5 Pieces of Glass Every Smoker Should Own

How do you smoke? Most people tend to find their favorite piece of glass and then largely stick with it, only deviating when necessary. But on the rare occasion, switching it up simply for variety can be a really enjoyable change for your endocannabinoid system. Furthermore, when guests come to your home, it’s nice to be able to offer them their preferred smoking, vaping, or dabbing preference if you can. Here are 5 classic pieces of glass that every serious smoker should consider adding to their collection. If not to accommodate your guests, do it for yourself! Variety is the spice of life, and it can be very important to vary your inhalation techniques on occasion.

One Hitter

The easiest item to manage on this list, a one hitter is often referred to as a chillum. It is a straight pipe with an end-to-end channel that often only packs enough cannabis for one hit (hence the name). The main differentiating feature between a chillum and a pipe is that a chillum does not have a small hole on the side like a traditional pipe (this is called a carb).

Glass Blunt

glass blunt

Arguably the most under rated smoking device of all time, the glass blunt is an incredibly effective and unique way of smoking cannabis. While it’s not the most conservative in terms of stash management, it’s certainly one of the hardest hitting pieces of glassware on this list, second only to the bong. You pack the glass blunt from the top, like you would a one hitter, and then use the slide to both inhale and push the cherry upward to ash.


Also called a spoon pipe, a traditional pipe is a glass tube of various sizes and shapes with a bowl at one end for containing burning cannabis or tobacco and a small hole on the side that acts as a carb. The reason for this small hole is to help you quickly clear the smoke from the chamber on inhale. So the general method would be as follows:

1. Cover the carb cap with a finger

2. Put the bowl to your lips

3. Ignite the cannabis

4. Inhale slowly as smoke builds inside the pipe

5. Remove your finger from the carb and inhale rapidly, clearing the chamber


A glass bubbler is an ideal smoking pipe for combining the portability of a standard hand pipe with the punch of a bong. With the versatility of being able to add water or hit it as a dry pipe, it’s one of the most versatile options on the list. Bubblers will typically be larger in size than your average pipe, but will be considerably smaller than a bong. Dab rigs will be fairly comparable in size.


A bong, also known as a water pipe, is a filtration device used to smoke cannabis. As the user inhales, the smoke passes through the water and bubbles up into the chamber prior to being cleared. Bongs are typically comprised of at least two pieces, the larger tube (that holds the water) and a smaller bowl piece where the ground buds are loaded. Bongs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes but they are typically on the larger side, which makes them great options for home use.

Dab Rig

A dab rig is a water pipe specifically designed for concentrates. The primary difference is that a dab rig generally has a male joint as opposed to the female joint usually found on a bong (male joints are ideal for adding a titanium nails). Typically, a dab rig is smaller than a bong and larger than a pipe, very similar to a bubbler.

The One Hitter Pipe: An Underrated Yet Effective Weed Accessory

Don’t downplay the one hitter pipe. Much like a snub-nose .38 revolver, the one-hitter isn’t that intimidating at first glance, but it’s easy to conceal, nearly impossible to break, and reliably delivers kill shot after kill shot. It’s the Manny Pacquiao of the smoking world: it doesn’t look like much, but it’ll drop your ass in a flash if you fail to show the proper respect.

Trust me we’ve heard every negative about one-hitters out there—they’re cheap, they don’t hit like a bubbler or a bong, you’d rather smoke a vape pen—we get it. We acknowledge that it’s not always the best way to smoke. But the thing is, one-hitters are amazing smoking accessories because of everything they aren’t. They aren’t expensive. They aren’t big. They aren’t difficult to use. They don’t require a lot of cannabis to be effective. Below, we’ll run through a few of these benefits, in hopes of convincing you why adding a one-hitter to your smoking kit is a smart move. Like the Navy Seals always say, “Two is one and one is none” so why not add backup weed accessories to your 420 travel kit?

What is a one-hitter?

A one hitter is a pipe designed for, you guessed it, a single hit. Typically, this means a skinny, tubular pipe, with a mouthpiece at one end and a small bowl at the other. Because of their low-profile and convenient nature, one hitters are preferred by folks who live or travel in locale’s with particularly unfriendly marijuana laws. Fun fact: one-hitters have actually been around for thousands of years (they’re known as a sebsi in Morocco, kiseru in Japan, and a midwakh in the Middle East). Often referred to as a one hitter bat, one hitter cigarette, or one hitter dugout, they are ubiquitous in the smoking community.

  1. Easy & Convenient

    No time to roll a joint? Packing a bowl at a concert or on a chairlift? The one-hitter is beyond intuitive and easy to use. If you have a small container full of pre-ground flower, you can just press the bowl of the one hitter firmly into the herb, scrape off the excess flower from the outside of the bowl, and then you’re good to go. Click here for in-depth info on exactly how to use a one hitter. Also, the one-hitter doesn’t necessitate the cleanup required by glass bongs, bubblers, and even bowls. Just tap out the ash, scrape out the resin, and boom, good as new.

  2. Discreet on the Go

    one hitter on the go smoking

    A a sleek black one hitter is the definition of discrete, you’ll never notice it!

  3. Conserves Weed 

    Blazing on a budget? The one hitter will help you make the most of your Mary Jane. When hit properly, the one hitter is an extremely effective smoking method. Also, there’s very little weed lost, especially when you compare it to a joint or a blunt.

  4. Potent Hits

    Did we already mention that the one-hitter hits remarkably hard? Easy to use and reliable, these pipes may look like featherweights, but they’re in a much higher weight class.

Recommended Uses for the One Hitter

We smoke one hitters all the time. Here are a few of my favorite ways to make the most of the one-hitter’s aforementioned benefits.

Smoking in the backcountry, or anywhere in nature when wind is a factor

For a quick puff between acts at outdoor concerts

Bringing it as a carryon so you have an inconspicuous piece with you when traveling

how to grind weed

Conserving the last of your stash, saving flower and money in a pinch


Types of One-Hitters:

There are a few types of one hitters on the market—I’ve even seen one hitters made out of animal bones. While I’m all for going primal, my preference is metal or glass.


The right combination of durability and discretion, the metal one hitter is our favorite way to smoke in the category. Don’t go with the cheap and clichéd cigarette camouflaged version, though—you’re not fooling anyone.


Glass is, of course, the best on the market when it comes to delivering clean flavor. However, they are easily broken. If you’re a glass purist, make sure you snag a Safety Case so that you aren’t left brokenhearted with a broken bowl.

Wood, Bone, Stone etc.

There are tons of other types of one hitters out there on the market—and while they make for fun novelty pieces, we don’t recommend them as everyday pipes, as they’re tougher to clean and don’t offer the crisp flavor of a glass or metal one hitter.

For more info on how to use a one-hitter, we have a visual guide for how to pack a one hitter.

The Professional, Stylish Pipe Travel Kit + 3 Stealthy Smoking Devices

Traveling pipe devotees know that bringing their favorite wooden Sherlock pipe or Gandalf glass bowl with them isn’t always an option. Bringing a pipe on the road—especially an expensive custom piece or one that has sentimental value—is a recipe for disaster. Broken bowls are an occupational hazard for the traveling stoner, as are misplaced, confiscated, and stolen pieces. Also, even if your favorite bowl is indestructible, it might still be too big and bulky for discreet use when traveling. Plus, the scent of a freshly roasted bowl is difficult to hide. Considering all of these factors, we recommend the Safety Case, a smell proof stash box compatible with everything a traveling pipe smoker needs on the go.

one hitter on the go smoking

Most pipe smokers are looking for a simple, convenient smoking system—whether they know it or not. The Safety Case has an outdoor-grade zipper and a smell-proof exterior to combat the dead giveaway aromas of burnt weed and resin, and the interior of the case is designed to be compatible with compact accessories for convenient use while traveling. One thing is for sure: when pipe smokers use the Safety Case with Black Rock Originals’ premium accessories—namely the Grinder Card, Pebble Container, and One Hitter—smoking on the go shifts from a sketchy chore into a stress free session.

Grinder Card

how to grind weed

The key to a smooth pull and powerful hit? That would be a fine grind before packing your pipe, just like you would for rolling a joint. Breaking up your high-grade by hand is like mashing Italian roast espresso beans with a mortar and pestle—it just won’t do. Instead, tuck a Grinder Card into your Safety Case for a travel-friendly alternative to bulky grinders that’s as easy to use as it is stealthy to stash. And while we love collecting kief in my coffee table grinder, one of the benefits of using a grinder card is that there’s no loss of THC: all of the trichomes and kiefy goodness pass through the metal grate of the grinder and not a pinch of gold is lost to the winds.

Pebble Containers

When you’re on the road, having a container of pre-ground flower will save you time and allow you to pack your bowl even more quickly, especially if you need to be discreet. Silicone containers are smell-proof, non-stick, airtight, and easy to clean. We love to load up four different Pebbles and stash them in my Safety Case before a trip. Our MO? Pack one with indica, one with sativa, one with a hybrid, and one with kief or an extract. Not only do these bad boys make your smoke session even more efficient, but they also keep your stash virtually unnoticeable.


For the flower-loving pipe smoker, sometimes a vaporizer just doesn’t get the job done. One hitters, on the other hand, are my go-to for smoking herb while traveling. They’re small, stealthy, and pack a punch. Especially with finely-ground flower, these blacked out one hitters never cease to amaze (and blaze). Use the one hitter in conjunction with the Pebble system, and you can rapidly pack bowl after bowl for either individual or group smoke sessions—no matter where you are.

Safety Case

Stash the One-Hitter pipe, Grinder Card, and multiple Pebbles in your smell-proof Safety Case for efficient and discreet smoke sessions. When you combine the Safety Case with premium cannabis accessories, you’ll realize that everything fits and works together. We rely on the Safety Case everyday—whether I’m skiing in Colorado, heading to the office, or traveling somewhere new.

Seven Ways to Store Your Travel Stash

Whether you’re headed across town or across the country, you’ve probably encountered the problem of how to carry your smoking supplies after you take them out of the marijuana packaging. Ultimately, the answer to this question will depend on the contents of your stash and where you’re going. Like many cannabis consumers, we would venture to guess that your stash is constantly changing. That said, the most versatile options are usually the most helpful.

Forget Doob Tubes & Altoid Tins

Cannabis users around the globe have been re-purposing classic items like tin Altoid mint containers and sunglasses cases for years. While these containers are capable of stashing a combination of cannabis and smoking devices, they are typically flimsy and lack smell-proof construction. Unfortunately, you also run the risk of losing your stash to an accidental lid opening, which seems to happen quite frequently with daily use. Another common choice is a doob tube: an obnoxiously bright plastic tube designed to carry joints. They are cheap airtight containers, but you’ll still need to remember your lighter. Be aware that depending on the size of the tube, you may not be able carry blunts or king size papers.

How can you carry 3 joints plus a mobile rolling kit in your pocket?

Airtight Containers are Bulky

Airtight canisters are very prevalent in the cannabis industry. They are typically designed as storage solutions for the cannabis products themselves – so you’ll need another dedicated space for your actual smoking accessories (i.e. pipe, bong, papers, etc.). Most commonly, they constructed from plastic or glass – a DIY solution is a pill container or mason jar. Airtight canisters are manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, opacities, and materials; feel free to purchase different sizes for different amounts of cannabis.

Silicone containers have become synonymous with concentrate storage due to their non-stick properties, but they’re not just for concentrates. These smell proof containers are made in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Silicone containers are especially helpful when dealing with concentrates with waxy, buttery, or oily consistenciesNote: the quality of silicone used is very important! To mitigate rick of contaminating your concentrate, utilize medical grade silicone as opposed to food grade.

Vaporizers Break Easily

Dispensaries sell a variety of vaporizers and dab pens that include pre-filled cannabis concentrate cartridges as well as the load-your-own dab style. The sealed, pre-filled cartridges eliminate the need to carry additional concentrates, but they can break easily in your pocket. Looking for the best vape pen? Check this one out.

Always store a vape pen cartridge unscrewed and upside down to prevent leaks.

A load-you-own weed or dab pen requires smell proof containers and dabbing tools.

Smell Proof Container for your Stash

Hailed by MPORA as “The type of thing James Bond might carry around”, the Safety Case is a stylish stash wallet for the active lifestyle. The smell proof Safety Case eliminates the need for doob tubes, while ensuring you won’t forget your lighter. Concentrate users benefit from the ability to stack multiple smell proof containers along with the necessary consumption devices. Those seeking discretion will appreciate its lack of obvious marijuana packaging and smell-proof design when in public places and social events. With room for king size joints, blunts, vaporizers, pipes, papers, grinder and more, the Safety Case is the ultimate stash case for active smokers around the world.

Skip the DIY Stash Box: 5 Reasons to Invest in a Professional System

Investing in a stash box is, for some smokers, a luxury: it’s simply a means to effectively organize smoking essentials and accessories. For others, investing in a stash box is an absolute necessity, as keeping a low profile is non-negotiable. While we believe strongly that cannabis consumption should be decriminalized, legalized, and de-stigmatized, until that day, using a low-profile stash box is the best way to enhance discretion.

When we couldn’t find anything that met my requirements, we sat down and made a list of everything that a perfect stash box should be:

  1. Smell-proof

    What’s the point of a stash box if the smell leaks out into the world? There’s a time and a place for getting a whiff of your favorite flower—and at the office is not one of them. It should be made with premium materials and a outdoor-grade zipper to ensure a smell-proof seal.

  2. Discreet

    Rasta colors and marijuana leaf prints? No thanks. Advertising cannabis consumption may be cool for teenagers, but for those who wear button-ups instead of Bob Marley t-shirts to work, a low-profile smoking kit is absolutely essential. And this pretty much knocked DIY kits out of the running for me: Altoid tins, hemp sacks, dopp kits—it was all way too obvious.

  3. Protective

    Dropping your stash box is, as we all know, an occupational hazard. Just like we’d never use my iPhone without a rugged case, we am averse to relying on poorly-padded, subpar stash boxes that couldn’t protect my $250 vape pen or custom glass chillum from unexpected bumps in the road. We invest in the right phone case, and that iPhone makes it through the gauntlet of life without a cracked screen. Same goes for my prized smoking essentials. It always baffles us when people are willing to spend a ton of money on an expensive piece of glass, and then treat it as they would a metal one-hitter.

  4. High-quality

    While there were a few stash boxes on the market, there was one glaring aspect that all of them were missing: quality. Maybe the lower-quality cases didn’t matter to the folks interested in buying the Bob Marley, weed-leaf print stash boxes—but to us, functionality came first. After all, we’re avid outdoor enthusiasts and my Colorado lifestyle has proved time and time again the importance of functionality over aesthetics – just because a jacket looks good doesn’t mean it will perform well in a whiteout blizzard.

  5. Convenient

    Some days We roll joints, some days we smoke blunts, some days we hit the chillum, some days we vape. As a cannabis connoisseur, we have different preferences based on what the day holds. As such, we want a stash box that is compatible with all sorts of smoking accessories. Each accessory should be designed to fit in a specific compartment or pocket, while still leaving room for my blunts, joints, pipe, or vape pen.

A Complete System

We found it! The Safety Case from Black Rock Originals does the trick!

Loading a Vape Pen:

Packing a One Hitter Pipe:

The Bottom Line

The Safety Case is an investment-grade stash box for on-the-go smokers who care as much about discretion as they do functionality. We’re proud to say that we rely on the Safety Case daily—and we hope you will too!

Need More Storage?

Check out the smell proof collections by Black Rock Originals. You’ll find all the different sizes you might need!

Shop Smell Proof Bags

The Rules on Paraphernalia and Your Stash

Well, aside from that fact that you are an adult and a plastic bag is no longer a suitable option – there are also social and legal implications surrounding your stash. This may come as no surprise to you, but there are some states where the laws are conflicting.


While legalization and decriminalization continues in some states, other states maintain outdated and unreasonable cannabis laws – especially those related to paraphernalia. In essence, there are still legal loopholes that allow law enforcement to continue incarcerating people for cannabis ‘crimes’ (what an unwarranted word) – even in states that have decriminalized. In Nevada and Mississippi for example, you can carry nearly an ounce of cannabis with nothing more than a fine in penalties; but if the police find a grinder, bong, or a pipe during their search, you could be facing jail time.

We’re not joking – there are still states where cannabis itself is decriminalized but the items used to consume it are not. For this reason, we like to use a Safety Case to store and transport our stash. This discreet, smell-proof stash box is perfect for carrying your smoking supplies in a pocket, purse, or bag. The Safety Case’s unsuspecting exterior resembles a phone case or a wallet.

The following states have decriminalized amounts of cannabis for personal use (or have medical programs in place), but still have unjust paraphernalia laws that can send you to jail:

Arizona (medical program): Possession of paraphernalia is felony that carries up to 2 years in jail time and a maximum fine of $150,000

Connecticut: Possession of paraphernalia used to inhale or ingest more than a half oz of cannabis can send you to jail for 3 months.

Delaware: Possession of paraphernalia in conjunction with 1 oz or more of cannabis carries jail time of up to 6 months.

Illinois: Possession of paraphernalia with more than 10 grams of cannabis can send you to jail for 1 year.

Massachusetts: Possession of paraphernalia carries jail time of 1-2 years and a maximum fine of $5,000.

Mississippi: Possession of paraphernalia carries maximum jail time of 6 months.

Missouri (2017 decriminalization): Possession of paraphernalia carries a maximum jail time of 1 year.

Nevada: Possession of paraphernalia can send you to jail for 6 months.

New York: Possession of a scale to weight out your daily dose can send you to jail for 1 year.

North Carolina: Use or possession of paraphernalia is ground for up to 45 days imprisonment.


You only have one opportunity to make a first impression – ensure it’s the right one. You wouldn’t serve steaks on a paper plate or offer someone a roach; why store your smoking stash in a sandwich bag? Don’t. Instead, use a Safety Case and you’ll have everything you need to smoke or vaporize in one discreet, smell-proof stash box. Plus, it guarantees all your smoking supplies are organized and in one place.

You probably love the pungent smell of cannabis, but those around you may not have that same level of appreciation. It all comes down to respect. Nobody cares that you have your stash on you so long as they can’t sniff it out. By using a smell-proof storage container like the Pebble, you can transport your stash around town without worrying if your neighbor on the train can smell it. We suggest keeping your Pebble’s inside the Safety Case, which can hold up to eight containers.

Looking to Carry More?

Check out the smell proof collections by Black Rock Originals. You’ll find all the different sizes you might need!

Shop Smell Proof Bags

Unique Weed Accessories: 10 Upscale Essentials for Savvy Stoners

Is your smoking kit up to snuff, so to speak? Every stoner has his or her own list of essentials—the indispensable accouterments that add to every at-home session and make smoking on the go a breeze.

Chances are, you have at least one or two of these savvy stoner essentials in your smoking kit already, but we can almost guarantee that you don’t have all of them. These are—without question—the 10 must-have cannabis and hemp flower smoking companions that we rely on day-to-day, including a smell-proof stash box, rice rolling papers, a grinder card, a sleek one-hitter, and more.

Give your smoking kit a complete makeover, add a missing piece to your pot-smoking puzzle, or just dive in to get a feel for some of the best stoner accessories on the market right now with our guide below.

A Good One-Hitter

Some things don’t change. How does the saying go… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Quick and simple, the unbreakable one-hitter is still a smoker’s staple, despite the current boom of cannabis technology.

A well-packed one-hitter still delivers a resounding wallop of smoke, making it a preferred method for skiers, hikers, skateboarders, and other outdoor enthusiasts, and on-the-go herb aficionados in general. And please, whatever you do, don’t opt for the one hitter that’s painted like a cigarette—you’re seriously not fooling anyone.

Grass City has a huge variety of awesome one-hitters you should check out.

VapeXhale EVO

Are dab rigs and the associated blowtorch just not your vibe? Look to VapeXhale—the undisputed glass monarch of the vaporizer kingdom. The EVO vaporizer was developed from an amalgamation of science experiments, years of research and development, and input from hundreds of dedicated stoners via weed forums.

The resulting product is a vaporizer that combines the health benefits of vaping with the pound-for-pound knockout abilities of a water pipe. Whether you’re looking to dab a cannabis or CBD concentrate like 99% CBD Isolate or vape your favorite bud or hemp flower, the EVO’s ultra-effective, glass-encapsulated heating element delivers hard-hitting, dense, delicious vapor in every hit.

Grinder Card

Bulky coffee table grinders aren’t exactly inconspicuous—and oftentimes you don’t want to break your back bringing one with you when you’re traveling. A grinder card can slide into your wallet like a credit card, although we recommend stashing it in its designated pocket in the Safety Case. Whip out the grinder card in a pinch, and, like a compact version of your kitchen grater or zester, you’ll be looking at a small pile of finely ground herbs in no time at all. Perfect for rolling joints or packing a vape pen on the run, a grinder card combines utility and portability perfectly.

You can find a wide variety of really cool grinder cards over at Amazon for great prices.

Glass Blunt

OK— we’re going to say it: glass blunts are absolutely underrated. Sure, we’re fans of a good old-fashioned Swisher Sweet every once and a while (I’m partial to grape or original, but the new flavors like blueberry are a fun departure from the expected), but the wide chamber of a glass blunt can be easily packed with 1.5 grams of flower and smoked down to the tube.

Not only does a glass blunt have a high capacity, if you’re truly sampling some high-grade, but there’s also no reason to introduce conflicting flavors in the form of an artificially-flavored blunt wrap. Instead, go with this heavy-hitting alternative that—if you’re burning blunts regularly—will save you both trees and trips to the gas station for Phillies.

MagBlunt makes a good one which you can find here, or head over to Grass City to check out this one from Grav Labs for only $11.99.

Rolling Tips

Nothing gives away a stoner like a mutilated business card. For the infrequent smoker, going Hannibal Lecter on a movie ticket or tearing off a corner of a pack of gum is a fair enough move, and very in-keeping with the resourceful stoner spirit.

However, if joints are your preferred method of smoking, snagging some rolling tips is a power move. A smooth, round filter (or crutch) will help create smoother rolls and prevent that dreaded sogginess that comes with a round or two of passing a paper joint.

Of course, you could always roll a joint without a filter—just don’t expect your friends to want to suck on that soggy, bedraggled excuse for a cone after a couple rotations.

Head over here to pick some up from RAW.

Grasshopper Vape Pen

If James Bond were to soothe his muscles with a little CBD after a day of derailing an international crime syndicate, this is the vaporizer he’d rely on. MI-6 didn’t have anything to do with this ingenious gadget, although it was developed by aerospace engineers.

This literal vape “pen” performs admirably with flower and is a perfect addition to any smoking kit—especially if discretion is of the utmost concern. A gorgeously designed little chameleon that mimics an expensive pen, the Grasshopper camouflages right in at the office.

Pick it up on their official website.

Rice Rolling Papers

Wood papers? No, thanks! Why buy high-quality flower if you’re going to skimp on paper? Hemp is a decent middle-ground, but rice paper burns slower and cleaner. Rice rolling papers are a bit trickier to roll at first because they’re so thin, but eventually, you’ll get used to them.  As an added bonus, that learning curve will only amplify your rolling skills.

Pick some up over at Grasscity.

Nuggy 2 10-in-1 Multi-Tool

Nuggy 2 Multi-Tool

Call it a poker, call it a dabber, call it whatever you want—just don’t call it unnecessary. The Nuggy 2 is the stoner’s Swiss Army Knife, and it can be employed in a million ways. Use it to break up oil, take dabs, pack joints, clean your one-hitter, load your vape pen, etc.

The spoon-shaped tip makes for an effective scooper, while the handle can serve as a poker or more agile scraper for small spaces. Whatever your preferred method of smoking, having a Nuggy in your kit will make many a toker’s task even easier.

Pick it up over here on Amazon.

Moroccan Ashtray

No one wants to see an ashtray overflowing with old roaches. Moroccan ashtrays add a touch of classiness to the smoker’s coffee table. They look like a curved, ornately painted honeypots, but with ridged edges to hold still-smoking joints and an open cavity to stash the remnants of past sessions.

There is a huge selection of Moroccan Ashtrays over at Amazon.

Smell-Proof Storage

Not every smoker is a stereotype—so why smoke like one? For the active professional on the hunt for a sleek, discreet, and simple smoking kit, there is truly no better investment. The smell-proof Safety Case has an inconspicuous yet sleek outer aesthetic—and on the inside, a customizable stash compartment perfect for organizing your vape pen, joints, pipes, blunts, oils, flower, papers, and more.

Shop smell-proof storage options here.

Bonus:  Hemp Flower for Symptom Relief with CBD

You’ve likely seen many different CBD concentrates on the market, but did you know you can smoke or vape raw, organic hemp flower for fast-acting, full-spectrum doses of CBD?

We like the organic, non-GMO, sustainably grown, independently tested, federally legal hemp flower strains by Canna Comforts.  Each of their diverse varietals looks, smells, tastes, and smokes just like the top-shelf cannabis strain that inspired it.  We enjoy a joint or bowl of Lifter (topped off with a bit of Elektra Kief for extra symptom relief), but their diverse array of strains ensures the right cannabinoid profile for any purpose and any patient.