Well, aside from that fact that you are an adult and a plastic bag is no longer a suitable option – there are also social and legal implications surrounding your stash. This may come as no surprise to you, but there are some states where the laws are conflicting.


While legalization and decriminalization continues in some states, other states maintain outdated and unreasonable cannabis laws – especially those related to paraphernalia. In essence, there are still legal loopholes that allow law enforcement to continue incarcerating people for cannabis ‘crimes’ (what an unwarranted word) – even in states that have decriminalized. In Nevada and Mississippi for example, you can carry nearly an ounce of cannabis with nothing more than a fine in penalties; but if the police find a grinder, bong, or a pipe during their search, you could be facing jail time.

We’re not joking – there are still states where cannabis itself is decriminalized but the items used to consume it are not. For this reason, we like to use a Safety Case to store and transport our stash. This discreet, smell-proof stash box is perfect for carrying your smoking supplies in a pocket, purse, or bag. The Safety Case’s unsuspecting exterior resembles a phone case or a wallet.

The following states have decriminalized amounts of cannabis for personal use (or have medical programs in place), but still have unjust paraphernalia laws that can send you to jail:

Arizona (medical program): Possession of paraphernalia is felony that carries up to 2 years in jail time and a maximum fine of $150,000

Connecticut: Possession of paraphernalia used to inhale or ingest more than a half oz of cannabis can send you to jail for 3 months.

Delaware: Possession of paraphernalia in conjunction with 1 oz or more of cannabis carries jail time of up to 6 months.

Illinois: Possession of paraphernalia with more than 10 grams of cannabis can send you to jail for 1 year.

Massachusetts: Possession of paraphernalia carries jail time of 1-2 years and a maximum fine of $5,000.

Mississippi: Possession of paraphernalia carries maximum jail time of 6 months.

Missouri (2017 decriminalization): Possession of paraphernalia carries a maximum jail time of 1 year.

Nevada: Possession of paraphernalia can send you to jail for 6 months.

New York: Possession of a scale to weight out your daily dose can send you to jail for 1 year.

North Carolina: Use or possession of paraphernalia is ground for up to 45 days imprisonment.


You only have one opportunity to make a first impression – ensure it’s the right one. You wouldn’t serve steaks on a paper plate or offer someone a roach; why store your smoking stash in a sandwich bag? Don’t. Instead, use a Safety Case and you’ll have everything you need to smoke or vaporize in one discreet, smell-proof stash box. Plus, it guarantees all your smoking supplies are organized and in one place.

You probably love the pungent smell of cannabis, but those around you may not have that same level of appreciation. It all comes down to respect. Nobody cares that you have your stash on you so long as they can’t sniff it out. By using a smell-proof storage container like the Pebble, you can transport your stash around town without worrying if your neighbor on the train can smell it. We suggest keeping your Pebble’s inside the Safety Case, which can hold up to eight containers.

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