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Drug Testing Products for Sale

Drug Testing Products For Sale

At Key to Cannabis, we stand behind cannabis’ many medicinal uses, but we know that the rules and legal regulations have a lot of catching up to do. In fact, even in places where cannabis is legal for recreational and medicinal use, it isn’t uncommon for employers to require a pre-employment drug test—usually one whose testing panel includes THC. 

Sometimes these drug tests are even randomly presented after employment, and a lot of people have found themselves wondering why there’s so much fuss surrounding the use of one of Earth’s powerful, yet naturally occurring plants. 

We’ve found ourselves wondering, too—and in the same sudden drug test predicament looking for quick solutions. Luckily, you have options, some of which can help you beat a drug test in just a few hours. Really, there are detox programs and other cleansing drinks that can clean you up (or at least make it appear that way) in no time at all. You can even get real clean urine (in powdered form), set with its own heating mechanism, that’s guaranteed to pass 100% of the time. 

And yes, we know that not all drug tests are urine tests. That’s why we found brands that went further than detoxes and ingenious substitute substances. You can also reap the benefits of detox shampoos to help you pass a hair sample test. There’s detoxifying mouthwash that will put you in the clear from mouth swab tests, too. You’ll also find options for taking a drug test at home so you can feel confident in the drug test cleansing products that you choose. 

Which Drug Testing Product Should I Choose? 

If you do happen to find yourself in this sticky predicament, you’ll need to discern the details of your future drug test. Knowing how long you have to clean up your system, what type of drug test you’ll be subject to, and whether your test will be supervised or unsupervised will help you choose the most useful drug test product for you. 

For instance, passing a urine-based drug test is much different from passing a mouth swab test. If you’re subject to a supervised drug test, you’ll probably want to avoid powdered urine or any form of fake piss. If you’ve got a little time, a lengthy detox may be the most effective way to rid your system of THC. 

It may take some consideration, but we’ve had some pretty positive experiences with many drug test products. If you need more information, check out this guide on how to choose a drug test cleanse that will really work for you. 

Drug Testing Products Trusted Reviews

At Key To Cannabis, we understand that these sudden drug test situations can be unpredictable—and incredibly stressful. That’s why we decided to dedicate a portion of our time to testing each unique drug testing cleanse and substitute for ourselves. We try before you buy, and hopefully our thorough, detailed reviews can connect you with the drug test cleanse that you need. Check out our drug test product reviews below, and then check out our other reviewed and approved products for the same hands-on experience with all our favorite cannabis products. 

10 Best Drug Test Products of 2019

Drug testing is an unfortunate reality for millions of cannabis consumers across the US, even in states that have legalized the herb for recreational use. Unlike many substances that carry a much higher risk of abuse, dependence, and overdose (looking at you, opioids), the active ingredient in cannabis, THC, can hang around in your body’s fatty tissues for days, weeks, or even months after your last puff or edible. 

This makes passing drug tests daunting for cannabis consumers, especially those of us that take the herb regularly or prefer edibles over smoking or vaping. Even in legal states, testing positive for THC can disqualify you for a job (New York City recently adopted legislation that prohibits employers for testing for THC, but so far no other cities or states have followed suit). Without the best drug test products of 2019, your career might be in doubt.

Fortunately, there are ways to pass a drug test, even at very short notice. The key to pulling off a successful negative result is choosing a product that works; even the strictest observance of detox instructions can be foiled by subpar cleansing products. Here, we’ve compiled the best drug test products of 2019, each designed to help you pass.

We’ve broken down our list into four categories, with products created to help consumers pass urine, hair, and saliva drug tests (the three most common forms of drug testing), followed by an additional category for home drug testing kits. We’ll lay out what we like about each of the products listed here, along with any special considerations to make before purchase.

Criteria for Listing       

Before we begin, we should lay out a little bit of information about our selection process. Each of the products listed here has been personally and rigorously tested by our team. To make the cut to be considered one of the best drug test products of 2019, a product must be effective above all else — when used as directed, each of these products are effective for their indicated purposes. 

Secondly, they are safe for human consumption; while it may not be the best idea to use detox products very frequently, each of our best drug test products of 2019 are free of harmful ingredients that could cause adverse effects in the average consumer when used as directed. Finally, each of these products are simple to use and require no special equipment that isn’t included in the product.

Urine Drug Screen Products

best drug test products 2019

Urine drug screens are just now beginning to fall out of fashion, but they still dominate the drug testing industry and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Because of this, we focused our attention on this category in order to provide a broad variety of products for consumers of all levels and needs. While our personal favorite method for passing a urine drug screen is substitution, we’ll also talk about a few different detox options for when subbing out your sample isn’t an option.

  • Powdered Human Urine Kit – Unlike the powdered or premixed synthetic urine options available from other retailers, this kit consists of powdered human urine, ensuring that your sample won’t be flagged for tampering. The kit includes enough urine powder for your sample, contained within a convenient plastic vial. It also contains specialized warmers to bring your sample to temperature, as well as a highly accurate temperature strip that makes it easy to know when your sample is ready to go. While it’s more difficult to use this kit for a supervised drug test, it is our go-to for most pre-employment tests and a standout among the best drug test products of 2019. For more details about user experience, check out our detailed review of the powdered human urine kit from TestClear. We prefer this kit over competitors because it is:
    • Easy to use for unsupervised tests
    • User-friendly
    • Adaptable
    • The most reliable way to ensure a passing result on a urine drug test
    • Bulk discounts available when purchasing multiple kits
  • Toxin Rid Detox System – If you decide to go the detox route, a Detox System from Toxin Rid is our preferred method to ensure that your system is clear of THC on test day. Available from TestClear, each kit contains cleansing tablets to be taken with plenty of water that will help ignite your body’s natural cleansing capabilities, purging your system of THC. They also contain an electrolyte-mineral shot to boost cleansing, along with a dose of dietary fiber. Both of these components are to be taken on the day of testing. One of our favorite things about these kits is that they’re available in variable durations, from 1-day to 10-day detoxes. We recommend choosing the appropriate duration for your level of use — if you smoked a blunt with some buddies two weekends ago, the 1-day detox should suffice, but don’t expect the same results if you chief like Cheech (in which case, we recommend choosing the 10-day detox). When used appropriately, this is a reliable cleanse and one of the best drug test products of 2019. We describe our experience with the Toxin Rid Detox Systems here; we love the kit because it’s:
    • Relatively gentle on the body, making it a good choice for sensitive systems
    • Customizable according to your level of use
  • Mega Clean Detox Drink – When we need to pass a urine drug test in a pinch, this is the product we reach for. Suitable for occasional to moderate cannabis consumers, Mega Clean’s tropical punch flavor goes down easy and helps you pass a urine drug test for up to 5 hours from consumption, with maximum cleansing power at 3 hours. We recommend at least 48 hours of abstinence from THC prior to using Mega Clean, but lighter consumers may be able to get away with less. When used as directed, Mega Clean will help ensure a clean result on test day. This is one of our tried-and-true products and an absolute staple of the best drug test products of 2019. We talk about our experience with Mega Clean in detail here, but we like it most because it is:
    • Palatable for most consumers
    • Effective when used as directed
    • Excellent for short-notice tests
    • Bulk discounts available on multiple bottles from TestClear
  • XXtra Clean Detox Drink – An extra-concentrated detox drink designed to flush the systems of moderate to heavy consumers, XXtra Clean is our choice for short-notice cleansing for heavy consumers. If you’re a daily user, XXtra Clean will help you pass your test when used as directed (though we strongly recommend at least 48 hours of abstention prior to testing). Like Mega Clean, XXtra Clean provides a 5-hour window during which you will test clean, with maximum effect at 3 hours. Check our our detailed review here for more information on why we consider XXtra Clean one of the best drug test products of 2019. We like XXtra Clean because it is:
    • Potent and effective for moderate to heavy consumers
    • Tropical fruit flavor goes down smoothly
    • Effective for short-term detoxing
    • Bulk discounts available from TestClear on purchases of multiple bottles

Hair Drug Screen Products

best drug test products of 2019

While they’re far less common than urine drug screens, hair tests are pretty intimidating. This is because, unlike other types of tests, hair drug tests detect substances up to 90 days from consumption (and even longer, though these tests only look at a 1.5 inches of hair, about 90 days worth of growth for the average person). There are several methods out there that attempt to strip traces of THC and other substances from the hair shaft, but most of these involve repeated bleaching and recoloring of hair (we can feel hairdressers everywhere cringing at the mere mention of it), causing substantial damage to your hair. 

Fortunately, there are cleansing shampoos available that work to effectively remove THC and other substances from the hair shaft without frying your hair. So before you reach for the bleach — or worse, the razor! — check out our top cleansing shampoos to help you pass your drug test and save your tresses.

  • Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo – With its fresh scent and powerful cleansing properties, this shampoo is our favorite product to help us pass hair drug tests. While it’s a bit pricey, a little goes a very long way (and you’ll only need to focus the product on the hair closest to the scalp at the crown of the head, since this is where testing administrators will take their sample from) and it is effective. Wash your hair as many times as you’re able to before your test for thorough cleansing — the aloe vera extract helps smooth and condition hair, returning the moisture lost during cleansing (you can read about our experience with the shampoo here). Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is one of the best drug test products of 2019 and our go-to cleanser because it is:
    • Effective for even heavy consumers
    • Gentle on hair, sparing your follicles from damage
  • Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo – This three-part system is a great way to amp up your cleansing routine for ultimate cleanliness and confidence. First, the shampoo opens up the hair’s structure to reveal the core within. Then, the purifier removes contaminants and cleanses the hair shaft thoroughly. Finally, the conditioner restores moisture and manageability, adding shine and sealing the cuticle of the hair to reduce damage. We prefer to use this product in addition to the Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo rather than as a replacement, especially for frequent consumers. Our favorite way to use it is as a final deep clean before testing — the conditioning step is excellent for nourishing hair that’s a little bedraggled from intensive cleansing. Check out our detailed review here; we consider Zydot Ultra Clean one of the best drug test products of 2019 because it:
    • Works well for all hair types and minimizes damages
    • Effectively cleanses hair of contaminants without excessive dryness
    • Bulk discounts available  from TestClear on purchases of multiple units

Saliva Drug Screen Products

best drug test products of 2019

The saliva test is growing in popularity among employers, and for good reason: mouth swabs are much less invasive than urine or blood tests and, unlike urine screens, saliva tests give a sense of recent THC consumption over long-term usage patterns. A test administrator swabs the subject’s mouth, then tests the saliva for THC and any other substances.

Since THC doesn’t hang out in saliva nearly as long as it does in urine or hair (48 hours as opposed to weeks or even months), this makes saliva tests much easier to beat than other types of testing. This is the only category with a single product, and it isn’t for no reason — this is our go-to, failsafe product that has never let us down. We’ve passed saliva tests after smoking less than an hour before the test using this stuff, and it’s achieved “swear by it” status among our testers.

  • Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash – While the taste of this mouthwash isn’t our favorite (it’s intensely tingly and makes for an, um, interesting sensory experience), it is outstanding at removing THC from saliva before testing. We’ve obtained clean results with this product every single time we’ve used it, even after smoking just an hour before testing. We can see Rescue Wash being especially helpful to keep on hand if your company uses mouth swabs for their random drug testing program — just rinse twice according to the directions, and you’re good to go! Check out our full review here; Rescue Wash is absolutely one of the best drug test products of 2019 and our favorite way to pass a saliva test because it:
    • Works consistently, even on extremely short notice
    • Thoroughly cleanses saliva of trace substances, including THC
    • Is very user-friendly and practically foolproof
    • Bulk discounts available from TestClear on purchases of multiple units

At-Home Drug Testing Products

best drug test products 2019

There are a variety of reasons you might want or need to take a drug test at home. Perhaps you want to make sure that your detox worked before the big day, or maybe you’re monitoring the presence of THC in your system for a tolerance break or for medical purposes. Whatever your reasons, it’s important to choose a test you can be confident in using. Here are the best drug testing products of 2019 when it comes to home testing kits. Available in bulk or individually, these drug testing kits are simple to use and provide accurate, consistent results. Note that each of these kits are also available for other substances, but we focused our attention on THC-specific testing kits.

  • Marijuana Urine Drug Test Kit – This urine drug test kit contains the testing apparatus, which is similar in design to a pregnancy or other urine test. To use the test, immerse the tip of the testing stick into your sample for 10 seconds, then cap the testing stick and allow the urine to be absorbed into the results window. The kit is very easy to use and provides reliable, accurate results (you can read up on our experience with it here). This is our favorite THC urine drug test and one of the best drug test products of 2019 because it:
    • Is easy to use without any mess or stress
    • Provides quick and accurate results
    • Available at a discount from TestClear when purchasing multiple kits
  • Marijuana Saliva Drug Test Kit – Once you know what you’re doing, this kit is easy to use: simply unwrap the sanitary swab included in the kit, then hold it in your mouth for 1-3 minutes, until it is sufficiently saturated with saliva. Then, insert the swab into the testing apparatus and snap it down securely. This squeezes the saliva out of the swab and onto the testing panels. The testing kit works quickly and unobtrusively while maintaining accuracy (read about our experience with it here). This simple swab is hands-down one of the best drug test products of 2019 for its simplicity and accuracy. We like it best because it’s:
    • Easy to use 
    • Gives quick results
    • Available at a discount through TestClear when purchasing multiple kits


Don’t gamble with your career or legal status — choose reliable products to help you pass your drug test. When combined with responsible pre-cleanse habits and hygiene, these products will help reduce the risk of a positive result. To find the best product for your body, we recommend conducting a “dry run” beforehand to test yourself in advance. This offers you the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments well in advance of the big day itself.

How to Choose a Drug Test Cleanse that Actually Works

Drug testing, whether for employment or legal/insurance purposes, is an unfortunate fact of life for many of us. We at Key to Cannabis believe that THC and CBD use should not impact your career and want to help you make informed decisions about any cleansing or substitution products you choose. 

In a crowded market of flashy packages on cleansing products that practically promise the moon, how do you find the things that live up to their labeling? Here, we’ll break down how to choose a drug test cleanse that actually works. We’ll outline the things you need to know choosing a product to help you pass your drug test, what to look for in a provider, and how to optimize your chances of passing.

A General Note on the Drug Testing Industry

how to find a drug test cleanse that actually works

As we talk about how to choose a drug testing product, we’ll need a certain level of understanding of the relationship between the drug testing industry and the companies creating products designed to “spoof” those tests. These two fields are locked in an arms race of sorts, a self-sustaining cycle that creates an ever-evolving line of products. As testing companies create tests capable of detecting things like dilution or substitution, cleansing companies reformulate their products to meet the requirements of the new tests. 

Because the two industries are at constant war with each other, the product that worked last year might not work on Tuesday of next week, and what works for a small lab in Poteet, TX might not fly at a major testing lab in San Diego, CA. Your odds are affected by where you are and the type of test you’ll be taking, but ultimately, it’s still a bit of a gamble every time.

With that in mind, it’s important to choose cleansing and substitution products that are on the cutting edge of drug testing technology. Using the best products available will give you the best chance of passing your drug test, even accounting for all other factors.

Types of Drug Test Products:  Cleansing

how to find a drug test cleanse that actually works

Drug test products marketed as “cleansing” are sort of right — but also sort of not. Because THC sticks around for so long in the body (it attaches to fat rather than water, making it very hard to flush out effectively), there isn’t a way to truly cleanse your body of THC quickly. The only way to do that is to abstain completely, often for months if you’ve been a heavy consumer for a long time. 

So, if these products don’t truly cleanse your body, then what do they do? Drug test cleansers like drinks and detox systems work by a few different mechanisms (more in a moment) to give you a short window of time during which you will test clean. After this window, THC will again show up in your system, so time is of the essence when testing using a urine cleansing product. 

First, these products use ingredients like cayenne pepper, dandelion, and turmeric to purge surface cells of THC so that it can be flushed away by the kidneys. Second, diuretic ingredients like caffeine and cranberry extract are used to induce flushing of the system. Finally, masking ingredients like B vitamins are used to improve the chemical content of the urine and avoid diluting it too far to be tested.

When looking for a cleansing product, it’s also important to keep in mind that the longer you abstain from cannabis before your test, the better off you’ll be. In a perfect world, you’d have a week or more of advance notice — but that’s not usually the case. If we’re going to go the cleansing route, we feel that at least three days of abstinence is necessary to produce a passing result (and that’s just us personally — your mileage may vary here, by a little or a lot). 

The exception here is saliva cleansing products like Rescue Wash Mouthwash — we smoked an hour before our test and still passed with flying colors. For urine cleansing, however, much longer periods of abstinence are required, and that may not be an option for you. In that instance, you still have another option:  substitution.

Types of Drug Test Products:  Substitution

how to find a drug test cleanse that actually works

Unlike cleansing products, which attempt to make your own urine into passing urine, substitution products aim to create an artificial urine that will pass the test for you. Substitution products may be premixed or powdered (we strongly prefer the powdered versions) and contain essential ingredients like urea, B vitamins, amino acids, uric acid, and creatinine, creating a version that behaves exactly like the real thing. 

The problem with some substitution products is that they’re sometimes behind on the latest technology, which can lead to formulas that can cause you to fail. This is primarily a problem with premixed urine substitutes, which may contain additives or preservatives that can trigger a red flag for the testing agency. Additionally, ingredients like biocides should be avoided, as many tests search for their presence in samples (they interfere with the enzymes that the test relies on). 

Drug Test Product Sellers

how to find a drug test cleanse that actually works

Just like the products they sell, not all drug testing product retailers are trustworthy. There are products that are available from Amazon, GNC, and other major retailers (often at bargain-basement prices), but these products don’t stand by the products they sell — if it doesn’t work, you’re up a certain creek without a paddle. 

Additionally, they won’t be able to tell you anything about how the product works or whether it will work for your particular situation. You might save money in the short term, but that savings won’t be of much help if you lose your job or miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime because you failed your drug test.

We prefer to use TestClear for our drug testing needs. Drug testing is TestClear’s entire business — they stand behind the products they carry, provide outstanding customer service, and can advise you on what product will best suit your needs and the test you’ll be taking. They provide guaranteed shipping to ensure that your order arrives when you need it, and all reviews on their website are from verified consumers.


Because drug testing is such a high-stakes issue, we feel that it’s important to choose the most advanced, reliable products available to help ensure you pass. We trust TestClear and their drug testing experts for our cleansing and substitution needs — we’ve had outstanding results with their products and their team of friendly, helpful drug testing pros can answer questions any time. Next to their competitors, TestClear stands apart; their customer-focused approach and attention to detail make them an exceptional source for your drug testing needs.


Synthetic vs. Real Urine: Why TestClear Human Urine is Superior to Competitors

If you’re trying to pass an upcoming urine drug test, you’ve probably seen plenty of urine substitution kits ranging from synthetic to the “real deal,” powdered and premixed human urine, with lifelike (though that may be a bit generous, given some of the kits we’ve seen) prosthetics or specialized dispensers for supervised tests. There are dozens of products available on the market, but which one will ensure a passing result 100% of the time (when used correctly, of course)?

While the differences between kits may not be immediately evident (or may not seem like a big deal in the face of substantial cost savings or a major time crunch), not all urine substitution kits are created equal. When you’re facing a drug test for something as significant as a new job or the outcome of a legal situation, there’s too much on the line to gamble with inferior products. So how do you, as a consumer, discern which products will help you pass and which to pass on?

Here, we’ll break down the science of urine substitution, discussing the general purpose of these products, the chemical differences between synthetic and human urines, and the risks and benefits of each type. We’ll finish with a brief discussion of our experience with TestClear Powdered Human Urine and why we prefer it to other substitution kits out there. 

Selecting Urine Substitution Kits

synthetic vs human urine drug test

If you’ve spent any time researching urine kits, you’ve probably noticed something a bit, well, peculiar: the labeling of some products for fetish purposes. Some urine substitutes are marketed as being for the purpose of fetish fulfillment, largely to sidestep regulations that restrict advertising of a product to “cheat” a drug test. We’re not trying to kink-shame (different strokes and all), but a fetish urine kit is not necessarily going to help you pass a drug test.

In a way, this marketing can be helpful, as it can serve as a signal that this is not the right product for you. This is because urine substitutes marketed this way have a tendency to be less rigorously formulated than others. In a way, this makes sense; after all, they’re theoretically marketed towards human urine fetishists and not laboratory equipment, meaning they likely won’t help you pass your drug test. 

With this in mind, in our experience it’s a good practice to skip these kits in favor of those formulated with the specific compounds tested for in urine drug tests (more on that in a moment). You need a kit intended to be read by modern drug tests as human urine, not flavored to taste like it.

Science of Urine Substitution: Powdered vs. Premixed Kits

synthetic vs human urine drug test

Another difference between kits you may notice is that some urine kits will come premixed, as a liquid, while others will be packaged as a powder meant to be mixed with water soon before your test. Sometimes “fetish kits” are sold premixed, which may serve as a hint when choosing a urine substitution kit: powdered is the way to go.

This is for a couple of reasons, the main one being that, essentially, there isn’t exactly an official regulation stipulating the expiration date of substitute urine in terms of how long it can legally sit on a shelf before being sold. The premixed urine kits lose some of their “freshness,” and therefore raise your risk of your test being flagged for tampering or a false positive.

From a consumer standpoint, this means that a premixed kit purchased at your local smoke shop may have been collecting dust for over a year before you bought it. During that time, compounds in the urine substitute have chemically changed, shifting the molecular profile of the sample and raising your risk of a false positive. This isn’t to say that it’s completely impossible to dupe a test with a premixed kit (depending on its starting composition, freshness, and other factors), but it does raise your risk of your sample being flagged for tampering — thereby failing you.

For this reason, we prefer to stick to powdered urine kits that you mix yourself shortly before taking your test. Since urine doesn’t stick around for days, weeks, or months inside your body, it just makes sense that you should mix your sample shortly before you take your test. So, now that we’ve gotten the major differences out of the way, there’s still one more to discuss: synthetic urine versus the real deal. 

Composition of Synthetic Urine

synthetic vs human urine

Synthetic urine uses the chemicals usually present in human urine to create a sample that, while not of human origin, contains all the markers read by drug tests to indicate that the sample is legitimate (and clean!). This can be achieved in a number of ways (and each company has their own patented formula for doing so), so no two products will be exactly identical. 

Generally, these products contain urea, creatinine, and potassium, magnesium, and calcium chlorides, along with sodium sulfate and ammonium phosphate and/or diphosphate. B vitamins or yellow dyes may be added for color, and chemicals called heat activators that bring the sample to temperature when water is added. A urine substitute formulated this way stands a good chance of helping you pass a drug test, but these ingredients are unlikely to be labeled, meaning there’s no knowing for sure what you’re getting.

To add to the uncertainty, a much simpler formula for substitute urine involves urea, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and sodium phosphate. The resulting liquid will look and smell very similar to urine (making it an adequate substitute for many experiments and, yes, fetish purposes), but won’t be convincing enough to fool even the most outdated of drug tests. 

Composition of Human Urine

synthetic vs human urine

Human urine, by contrast, varies from person to person depending on diet, metabolism, and other factors. It’s a complex liquid that contains about 91-96% water and both organic and inorganic substances. The approximate ratio of organic to inorganic solutes (the technical term for stuff dissolved in a solvent — water in this case) is 7:5, or 7 organic molecules to every 5 inorganic molecules.  

In this context, organic means simply that the compounds in question contain carbon molecules, while the inorganic particles do not. These chemicals are largely leftover traces from the foods and beverages we consume, but can also contain waste products from cellular metabolic processes. All these compounds combine to create a complex liquid that differs strongly from its synthetic cousins. 

Since human urine comes directly from the source, it won’t be missing any of the key markers tests look for to determine the authenticity of the sample. It also won’t contain any “red flags” that might raise eyebrows at the testing site — with human urine, you don’t have to worry about the yellow dye or heat activator raising the alarm that your sample isn’t genuine. This adds a peace of mind to the testing process that no synthetic urine can offer. 

Risks of Synthetic Urine in Drug Testing

synthetic vs human urine drug test

So, can you use synthetic urine to pass a drug test?  The short answer is: sometimes. This depends on a couple of factors, including the synthetic urine that you’re using and the rigor of the test you’re taking. 

Through diligent research and thorough examination of the product (and perhaps even direct conversation with the company providing the synthetic urine replacement), you may be able to determine that a product contains all the necessary compounds required to pass a drug test without flagging the sample for tampering. However, that’s a serious amount of work for a regular person to undertake, and it may not fully guarantee a passing result.

This is because drug tests are advancing all the time, getting better and better at filtering out the fakes from the real deal. Drug test companies and the people trying to beat them are locked in a sort of arms race, with each side constantly inventing better products to try to get past the other. 

With any synthetic urine substitute, there is always a non-zero chance (however remote) that the sample may be flagged for being fraudulent or having been tampered with. Such a result will trigger an automatic failing result for you, meaning you can kiss that dream job at your perfect company goodbye. While the risk may be numerically small, we feel that, with the stakes so high, it’s notable.

Benefits of Powdered Human Urine 

synthetic vs human urine drug test

When you use a powdered human urine like the urine substitution kit from TestClear, you can be confident that you will pass your test. We like the TestClear kit for its ease of use — simply add water to the powdered urine in the included plastic vial, then use one of the included warmers to bring the sample to the appropriate temperature for testing. When mixed about an hour before testing, the sample has plenty of time to reach its ideal temperature, and the slim vial is easy to store close to the body to avoid arousing suspicion on the way into the test.

The human urine powder within the kit will reconstitute to create a urine sample indistinguishable from other human urine by modern drug tests. Since the powder contained within the kit is of human origin, you don’t need to worry about the concentration of the compounds within. You can test with your head high, knowing that you will pass every time. Even against the most sensitive of drug testing apparati, TestClear human urine achieves a passing result 100% of the time. 


While it is technically possible to pass a drug test using a synthetic urine substitute, choosing and using a product is fraught with unnecessary risks that can compromise your chance of passing. With the stakes of a drug test being so high, we prefer to use the powdered human urine kit from TestClear. Using clean urine of human origin ensures a passing result and grants peace of mind when testing. 


10 Fast-Paced Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

There’s a good chance that you’ve had to take a drug test for employment purposes at some point in your working life — or that you may have to in the future. An estimated 56% of American employers require some form of drug testing and, while the continued expansion of cannabis legalization has helped facilitate a conversation surrounding pre-employment drug tests, they’re still a reality for millions of American workers. Jobs that don’t drug test used to be limited to cash gigs and some types of shift work, but that’s starting to change.

The tide is beginning to shift — New York City just passed legislation prohibiting employers from testing for THC, and other cities and states with legal cannabis markets are considering similar laws. Furthermore, drug testing is on the decline, largely because there’s very little evidence to support its effectiveness (not to mention the immense cost: American companies spent over $3 billion on drug testing in 2017 alone. With the cost and inefficacy of drug testing, jobs that don’t drug test are on the rise.

The legalization of cannabis has helped spur the conversation around the efficacy and benefit to drug testing, and American companies are beginning to take notice. That said, there’s still a long way to go before progressive attitudes toward drug testing for cannabis become the rule rather than the exception. 

While most states (and the federal government) are dragging their metaphorical feet about adapting Regan-era drug testing laws, some industries and companies are revisiting the attitudes that made drug testing so prevalent to begin with. Here, we’ll talk about 10 major companies that do not require a drug test when hiring. We’ll examine companies and jobs that don’t drug test, what’s good about them, and who they might be especially good for.

A Few General Notes

Before we get started, we need to note a couple of potential exceptions: warehouse, loss prevention, and asset management positions. Regardless of the company you’re applying with, these types of jobs are substantially more likely to be drug tested, both prior to hiring and during employment. 

For warehouse workers, this makes a lot of sense: employers want to make an effort to ensure that employees responsible for operating heavy machinery aren’t doing so under the influence in order to avoid accidents on the job. Some companies, like Amazon, predominantly use saliva tests for their warehouse employees, but others use urinalysis or hair testing.

For loss prevention and asset management positions, the concern is less about causing injury or property damage and more about ensuring that employees do not use their position or level of access to steal from the company. While employers are generally looking more for drugs like cocaine or opiates when testing these positions, a positive result for THC could be of concern.  If you are considering applying for one of these positions, be prepared to take a drug test of some kind — it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Additionally, you may be asked to submit to a drug test if you are injured on the job and file for worker’s compensation. This is to ensure that you were not intoxicated at the time of the accident, as that could allow your employer’s insurance to deny payment. If you are involved in an accident at work, be prepared to take some kind of drug test (most likely a urine or saliva screen). Even for jobs that don’t drug test prior to hiring, one may be needed if there’s an accident.


While it’s notoriously difficult to get hired on at the tech giant, Google does not drug test its employees. This is in part to do with the fact that their headquarters is located in cannabis-friendly California, but also because the company would rather employ the most innovative people than the “straightest.” If your portfolio is strong enough to get you in at Google, you won’t need to worry about a positive drug test standing in the way of your dream job. Your work is more important to them than what you choose to do in your free time.


The ubiquitous burrito chain employs over 64,000 people at hundreds of US locations and drug tests none of them. While Chipotle may not be everyone’s ideal workplace, the company has made Forbes’ list of best companies to work for multiple times, providing health benefits, education, and bonus programs that are more generous than competitors in the industry.

The company also makes an effort to use sustainable ingredients where possible, utilizing non-GMO produce and pork raised without antibiotics. If you need a position with a flexible schedule and opportunities for advancement, consider dropping an application at Chipotle. The employer is a strong contender in the industry and offers an abundance of positions and jobs that don’t drug test beforehand. 


In keeping with its compatriots in the tech industry, Apple has no known drug testing policy for its employees — from retail employees to high-level management positions. Apple wants to hire people who excel at their jobs, and the company recognizes that zero-tolerance drug testing policies further limit an already small talent pool. So long as your habit doesn’t affect your performance (and provided you aren’t injured on the job — unlikely, but not impossible), you’re very unlikely to ever be tested at Apple.


The massive coffee retailer does not utilize drug testing for any of its workforce, from its thousands of retail employees to store managers to regional directors. The company is also permissive when it comes to “alternative” body modifications like visible tattoos, piercings, and unconventional hair colors or styles. In addition to a competitive benefits package, Starbucks also offers substantial employee discounts on their products, making them a potentially ideal workplace for coffee and tea enthusiasts with a knack for customer service.


Not to be outdone by competitor Apple, Microsoft does not drug test its employees — again, they’re after innovative thinkers, so as long as you come bearing a strong portfolio or resume, a positive drug test won’t keep you from working for the tech titan. Employees tend to rate the company very positively and, while there’s a large pool of people aiming for a spot, careers with Microsoft appear worth the intense competition it takes to swing them.

Whole Foods

No drug test required here, just a love of food and a willingness to educate yourself — and others — about it. If you’re into food and beverages but aren’t vibing with a traditional restaurant job, a position at high-end grocery chain Whole Foods might be perfect for you.

Based in beautiful (and surprisingly progressive, for the state) Austin, TX, Whole Foods has a reputation for taking good care of their employees, both with competitive benefits and a supportive company culture that values employee advancement and morale. If you’re a wine aficionado, an organic produce enthusiast, or a connoisseur of cheese, Whole Foods may present an ideal work environment for your skills to shine — no drug test needed.


For the artistically inclined, Michael’s offers a relaxed atmosphere working around varied crafting materials — no drug testing required. A position with the creative supplier might be appealing to people who prefer a quiet, easygoing workplace — or want to use the substantial employee discount to finance their own artistic endeavors. This makes the company ideal for prospective employees needing jobs that don’t drug test.

For those with the ability and desire to teach, Michael’s also offers the opportunity to host classes in everything from woodworking to cake decorating to sewing to crochet. Whether you’d like to share your knowledge of crafting with others or just enjoy the idea of a quiet, relatively relaxed workplace, Michael’s will allow you to get your foot in the door without a drug test.


At Petsmart, you won’t need to pass a drug test to spend your workday with animals of all shapes, sizes, and species. The store offers a wide range of positions, from retail associates to stockers to grooming specialists. An ideal career for animal lovers, a position at Petsmart will allow you to learn on the job while getting to interact with and care for a variety of animals, from lizards to birds to cats. If you connect well with animals and the people who love them, a career at Petsmart may be worth checking out. With positions ranging from stocking to management, there are plenty of jobs that don’t drug test available with the company.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you’re the type to routinely opt outside by camping, cycling, kayaking, fishing, hiking, or other outdoor activities, a job at Dick’s offers the opportunity to work closely with like-minded individuals in an active environment. The diverse array of products at the sporting retailer will allow you to work in your area(s) of expertise while learning more about sports and activities you may never have thought to try — perfect for people with a sense of adventure. 


The familiar supermarket has made some big changes to their drug testing program in recent years: aside from warehouse and loss prevention employees, Target does not require drug testing for any of their workers. This makes the company an excellent resource for jobs that don’t drug test. The company also tends to pay a higher starting salary relative to comparable chains and offers significant benefits for full-time employees. The employee discount is enough to save you money on your grocery bill and there are positions available for everyone, from the most sociable among us to the least extroverted.


While drug testing is a formidable presence on the employment market, it isn’t ubiquitous — attitudes toward drug testing are shifting, and there are many companies who have made the decision not to test their employees for illicit substances. This is especially true in legal states, but an increasing number of national companies are opting to skip drug testing and focus their hiring process on what employees do at work, rather than penalizing them for things they do off the clock. The number of jobs that don’t drug test is starting to outpace the number of positions that do.


How to Use Detox Drinks to Pass a Drug Test


Urine drug tests are the most common type used by employers and legal authorities nationwide, largely because they’re some of the hardest tests to fake. Lipid-soluble compounds (like THC and its main metabolite, THC-COOH) stick around in urine for a very long time, making it difficult to flush the body of undesirable chemicals prior to testing.

Difficult, however, doesn’t necessarily mean impossible; while it’s true that you cannot successfully cleanse your body of THC without abstaining and detoxing for an extended period of time, it is possible to introduce water, electrolytes, and other substances to the body in such a way as to produce a temporary passing result. 

This is the aim of detox drinks, a popular-but-risky way to pass a drug test on very short notice. We tend to prefer to use the substitution method to pass a urine drug screen, but this may not be an option for supervised testing. If this is your situation, a detox drink might be just what you need — but there are some important things you need to know before starting your cleanse.

Here, we’ll break down how to use your cleansing drink of choice to maximize its cleansing power, helping rid your system of THC for the prescribed window and allowing you to produce a clean sample. We’ll also talk about what to look for in a detox drink before wrapping up with a couple of our favorite cleansing beverages for different usage levels. 

Before We Begin: A Few Possible Caveats

Before we get into the science of detox drinks and how to use them, we need to make an important clarification: detox drinks will only work to help you pass a urine drug test. They will not be effective at cleansing your system in advance of hair, blood, or saliva tests. Bear this in mind when choosing a detox product that’s right for you and the test you’ll be taking.

Second, detox drinks are similar to other cleansing products in that they won’t be effective if you don’t abstain from cannabis during your cleansing period. Your results will be better the longer you are able to abstain before your test. We recommend at least 48 hours of abstention for moderate to heavy consumers, though more time is always better. 

Finally, you’ll need to drink a lot of water with any detox drink you choose, and we mean a lot of water. Most detoxes ask that you drink a minimum of 32 fluid ounces of water after consuming the drink, but some request amounts as high as 48 ounces. As a general rule of thumb, more water is better (just don’t overdo it and send yourself into hyponatremia, a potentially lethal overhydrated state. It’s pretty difficult to get there, but not totally impossible), and be sure to urinate as many times as you can before you plan to test. 

How Detox Drinks Work

We need to open with an important distinction: it is not possible to truly eliminate all THC and its metabolites from your body in a protracted period of time. The only way to cleanse your body of THC (in the strictest and truest sense of the word) is to detox naturally, which can take anywhere from a few short days to a period of months, depending on how frequently you use cannabis. 

So, if these drinks aren’t zapping the THC from your cells, how do they help you pass a drug test using your own urine? We’ll cover the science momentarily, but the short answer is that detox drinks use a combination of chemical actions in your body to help you produce urine that will test clean during a certain window of time. After this period, you’ll test positive again — the cleansing effect isn’t lasting, but it will get you through your drug test unscathed.

Detox products work by a combination of a couple different mechanisms: first, they dilute your urine, and therefore any THC or its metabolites that might be present. Second, they adulterate your urine with compounds to help mask the presence of THC and give some of your dilute urine its color and chemical properties back. 

Finally, many detox drinks contain compounds that are believed to encourage the flushing of THC from your cells, removing the molecules from the superficial layer of your internal tissues. Note that this only takes place at the surface — your deeper tissues will still harbor THC and THC-COOH for as long as you continue to consume cannabis. That said, it can help improve your chances of testing clean. The effectiveness of these substances is improved by frequent urination.

First & Foremost: Use Exactly As Directed

Even the best detox drink won’t be effective if you don’t follow the instructions. This is because you need to drink not only the beverage itself, but also plenty of water — expect to refill and drink the container 2-3 times before testing per most instructions. 

You’ll also need to give your body the best chance possible to flush THC and THC-COOH from your renal system, which means that you’ll need to pee as much as possible before your testing. We recommend going at least three times between drinking the beverage and testing, but more is always better. 

Finally, be sure to replenish your electrolytes after testing. While detox drinks do contain necessary salts and ions to keep you from suffering the effects of dehydration, you may need to reup your body’s supply, especially if you’re an active person. Avoid caffeine and other diuretics, focusing instead on rehydrating and resupplying your body with necessary nutrients.

Ingredients to Look For

There are many different ingredients that are commonly used in detox drinks. Here, we’ve broken down the most effective and safest by category according to their purpose. The following ingredients are generally considered safe and effective for cleansing purposes when used as directed:

  • Diuretics, or ingredients designed to cause you to urinate more frequently, serve to help dilute your urine while promoting the flushing of THC from surface tissues. These ingredients include compounds like:
    • Caffeine, a well-known stimulant 
    • Ginseng, a naturally-derived supplement commonly used in energy drinks to boost focus — with the side effect of increased urination
    • Guarana, another plant-derived stimulant 
    • Taurine, a compound extracted from the livers of cattle that’s been found to increase energy (and urination, lots of stimulants have that effect) 
    • Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is often used to dilate blood vessels, invigorate the body, and speed up the body’s metabolism. This is the molecule responsible for the “niacin flush,” or reddening of the skin, that accompanies energy drink consumption in some consumers, and may induce a type of short-lived “head rush” when taken very quickly in large doses.
    • Cranberry extract. While it’s been shown to be ineffective at treating a UTI, cranberry may help cleanse the urinary tract of non-bacterial chemical elements and assist in flushing “surface” THC from the body
  • Adulterants, or ingredients included to help replace vital compounds in your urine to compensate for dilution while masking the presence of any residual THC. Many of these compounds are contained within your urine naturally; these ingredients are intended to put back together the chemical profile that’s distorted through the dilution process.These may include:
    • Creatine, a precursor to creatinine, a compound found in urine naturally and one of the most important markers for a testing lab that a sample is genuine and untampered with
    • Vitamins B6 and B12 are often used to return color to diluted urine, as are folate, or vitamin B9, and thiamin, or vitamin B1
    • Biotin, a compound necessary for healthy hair, skin, and nails 
    • Zinc, chromium, selenium, and manganese are trace minerals typically found in urine

A Cautionary Note About Herbal Extracts

While most herbal supplements are safe for consumption when used as directed, it is wise to be aware of the herbs included in your detox of choice and any interactions they could have with medications you take. For example, burdock root extract can be very helpful for flushing the kidneys, but could cause a reaction in people allergic to daisies or chrysanthemums. Milk thistle extract works well to protect the liver and soothe potential digestive discomfort resulting from using a detox drink rich in minerals, but could reduce the effectiveness of estrogen-based birth control pills. 

As with anything else, it’s important to consider the potential risks an ingredient might carry for you before making an informed decision. There are entirely too many potential ingredients and corresponding interactions for us to list here, but we’d like to present a few general precautions to minimize any risk of a negative interaction.

Firstly, please exercise caution with detox drinks if you are currently taking any diuretics or blood pressure medications. This is because detox drinks are quite diuretic on their own and could cause dehydration when combined with a similar medication. Secondly, be cautious if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and considering a detox drink. Most ingredients are fine, especially for one-off use, but may cause problems for high-risk moms or those with sensitive systems. 

We don’t mean to incite panic or scare you off of buying that detox, we just want to encourage you to be mindful of what you put into your body. The risk of adverse side effects is vanishingly small, but still non-zero; consequently, we feel we owe it to you to mention it as you consider the right detox drink for you.

The Day Before Testing

On the day before you are scheduled to take your test, make sure to eat sensibly and keep yourself amply hydrated. We recommend skipping out on fatty or fried foods during this time, opting instead for plenty of fiber and protein. Leafy greens, grilled chicken or fish, fresh vegetables, and fiber-packed root veggies like sweet potatoes or beets are good choices.

You’ll also want to take any pre-cleanse pills that were included with your detox on this day. Taking the pre-cleanse pills will help prime your system for tomorrow’s detox and remove residual THC from your system. Take them as directed with plenty of water — if you need something with flavor, try to opt for tea, coffee, or juice over sugar-packed sodas. 

Immediately leading up to your test, we advise avoiding strenuous exercise. If you already have an established exercise habit, keep it up! However, if you’re a habitual couch potato, now is not the time to take up jogging. This is because too much fat-burning during this time can cause THC trapped in your body’s fatty tissues to return to the bloodstream, becoming detectable in your urine. To avoid this, keep novel exercise to a minimum in the few days before testing.

The Morning of Testing

On the morning of the big day, make sure to have a big glass of water or two with your morning coffee — though perhaps limit yourself to one cup today. Keep breakfast low in fat and high in fiber (egg white veggie omelet, perhaps?) and wear comfortable clothes. Don’t fast until your test; not only will depriving yourself of food not help your chances of passing, but you’ll be cranky and more prone to unnecessary anxiety. 

Be sure to take your detox drink with you! You may remove the label if you’d like, or place it in a large water bottle or thermos for discretion. Make sure that you know the time and place you are supposed to take your test, as the next steps will depend on the timing.

Hours Before Testing

Since detox drinks give you a window of time during which you will test clean, time is of the essence. Your detox will be most effective three hours from the time of consumption (unless otherwise specified), with the window of effectiveness extending for up to 5 hours. For this reason, we advise taking the drink as close to 3 hours from your test as possible.

When it comes time to take the detox, down the whole thing as quickly as you can. We don’t mean you have to chug it (unless, of course you want to), but try to finish the bottle within 15 minutes or so. Then, immediately fill the bottle with water and drink that — again, doing your best to finish it within about 15 minutes. 

After that bottle is gone, go ahead and fill it up again — and don’t worry, you can take your time drinking this one. You’ll probably need to urinate pretty quickly after finishing the first bottle of water, so don’t fight the urge. The more you are able to go before your test, the better off you’ll be. Stay hydrated leading up to your test by refilling that water bottle frequently. 

The Test Itself

When collecting your sample for testing, use urine from the middle of your stream, as opposed to the beginning or the end. This minimizes the risk of trace THC ending up in your sample and gives you the best chance of providing a fully clean sample and passing your drug test. 

To do this, allow yourself to urinate for about 4-6 seconds before beginning to collect the sample. Once you’ve obtained an adequate specimen, clean up the cup (it’s just polite) and head out, being sure to wash your hands thoroughly. 



A detox drink like Mega Clean or XXtra Clean from TestClear can help you pass your drug test with flying colors, but these beverages aren’t bulletproof. Make sure that you follow the directions on the product that you choose, abstain with plenty of time to spare, and keep yourself well-hydrated throughout the process. 


Pass a Urine Drug Test in 3 Hours: A How To Guide

The unthinkable has happened: you’re being subjected to a urine drug screen with practically zero notice, and you’re panicking. You know that THC sticks around for ages in urine compared to other substances, and you’re scared of what will happen if you fail. How are you supposed to pass a urine drug test in 3 hours?

Take a deep breath, then another. All is not lost, and you can pass a drug test with very short notice beforehand. Here, we’ll cover two methods to help you pass a urine drug test within three hours: the substitution method and dilution/adulteration using a detox drink. 

We should note that we’ve experienced success with the dilution/adulteration method for moderate THC consumption (meaning a bowl or two twice a week or so) using both Mega Clean and XXtra Clean detox drinks, available from TestClear. If you choose to use this method, it is imperative that you use a reliable detox drink — this is not the time to pick up the cheapest thing at the smoke shop and go!

We don’t mean to imply that a passing result is impossible with another product, but we do recommend making every effort to use a reliable, consistent, potent detox drink. We highly recommend Mega Clean or XXtra Clean (XXtra Clean is our favorite for more frequent consumers), and your results will depend on how closely you follow the instructions. Don’t get creative with your detox, and try to minimize your risk of failure wherever possible.

A Few General Guidelines

pass a urine drug test in 3 hours

Since short-notice tests like this tend to be pretty high-stakes (like for employment, insurance, or legal purposes), it’s in your best interest to have a substitution or cleansing method on hand just in case. We recommend having at least a powdered urine kit on hand at all times, with a detox drink as well if you suspect you might be subjected to a supervised test (unlikely, but super stressful!).

This might sound a little excessive, but if you work for a company that routinely or randomly drug tests their employees (or in an environment where a workplace accident is more likely, such as a warehouse or distribution center), being prepared can really save your proverbial bacon. If you have the product you’re using to pass on hand, you won’t need to waste valuable time tracking down a bag of fake urine or a cleansing product — and if you’re using the dilution/adulteration method, time is of the essence.

In that spirit, we strongly recommend choosing the substitution method wherever possible, especially if you smoke, vape, and/or take edibles more than three times per week. Substitution with powdered human urine (as opposed to the synthetic stuff)  is the most reliable way to ensure a passing result in every situation. If you can use the substitution method, we highly suggest you do so, as it’s the surest way to pass a urine drug test in 3 hours.

That said, all may not be lost if you have to take a supervised drug test. We’ve had good success with detoxing quickly — provided our use was light to moderate (for our purposes, generally 2 or fewer times per week). We don’t mean to imply that passing is impossible for heavier users with the dilution/adulteration method, but we do encourage you to be realistic about the capabilities of even the best detox products and plan for your drug test accordingly. If you smoke every other day or more, we strongly advise you to go for substitution over a detox attempt.

Gather Your Tools

pass a urine drug test in 3 hours

First, you’ll need to get your hands on the materials you’ll need for your chosen method, and soon. If you’re using the substitution method, a powdered urine kit from TestClear will contain everything you’ll need to mix and use your substitute sample. This includes the powder itself, a vial to mix your sample in, adhesive warmers to bring the sample to body temperature and maintain its warmth, and a precise temperature strip that changes color to indicate when the sample is in the right range for testing. 

If you’re using the dilution/adulteration method, get your detox of choice as quickly as possible. Hopefully, you have a bottle of Mega Clean or XXtra Clean on hand and ready to use, but if not, we suggest looking for a cleansing drink that contains plenty of fruit pectin, lots of B vitamins, trace minerals, and a hefty amount of creatine to give you the best chance possible. You might consider adding a dose of fruit pectin (available at the grocery store) to your detox if you have doubts about its efficacy.

Hour 1: Start the Process

pass a urine drug test in 3 hours

During the first hour, you’ll want to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible if you’re planning to use your own urine. For discretion, you can either remove the label from your detox drink or place it in a bottle of your choosing, such as a large sports bottle or something with opaque or colorful sides. Adapting the container you use for your detox will help you blend in and avoid suspicion while cleansing.

When you’re ready, drink the entire bottle of your chosen detox drink in one go, aiming to finish the bottle within about 15 minutes of starting it. Once you’ve downed it all, refill the bottle with water and, again, try to get it all down within about 15 minutes. 

After you’ve drunk the first bottle of water, go ahead and refill the bottle again with water, but drink this one at a bit more leisurely pace, finishing within 30 minutes of starting it. If you feel the urge to go, do it! The more you are able to urinate before your test, the better off you’ll be, since eliminating as frequently as possible before testing will help flush your system more effectively. 

This strategy will help set you up for success if you’re using a detox product by hydrating your body in preparation for the diuretic effects of the cleansing drink. All that extra water will help flush residual THC from your system, providing you with a window during which you’ll test clean. If you’re using Mega Clean or XXtra Clean, you’ll be at your cleanest about 3 hours from testing — be sure to read the directions if you’re using a different product!

If you’re cleansing first thing in the morning, it’s okay to have a cup of (black, possibly sweetened but with no creamer) coffee or tea in addition to the detox drink and the water after. That said, don’t overload yourself with extra caffeine, which can combine with the diuretic effects of the detox to produce dehydration, discomfort, and potential health consequences. This is especially true if you’re sensitive to stimulants. When in doubt, reach for water over other drinks during this time. 

If you’re using the substitution method, you can relax during this first hour. Make sure you have all your equipment and a bottle of water (we’ve used tap in a pinch with success, but we prefer something filtered for substitution purposes) to mix your sample with. We’ll put everything together and start preparing in earnest in the second hour.

Hour 2: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Your Detox Products

how to pass a urine drug test in 3 hours

When using a detox product to produce a clean sample of your own urine, you’ll want to use this second hour to keep yourself hydrated, using the restroom whenever you feel the urge and rehydrating frequently. We recommend drinking about two of your detox bottles refilled with water during this time, but if you feel the desire to drink more, go for it. 

Steer clear of coffee, tea, or energy drinks during this time; if you really need to have something other than water, try drinking some juice (we like apple or cranberry best for these purposes). Keep away from caffeine — after all, your kidneys are already working overtime, and putting them through extra stress with more diuretics than necessary just isn’t advisable. 

If you’re substituting your urine, you’ll need to mix up your sample at this time. This is simple and pretty foolproof: add some of your bottled water to the powdered human urine in the vial, filling it up to the line, and shake well to dissolve all of the powder. If any clumps of powder remain, try rolling the vial to allow these particles to dissolve properly. You should be left with a vial of liquid that looks, feels, and smells indistinguishable from urine (because it is).

Next, you’ll need to apply the temperature strip and warmer to start bringing your sample to body temperature. Simply adhere the temperature strip along the side of the vial, then apply the warmer so that it envelops the bottle in a cozy little hug. Once everything is mixed and the warmer is applied, stash the vial in a pocket (make sure the lid is tightly sealed to avoid accidents!), checking the temperature every 15 minutes or so.

Hour 3: Preparing To Test

pass a urine drug test in 3 hours

As the big moment draws closer, it’s time to finalize your preparations and get ready for the test itself. Regardless of which method you’ve chosen, this hour will mostly be spent in maintenance mode — keeping hydrated if you’re using your own urine, and holding your sample at temperature if you’re substituting it. 

If you’re using your own urine, keep up with your water intake (about 12-16 ounces every 30 minutes or so) and continue to flush your system by eliminating whenever you feel the urge to go. If you’ll be supervised, it helps to have some urgency so that you don’t suffer from “stage fright,” so drink up!

If you’re substituting your sample, check to ensure that your sample is at or near body temperature (if it’s a little warm, you might remove the heater about 15-20 minutes before testing to allow it to cool a few degrees). It’s also a good idea to drink some water during this time, to ensure that you are able to urinate while pouring your sample into the specimen cup (not being able to go could draw suspicion).

When it comes time to test, you’ll be ready. If using your own urine, collect your sample from midstream (as opposed to at the beginning or end of the stream) to take the cleanest possible sample for testing. When substituting, pour your sample into the specimen cup while you are urinating to avoid arousing any suspicion. 

Then, you’re done! Hand off your sample cup (after cleaning up any splatter, of course — don’t be that guy!) and walk out of the testing center with your head held high. 


While passing a urine drug test at extremely short notice is stressful and difficult, it isn’t impossible. A little preparedness can go a long way toward ensuring a passing result, so pick up a urine substitution kit and/or detox product to keep on hand in the event of a sudden test, especially if you work in an environment where workplace accidents are a semi-regular occurrence. When used correctly and appropriately, a detox product or substitution kit can help you pass your drug test, saving your job or your legal status. 


Do Drugstore Test Kits Work for Marijuana?

If you’ve recently been to a Walgreens, Wegmans, or even a Dollar Tree, you’ve likely seen small, marijuana-specific drug testing kits floating about on the shelves. Sometimes near the pregnancy tests and sometimes off in a section of their own, these kits claim to detect THC in urine. But do drugstore test kits work for marijuana?

You may have seen saliva drug tests, some for cannabis alone and others for the “big 5” of drug testing: cannabis, methamphetamine, cocaine, opioids, and amphetamine salts (like Adderall, Vyvanse, and other commonly abused stimulant medications). How well do these cheap kits actually work? Are they reliable?

These inexpensive testing panels claim to offer consumers the ability to test themselves (or, in some instances, their loved ones) for illicit substances in the privacy of their own homes at an affordable price. Some keep the promises minimal, while others claim very low detection thresholds capable of catching even very occasional use. That’s all well and good, but do these products actually work?

Here, we’ll talk about the science of drug tests, how these inexpensive kits rose to popularity, and whether they actually work. We’ll discuss important drug testing criteria (including thresholds of detection) and help lay out how to choose the right drug test for your needs. 

Urine vs. Saliva Testing: What’s the Difference?

do drugstore test kits work for marijuana

While both urine and saliva tests can be used to accurately detect the presence of THC in humans, the two types of tests work in different ways and have different periods of detection. This makes a difference depending on what your purposes are: saliva tests are usually used to detect THC over short periods of time, usually 48 hours or less. 

By contrast, THC remains detectable in urine for long periods of time, potentially weeks or even months in heavy consumers. This makes urine tests ideal for determining a person’s long-term consumption habits; where saliva tests only look at the past couple of days, a urine test can detect THC for much longer after the last use of cannabis. 

As cannabis becomes legal in more and more states (Illinois recently legalized recreational cannabis, becoming the 11th US state to do so), companies who utilize pre-employment drug testing are less interested in testing for THC. Those that do continue with established testing programs are starting to shift toward saliva testing and away from urine screens. 

This is because urine screens may show a positive result for someone who last consumed THC weeks ago, whereas a saliva test would show a negative result for the same person. Companies are starting to recognize that cannabis use doesn’t necessarily prevent a person from being good at their job, and policies are shifting accordingly — albeit slowly. 

That said, urine drug screens remain the most commonly used tool for THC detection, both in pre-employment and legal situations. Unless you know for a fact that you’ll only be subjected to a saliva screen, it’s helpful to be prepared for a urine test. For information on how to ensure a passing result for either test, check out our article on how to pass a drug test.

How Drug Tests Work

do drugstore test kits work for marijuana

Unsurprisingly, urine and saliva drug tests function very differently (after all, they are testing entirely different bodily fluids), but there are a couple of similarities between the two tests. Both detect THC in their respective testing media, and both are commonly used by prospective employers to screen potential hires and maintain a safe work environment. 

However, that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Saliva testing is less invasive (a simple mouth swab, as opposed to peeing in a cup) and presents a clearer picture of current intoxication levels than urine screens. These tests detect the presence of THC and other substances in the saliva, which is generally a good indicator that the substance is also present in the subject’s bloodstream at the time of testing. 

To do this, saliva screens take a swab of the subject’s saliva (either with a mouth swab, spitting into a cup, or allowing a swab to sit in the subject’s mouth for 2-3 minutes, as with the SalivaConfirm drug test from TestClear). The saliva is then placed into a container for testing; results may take up to 10 minutes to show, but some tests show results in as little as three minutes.

Because they show THC levels at the time of testing, saliva tests are most commonly used in situations where employers need to know if a person is under the influence while at work, such as after a workplace accident or for insurance purposes. Saliva screens may also be used when companies are not necessarily concerned with long-term occasional cannabis use, but do want to be sure that a prospective employee is not stoned during the interview. 

Urine testing, on the other hand, does not paint a reliable picture of intoxication levels at the time of testing. This is because, unlike saliva tests, urine screens look for both THC and its main metabolite, THC-COOH. This is an important distinction because, while THC itself is broken down fairly quickly by the body, THC-COOH can linger in the body’s fatty tissues for months in heavy consumers. 

For this reason, urine testing is very commonly used by both employers and the legal system to determine a person’s long-term cannabis use or abstinence from THC. Unlike saliva screens, which test a person’s immediate level of “contamination,” urine drug tests provide institutions with an idea of what a person’s consumption habits look like over a longer period of time.

Urine testing relies on a type of test called an immunoassay, which uses special molecules that attach themselves to THC and THC-COOH molecules when they are present in the sample. When these molecules bind to THC or THC-COOH, they prevent the color indicator from rising to the surface of the test (the particles that create the line indicating a passing result). As long as even a faint line is present, you will be considered passing. However, if the line fails to form, you will fail your test. 

Drug store tests work using the same technology as their laboratory counterparts (in fact, many private label brands are made at the same facilities as higher-end tests, often with the same materials and components) and, for the most part, they’re pretty accurate. The only notable exception, which we’ll cover in more detail a bit later, is the threshold of detection, or the level of THC that needs to be present in order to yield a positive result.

Urine vs. Saliva Testing Kits: Which is Right for You?

do drugstore test kits work for marijuana

When choosing an at-home testing kit from your local drugstore, it’s a good idea to have your goals in mind. Is this for personal use, or do you intend to “check yourself” before going in to take a supervised drug test? Are you seeking to determine your level of THC contamination before embarking on a cleansing regimen? Do you need to help test a loved one for THC?

Whatever your reasons, you’ll want to make your decision based on what you need. If you need to know whether you’ll test clean on a urine screen for a new job, then choose a urine test. If you need to know if someone is presently under the influence (or has been very recently), a saliva test is the right choice for you. 

For most pre-employment tests, urine tests are the way to go: they’re affordable and give results in minutes without extensive laboratory testing, and they’ve long been considered the “gold standard” of drug testing. 8 times out of 10, if you’re being tested for employment or legal reasons, you’ll be taking a urine drug screen. 

That said, there are a few notable exceptions. A few companies (Amazon among them) have started to use saliva screens over urine tests since they’re less invasive, increasingly affordable, and don’t penalize subjects for occasional use in the same way that urine tests can. 

Furthermore, even if you took a urine drug test to be hired at your current job, a random drug screen or one that takes place after a workplace accident is more likely to be a saliva test than a urine test. This is because, for these types of tests, immediate intoxication is the most important detection need. Furthermore, saliva screens are easier to administer at random (we recommend keeping a bottle of Rescue Wash handy if you’re routinely subjected to random saliva tests).

Drugstore Kits vs. High-End Kits: Threshold of Detection

do drugstore test kits work for marijuana

The main difference between drugstore drug testing kits and their pricier counterparts is the threshold of detection, or the level of THC needed in a sample to be picked up by the test. As a general rule, higher price tags on a drug test indicate a lower threshold of detection, meaning they can find very low levels of THC in samples. 

Cheaper drug tests are still just as effective for most people as high-end tests, and compete well with their most commonly-used counterparts. In some instances, the test at the drugstore may be remarkably similar to the one you take at your prospective employer’s office. That said, there are a few situations in which a drugstore test kit might not cut the proverbial mustard.

For example, you might run into an issue if you take a drugstore test and pass, only to take a cutting-edge test for your local fire department that has a slightly lower threshold of detection that just barely fails you. This is pretty unlikely to happen (most tests have a detection threshold somewhere between  20 and 50 ng/mL, a pretty narrow window), but it is a non-zero possibility. 

If you know that you will be taking a test for a very strict company or for a legal entity, it might be a good idea to take extra precautions. We recommend using the substitution method for urine drug tests, though detoxes can also be effective for occasional to moderate consumers. It’s also a good idea to use a higher-quality test to prepare yourself for the big day, such as the at-home urine screen or SalivaConfirm panels, both available from TestClear.

We prefer substitution over dilution and adulteration because it removes most of the risk associated with using your own urine for the test. For saliva screens, we rely on Rescue Wash; check out or review for more details (we smoked mere hours before testing and still passed with flying colors). Regardless, know that the drug tests available at your local drugstore are plenty effective for detecting THC, and should be suitable for most purposes.


While there are differences between drugstore testing kits and their laboratory cousins, there are far more similarities. A drug test you pick up at a CVS or Eckerd is likely to be made with much of the same technology as high-end brands, even down to the components within the tests. That said, if you suspect you’ll be taking a highly sensitive test, it’s worth it to skip the drugstore and order a high-quality, low-threshold drug test from TestClear.

TestClear vs. Herbal Clean Qcarbo32

When searching for a reliable drug test cleansing product, navigating the crowded field of search results can be difficult. There are hundreds of products out there that claim to work, but many of them aren’t as effective as their advertising makes them out to be. 

Here, we’re looking at Herbal Clean Qcarbo32, a popular cleansing drink available from a variety of retailers. We’ll compare it to the two most comparable products available from TestClear, Mega Clean and XXtra Clean cleansing drinks. This comparison is based on a combination of research into the product formulations and ingredients, our personal experience, and a sampling of reviews for both products from verified users.

A General Note On Drug Testing

testclear vs herbal clean qcarbo32

First, we need to talk a bit about the drug testing industry and its relationship with cleansing companies. The two fields are locked in a sort of arms race with one another: as drug test cleansing companies create products that can fool the tests, more advanced tests are created. This spurs the creation of more advanced cleansing and substitution products, and so on in a self-sustaining cycle of enhanced precision and more detailed formulas.

In some ways, this is a good thing — all that competition between the two industries spurs advancements in both of them. Furthermore, research into the development of new products enhances our understanding of the science of drug testing, improving our access to empirical information on the subject. However, it’s not so great from a consumer standpoint. This ever-evolving landscape makes it so that the product that worked last year might not work next week. When choosing a cleansing or substitution product, it’s crucial to make your decision based on the most current information available.

Cleansing Drinks & THC

testclear vs herbal clean qcarbo32

To thoroughly and fairly compare cleansing drinks, we need to start by talking a bit about how they work. There are a couple of primary means that urine test cleansing drinks work by: superficial cleansing of tissues, dilution of urine, and masking the presence of THC. There are some drinks out there that only work using one or two of these mechanisms, but the best cleansing beverages use a combination of all three processes for a more reliable clean.

There are different ingredients that are often included in cleansing beverages to serve different purposes. These ingredients vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but there are some that you can pretty much count on being in your cleansing drink. These include B vitamins, which are used to help flush THC from surface cells of the body, as well as to add color to the urine and ensure that it meets dilution standards. 

Secondly, cleansing beverages tend to utilize a blend of herbs, proprietary or otherwise, that support the goal of producing a clean sample during the specified window of time. These may include things like dandelion, burdock, or turmeric root extracts to help flush superficial fat cells of THC and its metabolites, along with diuretic compounds like uva ursi leaf and juniper berry extracts that encourage more frequent urination. 

Finally, these products contain essential nutrients and electrolytes like creatine and magnesium to help urine retain the necessary concentrations of these compounds to meet dilution standards. They’ll also use vitamins B1 and B2 to improve the color of the urine sample despite its dilution. Niacin is used to help flush THC from urine and tissues and, while it’s effective, it can be toxic in high doses — beware of products containing very high percentages of niacin, and avoid stacking multiple cleansing drinks simultaneously.

TestClear vs. Herbal Clean Qcarbo32: Ingredients

From an examination of the ingredients in Herbal Clean Qcarbo32, there are plenty of ingredients that are considered safe and effective in temporarily cleansing the urine of THC and its metabolites to produce a clean sample, including uva ursi, burdock, turmeric, and dandelion extracts alongside plenty of B vitamins and electrolytes. 

Both Mega Clean and XXtra Clean contain many of the same ingredients, though we noticed slightly higher concentrations of many essential vitamins in the Mega Clean and XXtra Clean formulas. We also noted a few extra components in the herbal blend utilized by Mega Clean and XXtra Clean — not necessarily better, just a different approach.

TestClear vs. Herbal Clean Qcarbo32: Use

Qcarbo32 is intended to be used in much the same manner as Mega Clean or XXtra Clean — drink the entire bottle within 15 minutes, then refill the bottle with water and drink that within 15 minutes. With all three beverages, consumers are encouraged to urinate frequently to flush as much THC from their systems before testing to ensure a clean sample. 

TestClear vs. Herbal Clean Qcarbo32: Customer Experience

When looking at reviews for Herbal Clean Qcarbo32, we noticed a trend across different sellers: for people who had plenty of time to abstain beforehand and were occasional to moderate cannabis consumers, the drink worked well and consistently. However, for consumers with fewer than three days to abstain or a long history of frequent cannabis consumption, the results were less reliable, and more users reported that the drink didn’t quite cut it. 

This highlights an important point in choosing a drug test cleansing product:  it’s crucial to find the right product for your level of THC exposure. A product that works perfectly for someone who takes a few hits before bed at night might not be enough for someone who goes through several joints per day. 

TestClear vs. Herbal Clean Qcarbo32: Final Thoughts

We like TestClear because the products they carry are formulated with maximum effectiveness in mind. While they carry products for less frequent consumers (like their 1-day and 3-day detox programs), most of their selection is geared toward helping consumers with heavier usage patterns produce a clean test result. In our experience, this leads to a more reliable clean and better results for consumers. 

Aside from the differences between the products themselves, we also noticed a major difference between sellers. While Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 is available from sellers like Amazon and GNC, we noted a significant number of complaints across different platforms relating to shipping, timeliness of the product’s arrival, and pricing. That’s the gamble of online retailers — some are reliable, but many are not. With something as important as drug testing, we feel it’s beneficial to choose specialized sellers over big-box stores.


By ordering from TestClear, you ensure a couple of things. First, you are receiving the product you ordered, not a knockoff in similar packaging. Second, you will receive the product in a timely manner — if you ordered overnight delivery, then you will receive it the next day, guaranteed. Finally, TestClear stands behind their products in a way that many retailers don’t, meaning that you’re covered in the event that a product doesn’t work out for you. 

We don’t mean to imply that Qcarbo32 is a subpar product — it isn’t, and it works just fine for many people. However, it isn’t the most reliable product available, and it may not work for people with less time to abstain or who have used cannabis more frequently for longer periods. For high-stakes drug testing, we prefer to stick to the product line available from TestClear. Their cleansing products work reliably, they ship in a timely manner, and they are supported by a guarantee of efficacy when used as directed that’s backed by TestClear.  


Drug Testing

At Key to Cannabis, we stand behind cannabis’ many medicinal uses, but we know that the rules and regulations have a lot of catching up to do. In fact, even in places where cannabis is legal for recreational and medicinal use, it isn’t uncommon for employers to require a pre-employment drug test—usually one whose testing panel includes THC. 

Sometimes these drug tests are even randomly presented after employment, and a lot of people have found themselves wondering why there’s so much fuss surrounding the use of one of Earth’s powerful, yet naturally occurring plants. 

We’ve found ourselves wondering, too—and in the same sudden drug test predicament looking for quick solutions. Luckily, you have options, some of which can help you beat a drug test in just a few hours. Really, there are detox programs and other cleansing drinks that can clean you up (or at least make it appear that way) in no time at all. You can even get real clean urine (in powdered form), set with its own heating mechanism, that’s guaranteed to pass 100% of the time. 

And yes, we know that not all drug tests are urine tests. That’s why we found brands that went further than detoxes and ingenious substitute substances. You can also reap the benefits of detox shampoos to help you pass a hair sample test. There’s detoxifying mouthwash that will put you in the clear from mouth swab tests, too. You’ll also find options for taking a drug test at home so you can feel confident in the drug test cleansing products that you choose. 


Which Drug Testing Product Should I Choose? 

If you do happen to find yourself in this sticky predicament, you’ll need to discern the details of your future drug test. Knowing how long you have to clean up your system, what type of drug test you’ll be subject to, and whether your test will be supervised or unsupervised will help you choose the most useful drug test product for you. 

For instance, passing a urine-based drug test is much different from passing a mouth swab test. If you’re subject to a supervised drug test, you’ll probably want to avoid powdered urine or any form of fake piss. If you’ve got a little time, a lengthy detox may be the most effective way to rid your system of THC. 

It may take some consideration, but we’ve had some pretty positive experiences with many drug test products. If you need more information, check out this guide on how to choose a drug test cleanse that will really work for you. 

Drug Testing Products Trusted Reviews

At Key To Cannabis, we understand that these sudden drug test situations can be unpredictable—and incredibly stressful. That’s why we decided to dedicate a portion of our time to testing each unique drug testing cleanse and substitute for ourselves. We try before you buy, and hopefully our thorough, detailed reviews can connect you with the drug test cleanse that you need. Check out our drug test product reviews below, and then check out our other reviewed and approved products for the same hands-on experience with all our favorite cannabis products.