There are few things more enjoyable than pitching a tent and spending a night in the great outdoors. Many people might consider including cannabis in their next camping trip – besides all of the medical benefits, smoking in nature is wonderful! If you do intend to bring your stash, we recommend managing those supplies in a smell proof stash box to keep the process discreet and easy on the go. Here are five tips for bringing your stash into the great outdoors and planning a camping trip with weed.

  1. Know the area

    Do you know if your campsite is in state or national park? You’ll want to make sure that your camping area will not cause any legal problems for you. Most states mandate that cannabis use only be allowed on private property and soon-to-be designated public areas. There are multiple private 420 friendly campgrounds in Colorado like Wilderness Bud and Breakfast that allow cannabis consumption, so be sure to check local and federal laws and comply accordingly.

  2. Pack a Variety of Smoking Supplies

    Have you ever tried to roll a joint in extremely high wind? Or to load a vape pen while driving down a bumpy road? It’s important to recognize that every environment is different and some consumption methods will be easier than others in the outdoors. For example we love rolling joints inside out, but we will often roll them the traditional way when outdoors because the increased amount of paper stays lit better in the wind. We jokingly consider a joint rolled regular to be “outdoor rated”. For this very reason, we almost always pack a one hitter because it’s the easiest way to get a quick hit.

  3. Vary the Strain Selection

    When enjoying cannabis outdoors, different strains can serve different purposes. For example, a sativa is going to be great in the morning and during lunchtime to give you the energy and focus to finish that hike or tidy the campsite. In the evening on the other hand, an indica around the campfire will calm everyone down and allow sleep to come a little easier in your tent. Cannabis enthusiasts and outdoor experts can certainly agree that the addition of CBD can be a phenomenal tool in any camping stash kit. CBD will help you ease sore muscles and give you that relief your crave after a long day on the trail.

  4. Bring enough to share

    When you ignite some quality weed you can expect your friends who don’t normally partake to consider a hit as the smoke wafts across the campsite. We love my friends that have no problem carrying a dab rig to 12,000 feet – better believe some people are more than willing to carry their smoking supplies the distance!

  5. Hotbox the tent

    Regardless of whether it’s a nightcap or a sunrise wake and bake, we highly recommend enjoying the opportunity to hotbox your tent. Most tents utilize a mesh ventilation system so it won’t be a true hotbox, but the experience of laying in your sleeping bag as the smoke floats to the stars or the rising sun is a moment not to be missed.


Skip the big four piece grinder and the clunky bowl piece on your next hike – opt for a sleek grinder card plus one hitter or load your vape pen with all your smoke sessions.