns vivid blue when the unit is in use.

Small but mighty, the Lucky Bear’s 550 mAh lithium-ion battery strikes a balance between performance and longevity, providing quality hits and consistent heating while allowing you to extend your time between charges. Here, we’ll discuss the details of the product, how it works, and our experience with it.

What’s Included with Atman Lucky Bear?

The Lucky Bear comes nestled in a foam insert inside a cylindrical, blue plastic container with a clear lid.  Beneath the foam insert, you’ll find the charging cable, the instruction manual, and a handy lanyard that makes keeping your vape close at hand easy (we didn’t really see ourselves utilizing the lanyard at first, but it came in surprisingly handy).  The kit is simple and straightforward, much like the vaporizer itself.

The Atman Lucky Bear Unit Itself

This is just the babiest little vape!  It’s just so little that, even with a tank attached, it fits into even the smallest of pockets (we’re looking at you, women’s pants designers!).  The construction of the vape strikes a nice balance between being lightweight enough to travel easily while feeling substantial and hefty enough to avoid that “cheap” feeling.

The bear is more of an approximation of the shape of a bear than a fully sculpted one, with a large black nose and indentations to suggest paws embracing the tank.  While the unit includes a tank with the battery, we prefer to use the DIDA CBD vape cartridges with this unit. That said, you can use literally any 510 thread vape cartridge, whether pre-filled or reusable, with this product without issue.

While we were a bit skeptical of the lanyard at first, we have to admit, we rather like it.  Particularly for outings like hikes or concerts, it’s nice to know that the product is secure and won’t be crushed in a pocket or bag.

Charging the unit takes about two hours from an empty battery, but we were able to get about two to three days between charges with regular use. Even if you’re a very heavy vapor consumer, this little guy should be able to carry on throughout your whole day without issue.

Once the unit is charged, using it is easy.  Simply click the power button located on the bear’s left eye five times in rapid succession to power on the unit.  The LED light will then blink bright blue three times to indicate that the device is ready for use.

When you are ready to use the vape, press and hold the power button.  The light will turn on, indicating that the vaporizer is heating. You can then draw as much or as little vapor as you please.

While it doesn’t offer the variable voltage of some other models, the Lucky Bear is equipped with several protective features.  First, the device will automatically stop heating after a certain time has elapsed in order to save power. The Lucky Bear will also shut off automatically when the battery level drops below 3.2 v.

Finally, the device will automatically stop heating when the resistance of the heating chamber is lower than 1.0 ohm.  In layman’s terms, this means that the battery has more or less reached its capacity, and continuing to expend energy won’t produce any additional heat.

This feature and the other protective features of the Lucky Bear are designed with battery life and maintenance in mind.  These features are part of the vaporizer’s simple but durable design, preventing strain on the battery that could shorten the life of the product.

The Atman Lucky Bear Performance

We have to say that, as far as simple, durable vapes are concerned, we’re pretty pleased with this model.  It gets top marks for portability, fits nicely in your hand during use, and makes a good vape for casual and discreet use or when traveling.

We especially like the design of the product, which positions the tank beside the battery rather than on top of it.  This protects the tank from damage and leaks, pocket crushings, or other potential hazards to a portable vape.

While there are a lot of positives to this product, we should note that its voltage isn’t variable — you don’t have control over the temperature of your vape.  This is likely fine for casual vape consumers but may not do for connoisseurs. The Lucky Bear is great if you’re looking for a reliable, durable, mid-range product that gets the job done, but it may not be as exciting to consumers who prefer a more customizable vaping experience.

The Atman Lucky Bear Value

Ultimately, the Lucky Bear is a solid choice for its price range.  While it offers less in terms of temperature control and customizability than other vaporizers, it is designed for durability and consistent performance wherever you take it.  It is meant to withstand the bumps and bruises of travel and its simple design should stand the test of time well.

All that said, if temperature control is important to you, you may want to skip this one.  The Lucky Bear offers a consistent, quality vaping experience, but it won’t allow you to vary your vape temperature to accommodate different concentrates and flavors.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you want from your vaporizer.  If you’re looking for something straight and to the point that will last through the day and produce consistent quality vapor, the Lucky Bear just might be worth looking into.

We are pleased to offer our readers an EXCLUSIVE discount on Atman products. Simply enter promo code: ‘keytocannabis‘ at checkout to get 10% off of your order!


Product Review: DIDA Vape Cartridge

Pre-filled vape cartridges are convenient (no struggling to drop your vape oil into tiny cartridge openings), but don’t allow as much customizability for your vape experience.  For vape lovers who prefer to create their own custom flavor blends, high-quality refillable vape cartridges offer the convenience of a small tank with the variability of a reusable cartridge.

These vape cartridges by DIDA are safe and affordable, and their unique mouthpiece design makes the filling and refilling of cartridges easy and hassle-free, especially for consumers who have difficulty managing the traditional screw threads on other vapor cartridges.

The cartridges feature a horizontal ceramic core geared for bigger puffs and denser clouds without introducing metals to the vapor through heating. Their cotton-free design minimizes exposure to combusted compounds and creates a flavorful, consistent vape experience across different types of oil-based concentrate without imparting that dreaded burnt taste.  Here, we’ll break down our experience with these cartridges, what we like about them, and why we recommend them for vaping cannabis or CBD oils.

What’s Included with the DIDA Vape Cartridge?

The cartridges come in packages of ten, with the tanks and mouthpieces stored separately alongside one another, nestled into indentations in a foam chunk to prevent breakage from glass-on-glass or metal-on-glass contact during transit.  There are no instructions included, but the cartridges are very user-friendly and surprisingly goof-proof. The tanks should last approximately a month before needing replacement, depending on how frequently you vape, so a package could last you quite a while, even if you’re a heavy vape consumer.

The DIDA Cartridges Themselves

Each cartridge, when assembled, is about two inches long and features a metal mouthpiece that snaps into place on the tank, creating a leak-proof seal without the use of any screw threads.  This makes the product attractive in general, but especially so for consumers with joint pain or fine motor impairment, as it could substantially ease the refill process. Additionally, the lack of screw threads in the DIDA cartridge design sidesteps the issue of stickiness, which vape oils and cannabis extracts are notorious for, that can make screwing on a mouthpiece difficult.

The cartridges are designed to maximize vapor quality and density, creating thick clouds with their horizontal ceramic cores that encourage complete atomization of your chosen concentrate.  Since there is no cotton component (and, therefore, no combustible components in the chamber) and the heating element is ceramic (as opposed to metal, which can release harmful compounds into your vape oil during use), you can trust that you’re getting the safest possible vape experience.

The DIDA cartridges use a patented Top and Down airflow technology that cools the vapor while drawing denser clouds, producing a superior taste and a thicker, more flavorful vapor.  Any oil-based concentrate you care to use will taste its best in these cartridges, hit after hit.

Another attractive point about these cartridges is their leak-free guarantee. DIDA promises that these cartridges will not leak under any circumstances, and we definitely put that to the test. We stuck our vapes in our purses, our backpacks, our pockets, and tried the cartridges on both pens- and box mod-style batteries.  We did not experience a single leak after a week of regular (and, if we’re being honest, a little extra rough-and-tumble) use.

DIDA Cartridge Performance

We really enjoyed these cartridges:  they allowed us to customize our flavors and refill the cartridges in between uses, getting more life out of our cartridges than pre-filled tanks provide.  They also lived up to their leak-proof claim — despite basically trying to induce a leak, we did not lose a drop of concentrate at any point.

Also, we really like the screw-less, plug-and-play design of the mouthpiece. It cuts down refill time to mere seconds and makes it much easier to ensure a snug fit between the tank and the mouthpiece, even if there is concentrate or oil residue on the mouthpiece or tank.  Screw threads tend to get sticky, and we’re glad to see companies like Atman taking steps to solve this problem.

Most of all, we like the DIDA cartridges for their safety.  The high-quality ceramic heating element minimizes the risk of exposure to harmful compounds and, when combined with pure vape products, ensures a safer vaping experience without the risk of toxin or heavy metal exposure.  The cartridges produce an excellent quality vapor that is both flavorful and dense, making for impressive and tasty clouds.

DIDA Cartridge Value

At $14.99 each, we feel these cartridges are reasonably priced for the level of quality and peace of mind they offer.  While there are plenty of vape cartridges of dubious quality available on the market, we feel that investing in safe, high-quality products is the best choice for both your vaping experience and your health.  Ceramic heating elements, a forward-thinking and inclusive design, and overall longevity make these DIDA cartridges a good choice for vape lovers, especially the health-conscious among us.

We are pleased to offer our readers an EXCLUSIVE discount on Atman products. Simply enter promo code: ‘keytocannabis‘ at checkout to get 10% off of your order!

Product Review: Joy Organics CBD Vape Oil Pen

There are thousands of different personal vape devices available today in styles ranging from short, box mod-style units to slender vape pens. To add to the array, personal vaporizers can be absolutely bare-bones, fully adjustable to the single degree, or anywhere in between. The highly customizable models tend to scare off people new to vaping, but the ultra-basic units often deliver a suboptimal experience, leading to harsh hits that can deter people from giving vaping CBD a try.

To simplify the buying experience, many CBD manufacturers have taken to selling their own batteries to accompany their prefilled cartridges or oils. This is a good concept that takes some of the guesswork off of the consumer, but many of the batteries we’ve tried have been … lackluster. When we saw that Joy Organics had begun selling a battery to accompany their pre-filled CBD vape cartridges, though, we were curious.

We’ve been impressed with every product we’ve tried from Joy thus far, so we felt it was only fair to take their vape battery for a spin. Sleek and elegant, the white pen-style vape is discrete and lightweight, making it highly portable for use on the go as well as at home. The battery itself is about 3.25” in length and a little less than half an inch in diameter. With the Joy Organics pre-filled cartridge attached, the vape measures about 4.75” long.

For a small, simple vape device with no buttons or tactile controls whatsoever, the battery performed exceedingly well. Since it’s controlled by the strength and duration of the draws you take, it’s very intuitive for even new vape consumers. The design makes it easy to draw exactly the type of hit you’re looking for, from a quick puff to a massive, dense cloud. Here, we’ll discuss the details of the Joy Organics vape, how it works, and our experience with it.

What’s Included with Joy Organics CBD Vape Oil Pen

The pen is packaged simply in a slim cardboard box. The insert holding the unit and its accompanying vape cartridge (the battery includes one pre-filled 0.5 mL CBD cartridge in the purchase price) slides out easily from the unit body with a tab at the bottom to reveal the battery on one side, the cartridge on the other, and the USB charger in the center.

The battery fits standard size 510 cartridges, including most of the pre-filled CBD cartridges currently available (we tested it with cartridges from four different brands, and every single one fit perfectly). We like this decision on Joy’s part — it’s a little disappointing when brands try to encourage exclusivity by making their products just slightly incompatible with readily available companion products, and we feel like moves like this encourage more of a spirit of cooperation in the industry. It’s a small detail, but we feel it’s a positive one.

The Joy Organics CBD Vape Oil Pen Unit Itself

We’re kind of taken with this vape battery in a way we didn’t expect to be. It’s kind of… chic? Stylish? It’s pretty in its simplicity, especially when paired with the Joy Organics pre-filled CBD cartridges (it makes for a satisfying white-on-white look). The body of the vape is pure white, without so much as a logo or power button, and the base serves as an indicator light during charging and use. Even those of us who typically go for darker finishes on our devices noted that it’s an aesthetically pleasing vaporizer.

The unit is an appropriate weight, light enough for easy handling without feeling flimsy. We found it to be surprisingly durable — it survived a few moderate drops (1 meter or less) without so much as a scratch. It holds up well to transport in a backpack, pocket, or purse without leaking, even when using competing cartridges.

Charging the battery took about an hour from empty, glowing pink during charging and flashing when the battery is fully charged before turning off entirely. Once full, we got about 2-3 days of consistent use — not too shabby considering its size. Even if you were to puff on it all day long, it should get you through your day without having to recharge on the fly.

This is one of the most intuitive vapes we’ve tried. There are no temperature controls, no buttons to press, nothing to mess up or get wrong. Simply inhale for up to 10 seconds, adjusting your inhale length to manipulate your vapor as you please. The LED light at the base will glow pink (indicating the vaporizer is heating) as you draw your hit. After 10 seconds of continuous inhaling, the light will begin to blink, indicating that the battery has reached its highest heat and it’s time to wrap up your draw.

The buttonless design prevents the vaporizer from accidentally turning on in a pocket or purse, conserving your battery life (and your vape oil!) for when you need it. It’s highly It’s easy to use, and we love that about it — but we do see a potential issue. Because there is no way to “lock” the vape or turn it off, it could be picked up by a small child and used easily without supervision.

Keep this in mind if you’re around curious little hands, and keep the vape well out of reach when not in use. While it carries no risk of serious physical harm (CBD presents zero risk of overdose in humans and isn’t psychoactive in any way) we believe that CBD is medicine and, as such, should be administered to kids only with adult supervision.

The choice to use CBD as part of your child’s wellness regimen is yours (and there are lots of reasons why you might), and we wholly support that decision — with supervision from you. It’s a relatively minor detail overall, but it is worth noting, especially for parents of kids in that delightful and dangerous stage of development when they’re curious about everything, especially things they aren’t supposed to touch.

Joy Organics CBD Vape Oil Pen Performance

The battery held up surprisingly well to a week of highly mobile use. We took this vape to a concert, on a night out with friends, on a hike, on the road — everywhere we went. It was dropped, sat on, and even accidentally stepped on once (oops), all with no damage. Its pleasant eggshell finish didn’t even scuff. For something that looks so lightweight and minimal, it can take a pretty impressive beating.

This battery is in our top 3 favorite vape pens in terms of ease of use and customizability. Taking the right size draw is as natural as, well, breathing — just draw in the hit you want to take and stop when you’re done. For lighter, smoother hits, breathe in for 4-5 seconds; drawing for the full 10 seconds will produce thick, dense clouds with a more earth-forward flavor profile. The unit doesn’t get hot enough to scorch the oil, making for a smooth, delicious hit at every level.

We like this vape battery so much, especially for beginner vapor consumers. It’s a very well-considered product with plenty of attention to detail, and that consideration is evident in the user experience. The pen is functional, enjoyable to use, made of safe materials, and one of the single most intuitive units we’ve tried. Especially if you’re looking at trying the Joy Organics pre-filled CBD cartridges, we feel this pen is worth the extra money.

Is $99.95 a Good Value for Joy Organics CBD Vape Oil Pen?

Ultimately, we were pleasantly surprised and impressed by this little but fierce vaporizer. What it lacks in terms of features it makes up for with ease of use and intuitive control. Because it creates anything from the littlest of hits to the densest of clouds, it works for many different vaping styles (and sharing a puff doesn’t require a 3-minute explanation beforehand).

To our knowledge, the vaporizer isn’t available by itself at this time — it can only be purchased as a bundle with a pre-filled CBD cartridge from Joy Organics. The price difference between the cartridge alone ($79.95) and the bundle ($99.95) is only $20, making the vape surprisingly affordable considering its quality and durability. And, since it’s compatible with just about any possible 510 cartridge, it’s still perfectly usable even if you don’t care for the cartridge that came with it (though we think they’re pretty great ourselves).

If you’re already looking at the vapor cartridges from Joy Organics, consider going for the bundle — especially if you’re just starting out with vaporizers. It may not be the only vape product you ever use, but it’s sure to be a regular in the rotation.

DISCLAIMER: Joy Organics has since discontinued selling their vape products. If you are searching for a vape product, we recommend cbdMD as a K2C Favorite! 

Choosing the Right Cannabis Consumption Method for You

We have all evolved beyond the bong. As more cannabusinesses have been approved to operate in different states around the country, the country has seen a drastic increase in the types of cannabis products available. While smoking may be the most popular, there are a variety of alternative ways to use cannabis both medically and recreationally. The effect, duration, and onset time vary slightly with each consumption method. Many can be combined for synergistic, sustained relief. The correct consumption method for you will be a matter of desired effect, intensity, duration, and personal preference. Once you’re ready to begin, we recommend that you purchase the necessary items you’ll need from a reputable online store.


The easiest and most common way consume cannabis requires little more than a vessel and a lighter. You can pack the cannabis into a pipe, roll it into a joint, or load it into a bong. Smoking cannabis involves inhaling the smoke released by the heated flowers or concentrate.

Smoking is popular because its easy and requires little more than a vessel and a lighter.

When smoking cannabis, the effects can be felt almost instantly and last from 90 minutes to 3+ hours depending on the individual, cannabinoid content, and potency of the strain. Because of the minimal onset time associated with smoking cannabis, dosage control is easy relative to other consumption methods. The downside is the potential for minor irritation of the respiratory system.


A vaporizer is a device that heats cannabis buds and/or concentrates to 315-440°F (157-227°C), which causes the cannabinoids stored in the plant’s trichomes to evaporate into a gas without combusting any plant material. For reference, the boiling point of THC is generally accepted to be between 315°F (157°C) and 392°F (200°C). All other major non-psychoactive cannabinoids evaporate between 320°F (160°C) and 428°F (220°C).

Vaping provides immediate, controllable, and concentrated relief without the combustion of plant material.

The effects of vaporizing cannabis are felt almost instantly which makes dosage control easy. The cannabinoid-rich (up to 95%) vapor is free of tar and carcinogens, which is beneficial for those looking to avoid potential lung and respiratory irritation. As a bonus, many users prefer taste of vaporized cannabis to that of the combusted flower.

Some vaporizers are intended for home use and feature digital temperature settings, while small, hand-held vaporizers allow you to enjoy cannabis concentrates on the move.

Edibles and Ingestible Oils

As the availability of medical and recreational cannabis has increased, so has the popularity of edibles (cannabis infused food and drink). The selection of cannabis infused food and drink is constantly expanding with dispensaries selling everything from medicated sodas to savory snacks. For those living in less tolerant states, you can make your own at home with surprising ease. Essentially any recipe that calls for oil or butter can be infused with cannabis. In the edible preparation process, the cannabinoids are combined with lipids (fats) and decarboxylated (heated) converting them from their acid forms into their activated states. The activated oil can also be ingested in pill form.

Edibles are ideal for those seeking sustained, strong relief throughout the day and don’t mind a delayed onset.

The effects associated with ingested cannabis last much longer than the other consumption methods (anywhere from 4 to 8+ hours) and can be significantly more intense. This is because THC, the primary psychoactive component of cannabis, is converted to the more psychoactive 11-hydroxy-THC by the liver. This compound is approximately 5 to 10 times stronger than the original THC. Smoked/vaporized cannabis does not have the same effect as it does not pass through the liver. For those looking to avoid the ‘high’ associated with THC-infused edibles, we recommend high CBD edibles or juicing raw cannabis.

The downside to edibles is the delayed onset time, which can take anywhere from 20 to 90+ minutes. Onset time is directly related to digestive process – eating them on an empty stomach results in a faster processing and vice versa. The combination of delayed onset and variable potency make dosage control more challenging. For more on recommended edible dosages, click here.


A tincture is a liquid cannabis concentrate derived through alcohol extraction. Tinctures were once the most common form of medicinal cannabis in the United States, prior to their prohibition in 1937. Tinctures are typically administered sublingually – a few drops of the cannabinoid-rich liquid under the tongue is often a sufficient starting dose. Tinctures are available in a variety of potencies, cannabinoid profiles, and flavors.

Tinctures provide a rapid delivery without utilizing the lungs and allow for consistent dosing.

One major benefit to tinctures is the rapid onset relative to orally ingested edibles. The solution is absorbed by the arterial blood supply under the tongue within seconds. The mucosa lining inside the entire mouth and the tongue itself also play a role in the absorption process. The effects will be felt within roughly 15 minutes, allowing for easier dose control (relative to edibles). That said, try to leave the tincture under your tongue for as long as possible before swallowing – maximizing quick absorption to the bloodstream as opposed to processing through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. However, for those desiring the edible-effect, tinctures can be added to your favorite drink.

Transdermal Patch

The transdermal patch works just like a nicotine patch, delivering cannabinoids straight to the bloodstream over time. After applying the patch to a venous part of the body, one can expect sustained relief that lasts from 6 to 8+ hours. Because delivery to the bloodstream is very efficient, transdermal patches require much smaller dosages relative to edibles.

Patches deliver consistent, fast-acting, and long-lasting relief with less frequent medication.

The patches are available in a variety of potencies and cannabinoid profiles, both psychoactive and non-psychoactive. The onset associated with transdermal patches is typically quicker (15-60 minutes) than can be expected with oral ingestion.


Topicals are cannabinoid infused lotions, salves, balms, sprays, oils, and creams. Topicals are applied directly to the skin for localized relief of pain and inflammation, making them perfect for treating muscle, joint, and surface-oriented pain.

Recommended for treatment of localized muscle, joint, and surface-oriented pain and inflammation.

One other benefit of topicals is that they are completely non-psychoactive. Topicals have been especially helpful in treating those with arthritis, eczema, and psoriasis.


Dabbing refers to the process of dropping a dose of cannabis concentrate onto a heated water pipe attachment (known as a nail) and inhaling. Most commonly the nails are made from titanium, quartz, or ceramic materials. Dabbing differs from vaporization in that the cannabis concentrate is heated to a much higher temperature (anywhere from 500-900+°F). Thus, depending on the temperature of the nail, the heated concentrated can teeter the line between vaporization and combustion (the debate continues on this) – we like to think of dabbing as a form of flash vaporization. Did you know you can safely make your own dabs at home?

Dabbing provides nearly instant relief with intensely powerful effects.

The intense effects associated with dabbing concentrates can be felt almost instantly. Dabbing at lower temperatures produces more of a vapor than a smoke. Additionally, dabbing properly refined concentrates is a clean, flavorful experience free of plant material. Because dabbing utilizes highly concentrated cannabis extracts, it is not suggested for the novice consumer. Need to know how much you should dab? We can help!


Another popular technique making the rounds on Instagram is called twaxing, and involves combining cannabis concentrates with your rolled joints or blunts. By adding BHO or similar concentrates, you can dramatically increase the potency of a small joint, making it more suitable for sharing in a larger group. As you may imagine, this technique is also not for the novice consumer.

Managing Your Cannabis


Many people combine consumption methods for synergistic relief. For example: you might smoke a joint for immediate anxiety relief and eat an edible for sustained sedative benefits before a long flight. Of course, this just means more stuff, and we understand that you may not always be able to medicate within the comfort of your own home. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean that transporting your stash has to be a pain. Learn how to organize all the moving parts and condense them into a compact, smell-proof travel case that’s ready for all of life’s adventures.


  • There is a general trade off between onset time and relief period
  • It is always easier to supplement with a rapid onset consumption method
  • Many consumption methods are complimentary, working together for sustained relief

Is Smoking Cannabis Safe for Your Respiratory System?

The traditional, and arguably most popularized, form of cannabis consumption is smoking dried, cured, cannabis buds. Smoke, whether from burning wood, tobacco, or cannabis, contains carcinogens that can have a negative impact on lung health. However, scientific evidence is mixed when it comes to the carcinogenic properties of heavy, long-term cannabis use. So the question becomes: is smoking cannabis harmful to lung and respiratory health?

The cannabinoids inhaled in cannabis smoke physiologically reduce the potential amplification of carcinogens.

According to an NCBI study by Robert Melamede, the debate circles around the fact that the THC present in cannabis smoke exerts a protective effect against pro-carcinogens that require activation. “Thus, cannabinoids inhaled in cannabis smoke physiologically reduce the potential amplification of carcinogens in smoke that results from biologically produced free radicals.” This response is not induced by tobacco smoke, which contains many of the same carcinogens and tumor promoters. Furthermore, a connection between smoking cannabis and tobacco-related cancers (lung, colon, rectal) has not been observed, despite clearly demonstrating cannabis smoke-induced cellular damage. In fact, various cannabinoids have been shown to kill numerous cancer types.

National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys have also found that those who smoked a joint a day were still able to forcibly exhale the same volume of air (known as forced expiratory volume, or FEV1) as someone who didn’t smoke cannabis. Measuring spirometry, a person’s ability to exhale, is the primary method for diagnosing respiratory diseases and impaired lung function. The minor bronchitis-like symptoms (cough and sore throat) experienced by some joint smokers are likely a result of the rolling paper or smoking technique as opposed to the cannabis itself.

Despite the natural protection provided by cannabinoids, some users do experience lung and respiratory irritation when smoking cannabis regularly. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to use cannabis that don’t involve smoking it. For those looking to mitigate the risk of lung and respiratory irritation when smoking cannabis, we recommend the following:

1. Use a more potent strain – less inhalation for the same effective dose.

2. Do not hold the smoke in! Smooth inhale and a steady exhale.

3. Glass pipes and bongs aren’t better. The discomfort experienced by some joint smokers is often times the result of inferior rolling paper.

If you enjoy the effects of smoking cannabis but can’t handle the respiratory irritation from joints, try a one hitter. These compact pipes are great for providing a very effective hit while only burning a small amount of ground cannabis – great for conserving your flower and your lungs!

Vaporization is the only other consumption method that provides the instant relief associated with smoking. Many athletes actually vaporize non-psychoactive strains of cannabis for recovery because they can protect their lungs and heal without getting high.

Most people find vaporization to be more therapeutic, less irritating, and easier to manage when traveling. We recommend storing your cannabis supplies when on the go in a smell proof stash case, as the smell can be disruptive and vaporizers have a tendency to break.


  • Cannabis smoke exerts a protective effect against pro-carcinogens
  • Cannabis smoke is not known to cause tobacco-related cancers
  • Those who smoked a joint a day had no sign of impaired lung function

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Visual Guide: How to Use a Dry Herb Vape Pen

If joint smoke is irritating to your lungs, you may benefit from using a dry herb vape pen for your flower instead. A vape (short for vaporizer) is a device used to heat cannabis products — in this case, flower — to the point at which the cannabinoids and terpenes within the plant begin to turn into a gas (vapor) without actually combusting (burning) any plant material.

In this article, we will show you how to load your favorite dry herb vaporizer step by step. For a full breakdown of smoking vs. vaporizing, check out this article. If you’re looking to vaporize cannabis concentrates (also known as dabs), use this guide instead.

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is a type of vaping device that heats cannabis buds to a specific temperature lower than burning a joint or a bowl. The result is very clean, smooth, medicinal vapor instead of smoke, which also happens to be quite flavorful!

Recently, portable vaporizers have become more popular as technology has advanced their capabilities to a point that allows them to compete with larger desktop units.

How to Use a Dry Herb Vape Pen

  1. Identify Your Vape Style (How does it work?)

Before we get into the specifics of how to pack your vaporizer, it’s important to understand which one you have. In this case, the major distinction isn’t necessarily the make and model, but rather whether it uses conduction or convection to heat the cannabis flowers.

Not sure which heating method your vaporizer uses? A quick Google search will usually give you the answer in seconds! In reality, most vaporizers inherently use both methods to some degree, as each method also begets a bit of the other. The important thing is to understand the primary method of action of your vaporizer so you can pack it effectively. Here’s a quick breakdown of how each type works:

Conduction units heat the material via direct contact with a heat source (meaning the flowers are touching a hot surface). As you might imagine, this can result in incidental overheating of some parts of the chamber, which can cause accidental combustion and a harsher flavor. Common conduction vaporizers include: Pax 2 & 3, Vapium Summit

Convection units heat the material by passing heated air through the chamber. The result is a much more even temperature range throughout the chamber and overall better flavor due to less risk of inadvertent combustion. Common convection vaporizers include: Firefly 2, Grasshopper, Atmos Jump

  1. Get the Important Vape Accessories

best vape pen accessories

In order to get the perfect hit from your vaporizer pen, you MUST use a grinder to break down the cannabis (or organic hemp flower) buds. A fine grind is not just for joints, it is better for all inhaled forms of cannabis, including vapes!

That’s why we always have a grinder card stocked in our vape travel kit. The grinder card produces the perfect consistency for loading your pen – a fine, even grind and stores conveniently in a stash bag or wallet.

how to grind weed

You can even grind directly into your vape pen chamber or into a pebble (if you want to save some for your next session). We also recommend having a poker style tool on hand for clearing your chamber of sticky Already-Been-Vaped (ABV) flowers. It just so happens that all of these items fit perfectly in the Safety Case, with extra room for your vaporizer pen.

  1. Select the Right Strain

strains of cannabis

While we’re on the subject of preparing your cannabis, don’t forget to select the correct starting material! The type of cannabis you use (i.e. indica or sativa, or a non-intoxicating hemp flower) will directly impact how you feel after you vape. If you need help choosing, use our strain selection guide. As always, quality matters!

Pro Tip: It may be counterintuitive, but herb vaporizers perform better when the cannabis is fully dry! This is because residual moisture in your buds can result in unnecessary throat irritation and produces a wispy, thin vapor.

  1. Load the Chamber

load the chamber of a vape pen

First, remove the cap/cover to expose the chamber. Then, use your fingers to gently load the finely ground cannabis into the chamber. It’s important not to overfill the chamber or pack it too tight – remember, the air still has to pass through there!

A medium pack is usually best across the board, but this is where the conduction vs. convection heating method comes into play. Conduction vaporizers like the Pax 2 and 3 can handle (and actually benefit from) a tighter pack to bring more herb into contact with the heating element, while convection vaporizers like the Grasshopper benefit from a looser pack for improved airflow.

You can experiment with different density packs to see which perform best with your particular pen. You can use your fingers or damper style tool to pack down the ground cannabis evenly. Once packed, replace the lid/cover and close the chamber.

  1. Heat Up the Pen

how to use vapepen

Herb vaporizers can take anywhere from <10 seconds to over a minute to heat up. It’s imperative to let the pen heat up fully prior to taking a hit, otherwise, your draw won’t do much for you.

Many vaporizer units actually have adjustable temperature settings – lower temperatures produce smoother, more flavorful hits with less throat irritation, while higher temperature settings will provide more powerful hits with thick, dense vapor.

  1. Take a Hit!

pack dry herb into vape pen and smoke it

Once the pen reaches the desired temperature, you can inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy the perfect hit! Also, be sure your battery is fully charged for consistent performance from your vaporizer. Many people store an extra battery or charger in their vape pen case to ensure they never run low.

  1. Store in a Smell Proof Vaporizer Case

smell proof case for pax vape pen

You likely paid a pretty penny for your vaporizer and consider it an investment, so treat it like one! Just because it’s portable, doesn’t mean it’s indestructible – we highly recommend using a smell proof vape case to keep your pen protected and discreet. A safety case has the ability to carry all the other vaporizing essential needed to pack your vaporizer on the go!

Bonus: Clearing the Chamber

clean the chamber of vape pen

Clearing your chamber after each use is just as important as packing it! Because the leftover loose-leaf material is often sticky from heat exposure (vaping tends to leave a residue on the herb, making it potentially beneficial for making edibles), we suggest using a tool to clear it out fully – it’s especially helpful for those stubborn bits. If you fail to clear your chamber adequately, you will restrict airflow and impair the performance of your vaporizer over time.

Which Vaporizer is Best?

dry herb vape pen options

The answer to this question will depend on several factors: size, price point, heat up time, intended use, charge time, temperature control, chamber size, warranty, etc. Sound complex enough?  Don’t sweat it! The important thing is to purchase based on the factors that are most important to you – after all, you’ll be the one using it!

Keep in mind that desktop vaporizers are in a totally different class than portable vaporizers – comparing between these two vape types is like comparing apples to oranges. There are also lots of reviews and comparisons online if you can’t decide between 2 or 3 models. When you’re ready to buy, you’ll find the best selection and customer service over at Billowby.

Vaping Hemp Flower

If you desire symptom relief without the high associated with THC, you might try vaping raw organic hemp flower instead of traditional cannabis buds.  Hemp flower can provide a full-spectrum dose of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids without any intoxicating effects, regardless of the dose. Plus, you can purchase online and have it mailed to you.

We like the organic, non-GMO hemp flower from Canna Comforts, who carefully and sustainably cultivate each strain before batch-testing the buds for quality, purity, and potency.  We are especially fond of Canna Comfort’s Lifter strain (shown in image below) and Special Sauce. But each of their diverse array of strains looks, feels, smells, tastes, and vapes just like the top-shelf cannabis strains that inspired them, minus the intoxicating effects of THC – you really can’t go wrong!