5 Pieces of Glass Every Smoker Should Own

How do you smoke? Most people tend to find their favorite piece of glass and then largely stick with it, only deviating when necessary. But on the rare occasion, switching it up simply for variety can be a really enjoyable change for your endocannabinoid system. Furthermore, when guests come to your home, it’s nice to be able to offer them their preferred smoking, vaping, or dabbing preference if you can. Here are 5 classic pieces of glass that every serious smoker should consider adding to their collection. If not to accommodate your guests, do it for yourself! Variety is the spice of life, and it can be very important to vary your inhalation techniques on occasion.

One Hitter

The easiest item to manage on this list, a one hitter is often referred to as a chillum. It is a straight pipe with an end-to-end channel that often only packs enough cannabis for one hit (hence the name). The main differentiating feature between a chillum and a pipe is that a chillum does not have a small hole on the side like a traditional pipe (this is called a carb).

Glass Blunt

glass blunt

Arguably the most under rated smoking device of all time, the glass blunt is an incredibly effective and unique way of smoking cannabis. While it’s not the most conservative in terms of stash management, it’s certainly one of the hardest hitting pieces of glassware on this list, second only to the bong. You pack the glass blunt from the top, like you would a one hitter, and then use the slide to both inhale and push the cherry upward to ash.


Also called a spoon pipe, a traditional pipe is a glass tube of various sizes and shapes with a bowl at one end for containing burning cannabis or tobacco and a small hole on the side that acts as a carb. The reason for this small hole is to help you quickly clear the smoke from the chamber on inhale. So the general method would be as follows:

1. Cover the carb cap with a finger

2. Put the bowl to your lips

3. Ignite the cannabis

4. Inhale slowly as smoke builds inside the pipe

5. Remove your finger from the carb and inhale rapidly, clearing the chamber


A glass bubbler is an ideal smoking pipe for combining the portability of a standard hand pipe with the punch of a bong. With the versatility of being able to add water or hit it as a dry pipe, it’s one of the most versatile options on the list. Bubblers will typically be larger in size than your average pipe, but will be considerably smaller than a bong. Dab rigs will be fairly comparable in size.


A bong, also known as a water pipe, is a filtration device used to smoke cannabis. As the user inhales, the smoke passes through the water and bubbles up into the chamber prior to being cleared. Bongs are typically comprised of at least two pieces, the larger tube (that holds the water) and a smaller bowl piece where the ground buds are loaded. Bongs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes but they are typically on the larger side, which makes them great options for home use.

Dab Rig

A dab rig is a water pipe specifically designed for concentrates. The primary difference is that a dab rig generally has a male joint as opposed to the female joint usually found on a bong (male joints are ideal for adding a titanium nails). Typically, a dab rig is smaller than a bong and larger than a pipe, very similar to a bubbler.

How to Clean Your Glass Bong, Bowl, Bubbler & Dab Rig

Glass plays a very important role in the lives of most regular cannabis or organic hemp flower smokers. Whether you prefer pipesbongs, or dab rigs, your piece is going to get dirty with frequent use. Dirty glass lined with resin will restrict airflow and produce a less flavorful, harsher hit. Eventually, the piece may even become clogged completely—yikes. This is easy to fix with our step-by-step guide!

There are a variety of dedicated glass-cleaning solutions on the market today intended specifically to dissolve resin; however, they are quite expensive and most don’t work as well as the method we will outline. These store-bought solutions can easily be replaced with two household items; isopropyl alcohol and salt.

Rubbing alcohol is a component in most glass cleaning solutions (like Windex) and the salt adds an abrasive element that is especially helpful in removing sticky chunks of resin. We like to incorporate the use of Q-tips, pipe cleaners, and paper towels for those tricky hard-to-reach spots.

What You’ll Need:

Cleaning supplies

  • Sink area with running water
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (91-99%, higher the percentage the better)
  • Epsom Salt (or coarse sea salt, but even table salt will do in a pinch)
  • Q-tips and/or pipe cleaners
  • Cotton balls or corks (optional, to cover openings)
  • Paper towels
  • A plastic zip-lock bag (if cleaning a smaller piece, like a bowl)

How to Clean Your Bong, Bowl, or Bubbler

  1. Prep your Glass

    Empty the dirty water from the piece (if it’s a bong or bubbler) and rinse the inside and outside of the glass with warm water. The goal here is to rid the glass of dirty bong water and wash away any major chunks of resin.  Using higher water pressure is okay, but make sure to hold onto your glass!

    Note: resin, in this case, refers to the residue produced by smoking cannabis through glass (that dark, sticky tint that becomes grimy over time), as opposed to the fresh resin (trichomes) produced by the cannabis plant.

  2. Add Solution

    The next step is to subject the glass to the salt and alcohol solution. For small pipes, chillums, glass blunts, and one-hitters, this step is best performed with the help of a plastic zip-lock bag to immerse the piece in. Fill the plastic bag with roughly a 2:1 ratio of alcohol to salt, then submerge the glass piece entirely. Be sure to zip the bag completely shut before proceeding to the next step.

    For bongs, bubblers, and dab rigs, the solution will be added inside the main chamber. The appropriate amount of salt and alcohol will vary based on the size and form factor of the glass. As a general rule of thumb, we would suggest filling the glass up with alcohol to a level consistent with the water line. An optional, but a helpful step is to use cotton balls, a cork, or similar type stopper to plug any openings (like a downstem opening). This helps prevent making a mess in the next step.

    If your glass is extremely dirty, it may benefit from a 30+ minute soak in the salt and alcohol solution before moving to the next step, as this will help soften the buildup for easier removal. For routine cleaning, there is no need to let the glass soak; it can be fully cleaned in the next step. Pro Tip: adding a dash of distilled white vinegar to the alcohol solution will increase acidity and makes the solution work faster and dissolve more – including hard water stains.

  3. Shake Vigorously

    Firmly grasp the glass and/or the zip-lock bag and shake vigorously. The salt will scrape the resin from inside the glass while the alcohol works to break down the stickiness of the resin and dissolve it away.

    Continue to shake until the glass is completely clean. For those spots requiring an extra bit of detail, incorporate the use of an alcohol-soaked Q-tip or a pipe cleaner (you can also dip the Q-tip in a bit of salt for extra scrubbing power if you don’t have a pipe cleaner).

    We also recommend wiping down the outside of the piece with an alcohol soaked paper towel. This will remove any fingerprints, dust, and dirt stuck to the outside of the glass for a thorough clean.

  4. Rinse Thoroughly

    Empty the dirty solution and rinse thoroughly with water. At this point, you may notice that the glass is not completely clean. If this is the case, simply repeat Steps 2 and 3 with a freshly prepared solution until the glass is crystal clear. Once clean, make sure the glass is rinsed with fresh water several times – there should be no smell of rubbing alcohol once this step is completed. If applicable, don’t forget to refill your fresh glass with water before reconsecrating it; nobody likes a dry rip!

Is glass a part of your everyday smoking supplies? If not, we highly recommend making your first glass purchase. We really like the bongs, pipes, and bubblers from BloomGroove, which are high quality and affordable. For something a little more upscale, Nectar Collector Infinity Techs are amazing kits that we can’t recommend highly enough.


    Regular cleaning will help extend the life of your glass. Plus, the more frequently you clean, the less intensive the cleaning process will be each time.
    Clean glass creates a more pleasurable smoking experience; nothing beats the first hit out of a freshly cleaned piece.
    This cleaning technique can be applied to nails, dabbers, dab rigs and more

Cornering: How to Light a Bowl without Burning Yourself

No need to set yourself on fire anymore! There is a technique for flawlessly lighting a bowl with a lighter and not burning yourself. The best part is that this method is also the most efficient way to smoke a bowl. While your cotillion days may be over, it’s important to remain respectful of others and obey the proper smoking etiquette for any situation. You may be aware of the correct dabbing rules or joint smoking etiquette, but do you know how to avoid embarrassment when someone hands you the pipe or bong? You would be shocked by how few people know how to light a joint correctly.

What is cornering a bowl?

Although most bowls technically don’t have corners, the term “cornering” refers to only lighting a small portion of the bowl – it’s like taking a slice of pie instead of the whole top half. By burning a cross-section of the bowl from top to bottom, you leave an undisturbed section of “greens” for the next person in the circle. Greens refer to the section of the bowl that remains as un-smoked, ground and packed cannabis. As you might imagine, if you set the whole bowl on fire instead, the person next to you would be forced to take a hit of ash and half-burnt weed.

Why corner a bowl?

The answer to this question is simple – flavor and potency! Everyone knows the most enjoyable part of smoking cannabis is the terpene-rich smoke that leaves you feeling intensely euphoric. Beyond just tasting and smelling good, these terpenes actually help induce a lot of the medicinal benefits associated with cannabis. So, why corner a bowl? To let others in the circle have a taste too!

How to corner a bowl

Cornering a bowl is not difficult; it just takes a little bit of finesse with the flame. We recommend holding the bowl at an angle and carefully touching the flame to the outer wall of the bowl while inhaling until just a section of the bowl has been ignited. Many people find that holding the lighter a bit further away from the bowl helps burn a smaller area – by inhaling, you will draw the flame into the packed bowl.

Is cornering for pipes or bongs?

Both! Cornering applies to handheld pipes, bubblers, and bong bowls. After all, the bowl itself is just the portion of the smoking device that holds the ground cannabis. Thus many different smoking devices contain a bowl – and if you’re smoking with others – it deserves to be cornered. Everyone ought to have a shot at smoking “greens”.

Snap vs. Party Bowl

Let’s set the record straight, some bowls are packed with the intention in being roasted all in one hit and others are meant to be shared. Small bowls like one-hitters and tiny bong bowls are actually designed for single hit consumption (known as taking a “snap”). On the other hand, larger bowls in handheld pipes and bongs (known as “party bowls”) are designed to be shared amongst friends. Having said this, there are some situations in which cornering will not apply – like taking a snap out of a bong. When taking snaps, each person loads their own single hit in the bowl, takes the hit, and then clears the bowl for the next person – everyone benefits from “greens” in this scenario as well.

How to Pack a Bowl – A Visual Guide

Most people learn how to smoke from a pipe before anything else, contrary to the familiar image from DARE materials of a “bad kid” villainously holding a joint. By far the most common type of smoking accessory, pipes or bowls come in a range of different shapes, sizes, and designs – all while serving the main goal of providing an easy way to smoke cannabis.

Despite their prevalence, many people are confused when it comes to the best way to load your chosen bowl. After writing the wildly popular how to pack a one-hitter article, we’ve received quite a few questions regarding the specifics of how to pack a bowl.

Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck, and these tips can help you get the best rip from your bowl, whether it’s in a traditional pipe, a steamroller, a bubbler, or a bong. To really stretch your stash, check out our article about blazing on a budget while still getting high.

First and foremost, you can’t just slam a whole nug of cannabis or organic hemp flower into your bowl and expect a smooth hit. We recommend you acquire a grinder, whether it’s a simple card or a multi-chambered affair. Your cannabis will burn more evenly, and it will make it easier to corner the bowl out of respect for others (as opposed to torching the entire top layer on the first hit — not cool).

We get most of our grinders from BloomGroove since they have a wide selection of quality and affordable options. If you prefer a grinder card, you can pick some up on Amazon with cool designs that fit in a credit card pocket.

If you need a good pipe, bong, or bubbler, BloomGroove also carries a great selection of those here.

Here are the step-by-step instructions and photos showing how to pack a perfect bowl.

  1. Grind and Collect the Material

    Place your grinder card and bud on top of an open Pebble container. Gently rub the cannabis buds on the surface of the grinder card. Feel free to use your 4-piece grinder as well – ANYTHING is better than hand-crumbled buds. The key here is a fine, even grind to ensure a slow burn.

  2. Pack Gently

    Slowly squeeze the contents of the Pebble into your bowl, periodically packing the cannabis down into the bowl with your fingertips. The goal is not to pack the bowl too loose, which will result in the dreaded Scooby snacks and torching of the bowl, or too tight, which makes the bowl nearly impossible to hit effectively. You want the ground bits evenly packed in the bowl, but not pressed down so hard that airflow is restricted. You can do a quick airflow check before lighting to check your work. The perfect pack results in a bowl that stays lit and is easy to inhale. Pro Tip: some people like to place one larger chunk into the bowl first to act as a smokable screen, preventing the possibility of Scooby snacks.

  3. Remember the Carb

    You know that weird little hole on the side of nearly every pipe or bowl? Yep, that’s the carb. This hole allows you to control the flow of fresh air drawn through the pipe, creating the perfect hit. When you inhale, you should have the carb covered, and when you clear the piece, you should remove your finger from the carb.

  4. Light and Inhale

    Once your bowl has been packed, slowly ignite the cannabis closest to edge of the bowl and begin to inhale. This will corner the bowl at first, and ultimately create a cherry, allowing you to smoke the remainder of the cannabis in the bowl with minimal lighter use. We recommend a slow, smooth inhale and exhale to avoid unnecessary respiratory irritation.

  5. Clear the bowl

    After the entirety of the bowl has been smoked, you can blow out the ash or gently tap the bowl against your palm. This does not always work, which is why we suggest always carrying a poker. Whether it’s a dabber, paper clip, toothpick, or dedicated poker tool, it’s an important tool for airflow management when smoking from a bowl.

  6. Stow for Later

    Sky High Stash Box

    Are you ready to retire your outdated dugout? This stash box from Sky High will completely replace your old dugout that lacks room for a poker, lighter, grinder, and the ability to carry multiple strains. It even comes with a combination lock to make sure your stash is safe.

Bonus: How to Pack a Bowl with CBD – Symptom Relief Without the Buzz

Everyone loves a classic cannabis bowl, but did you know you can also pack a bowl with organic hemp flower?  Hemp is naturally high in CBD and can provide fast-acting, full-spectrum symptom relief when smoked.

We enjoy the organic, non-GMO, sustainably-grown hemp flower strains from Canna Comforts, which look, smell, taste, and smoke just like the top-shelf marijuana strains that inspired them.  Federally legal and batch-tested for quality, purity, and potency, we trust Canna Comforts for a delicious and therapeutic hemp flower experience.  We like a joint of Lifter (shown in image below) before bed or to relieve pain, but their diverse array of strains ensure the right fit for any condition.

Common Bowl Packing Questions

What if I don’t have a grinder to pack my bowl?

Carry a grinder card! They are so slim and discreet you could carry it in your wallet – or your Safety Case of course!

How tight should I pack the bowl?

There is a sweet spot for every bowl. It’s a balance of staying lit and maintaining airflow – depth and width of the bowl-piece itself play a big role. Try both ends of the spectrum, loose and tight, then it will be easy to find the perfect pack for you!

How to pack a bowl for a bong / bubbler?

Just because we used a pipe as an example doesn’t mean that you should pack the bowl for your bong or bubbler any differently!