Weedcation: 5 Tips for a Successful Trip to Colorado to Smoke

Just because weed is legal in Colorado doesn’t mean you can spark up a blunt on the steps of a police station and expect everything to be all good. Instead, you have to treat cannabis like liquor—and every 6 pack needs a proverbial paper bag. In response to witnessing countless rookie mistakes, and we mean everything from smoking in public to hot boxing the hotel room, we’ve put together this guide specifically for smokers who are traveling to Colorado for the first time.

One could say that we’re cultured in Colorado’s cannabis scene. We’ve been blazing in Colorado since long before Amendment 64 was even on the ballot, and we’ve watched the subsequent transformation that’s occurred since medical and recreational weed have become legalized.

We’ve noticed not only an increase in medical use but an influx of toking tourism: fellow smokers from places like Texas, Utah, and Iowa flock to the herbal oasis that is Colorado like refugees fleeing a natural disaster. But much like Augustus Gloop visiting the Wonka factory, many of these pot-seeking pilgrims overindulge, and end up — instead of drowning in a river of chocolate — comatose in hotel rooms, surrounded by half-eaten pizzas and virtually untouched bags of weed. That’s no way to enjoy Colorado’s sunshine.

Please—don’t be that guy. Instead, take a rolling paper out of our book, and follow these 5 tips to make your Colorado weedcation the best it can possibly be.

  1. Research the Dispensaries

    Just like you Yelp restaurants when you visit a new city, it’s worth researching dispensaries. We recommend using an app/site like WeedMaps or Leafly. Why? Well, different dispensaries have different growing protocols, which results in different calibers of product. Two dispensaries may have the exact same strain, but one may be markedly better because it was grown organically (as opposed to large-scale hydroponics). Our favorite dispensaries supply organic, soil-grown cannabis—that rules out some of the bigger growers that could give a shit about flavor and quality and instead focus on high-yield, high-THC crops. Ask yourself this: would you rather shop at Whole Foods or Costco for your medicine?

  2. Go for Variety

    Just because you can legally buy an ounce (we know, it’s very exciting) doesn’t mean that you should. If you’re going to host a beer tasting, would you rather buy a keg or an assortment of six packs? Part of the beauty of going to a dispensary is that you can pick and choose, mix and match. Instead of buying an eighth, start with a gram each of an indica, a sativa, and a hybrid. If you’ve been buying flower from “your guy” for your entire cannabis career, being able to talk to a professional budtender about things like flavor profile, THC vs. CBD content, and individual strain effects will be nothing short of mind-blowing. The phrase “weed is weed” is an idiotic fallacy chirped by pot smokers in bud-barren tundras like Texas. More accurate a phrase would be “weed is like wine,” because every smoker could use the advice of a bona fide strain sommelier. Our advice? Take your time at the dispensary, relish the process, and don’t overdo it at first—everything in moderation, including recreational pot. You can always go visit another dispensary down the line—in fact, we recommend it.

  3. Book 420-friendly lodging

    Ok—so you can’t just smoke anywhere. According to Colorado laws, you must be 21 to buy, possess, or use, and you must consume in private. That said, the last thing you want on your trip is to be paranoid. Not every hotel allows patrons to smoke, so be sure to do your research before booking. Staying at a homeowner-rented AirBnb is an option, but you can also look into staying in a Bud & Breakfast, which allows tourists a novel opportunity: to smoke openly with like-minded travelers in a fun, easygoing setting.

  4. Vape it or smoke it—don’t eat it!

    Rookie mistake number one? Diving straight into the edibles. With shelves upon shelves of tasty treats ranging from staples like brownies and cookies to more eccentric options like cannabis-infused sour patch kids and buffalo chicken wings, it’s no wonder why traveling stoners have been tempted into overconsumption. Edibles — aside from being delicious — make mismanaging dose size extremely easy, and they also last for a significantly longer duration (and with higher intensity). We recommend you start with a joint, a bowl, or a vaporizer. And if you do decide to go with an edible, start by nibbling a fraction of the recommended dose and waiting forty-five minutes to an hour (and be aware that it can take even longer to kick in). Most dispensaries place the standard edible doseat 10mg of THC, but we know even some regular smokers who prefer half of that.

  5. Use a Smoking Kit

    Just because weed is legal in Colorado doesn’t mean that stigmas have evaporated. If you don’t want people sending you winks and grins because you’re swathed in the overwhelming stank of dank, then we recommend you invest in a high quality smoking kit. The Black Rock Originals product line allows you to keep all of your smoking supplies in one place for convenient use throughout your weedcation. Hit the dispensaries, store your stash, and then take advantage of all that this beautiful state has to offer, from the ski slopes to the music scene—all while knowing that your cannabis and smoking accessories are protected by a true Colorado brand that true Colorado smokers trust.

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10 Essentials for the Savvy Smoker’s 420 Travel Weed Kit

Now that you’ve got your vape pen, pipe, or papers sorted out, what other smoking essentials should you bring in your weed smoker kit? These are a few of our favorite travel essentials — all of which simplify your smoking and vaping experience on the go. It’s a hassle to stop at a headshop when you arrive in a new city. Instead of scrambling for supplies, pack the travel-friendly, smell proof Safety Case and you’ll have no problem taking flight once you touch down at your final destination.

10 Items for the Ultimate Weed Kit

  1. Grinder card

    how to grind weed

    Everyone knows using a grinder is critical for rolling joints or getting a smooth hit from your vape / pipe. You might prefer a premium grinder, but who wants to clean out their kief-catcher just to comply with TSA regulations? Easy to clean and quick to use, the inconspicuous, stashable grinder card is a crucial item for the traveling stoner.

  2. Lighter

    An obvious essential that’s often forgotten and/or misplaced. Why waste time stopping at a gas station when you have a dozen on the coffee table at home? And yes, you can bring a lighter on-board, so long as it’s in your carry-on. You might have to leave the blow torch for your dab rig at home, though.

  3. Rolling Tips

    If you do forget your rolling tips, you can always rip off a piece of that airline magazine cover that’s in the seat pocket in front of you. But we prefer a clean crutch, so we always make sure we bring a crisp set of rolling tips. Never used crutches before? Check out why they are one of my 10 Tips for Rolling Better Joints.

  4. Dabber / Poker

    This is a crucial tool we never travel without. The skinny metal tool will often be overlooked in TSA screenings, but it’s a good idea to meticulously clean it prior to travel, just in case. A slim, travel-size tool is essential for loading a vape pen or clearing your one-hitter.

  5. Dab Mat

    A silicone dab mat handles two tasks: it allows you to handle extracts with ease, and it also protects your Safety Case from getting sticky with oil—something you don’t want to happen, especially if you’re going to be flying again.

  6. Smell-proof Containers

    Smell-proof containers keep your stash organized and discreet. A silicone container like the Pebble can be used in conjunction with the Safety Case, and we love it for travel because of its small size, rounded corners, and medical-grade silicone, which make cleaning a breeze.

  7. Rolling papers

    Most of the time when we smoke on the road, we end up rolling joints. Having a pack of rolling papers on hand while traveling, even if you aren’t expecting to find weed at your destination, is a pro travel move.

  8. Vape Pen

    A must for the traveling stoner, especially if you’re headed to a destination with a harsh penalty for smoking weed. Given the prevalence of e-cigs and the minimal smell of vaping oil, a vape pen is as incognito as it gets these days.

  9. One-hitter

    One-hitters are awesome for traveling for a number of reasons: they’re cheap, nearly impossible to break, and still pack quite the punch when smoking flower. Just make sure you clean it properly before heading to the airport.

  10. Smell Proof Case

    Above all else, the most important piece of the traveling stoner’s puzzle is a smell-proof, discreet stash box. Sometimes you really need a child safe, locking stash box to manage everything.

420 Travel Guide: 10 Best Things to do High in Denver

Denver is a weed-lover’s paradise. Not only is there a dispensary on every corner, but there’s a concert every night, a delicious restaurant on every block, and an outdoor activity to enjoy at every turn. After spending the past decade in Denver, we put together a list of my favorite things to do while high in The Mile High City. Whether you’re a Denver local or just visiting for a quick weedcation, here are 10 awesome activities to make the most of your next smoke session.

  1. Visit the butterfly garden

    It sounds silly, but have you ever hung out with thousands of butterflies while high? No? Well, don’t knock it ’til you try it! A veritable zoo of invertebrates, the Butterfly Pavilion is located 15 minutes north of Denver in Westminster. It’s a favorite haunt for local kids (and also the stoned adult or two). Vaping some sativa and learning about invertebrates? Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me.

  2. Go for a hike (or bike) on Dinosaur Ridge

    Dinosaur Ridge is about a 20-minute drive west of Denver. You can go for the short scenic hike and check out the dinosaur fossils or, if you’re feeling a bit more extreme, you can go for a mountain bike ride in the surrounding area, linking Dakota Ridge and Red Rocks loop from the Zorro trail. Be wary: this bike ride is not for beginner or intermediate riders: it’s technical and difficult. It you’re more of a mellow cruiser, pedal down the paved/gravel Cherry Creek Trail in Denver or try your hand at mountain biking on the beginner-friendly Green Mountain Trails.

  3. Hit the food trucks

    Denver’s food scene is already excellent—and it’s getting better every year. My favorite way to sample the best Denver has to offer is Civic Center Eats, an event on Tuesdays-Thursdays, May-October, where food trucks flock to one of Denver’s most pristine urban parks for a farmer’s market-style confluence of culinary mastery. Walk through rows of food trucks—ranging from classic barbecue to latin-asian fusion—and have a memorable and tasty lunch outside in the sun.

  4. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art

    Denver has some truly amazing museums, ranging from the interactive Museum of Natural Science to the high-brow Clyfford Still Museum. My favorite? The Museum of Contemporary Art, which has exhibitions showcasing everything from Basquiat to little-known graffiti writers. After a smoke break, the architecture alone will blow your mind. Plus, it has an awesome location, with excellent restaurants and gorgeous parks nearby.

  5. Walk the 16th street mall

    The 16th Street Mall has some of the best people watching in the world, as the entirety of Denver’s vast cast of characters, from wealthy shoppers and bedraggled yet talented street performers, prowl the promenade. If you’re looking to catch a movie, grab a bite, or hit the town, it’s all at your fingertips at the 16th Street Mall.

  6. Skyline Park: Free Putt Putt & Ping Pong

    Free ice-skating, putt-putt, and ping-pong? Sounds good to me! Depending on the season, Skyline Park always has an activity or two that’s sure to please locals and visitors alike. It can get a bit sketchy after dark, however.

  7. Explore the Parks

    Denver has green space that many a metropolitan visitor will salivate over. My three favorite parks? Wash Park, a skinny strip of green with a two lakes, a three-mile paved running/biking loop, and endless volleyball tournaments in the warmer months; City Park, an enormous park replete with paths, playgrounds, soccer fields, and more; and Civic Center Park, a more urban park at the foot of the State Capitol.

  8. Rent a pedalhopper

    Renting a pedalhopper in Denver is a sure way to have a great time, especially if you’ve got a big crew. Why take an Uber when you can simultaneously get a bit of exercise and enjoy a multi-person “party bike”?

  9. Explore the Free Art Galleries

    From about 6th to 11th on Santa Fe is one of our favorite sections of Denver—namely because there are a ton of tiny art galleries (not to mention excellent places to grab a bite or a beer). Be sure to check out the First Friday Art Walk, where every month Denver’s artists and art lovers stroll the sidewalks, visit the plethora of art galleries, and nosh at the food trucks that set up for the occasion.

  10. Plop down on a rooftop patio

    Anywhere you go in Denver, from South Broadway to RiNo, rooftop patios are within reach. There’s nothing like hanging with friends, having a beer, and grabbing a bite three-stories high, all while watching the sun set over the Front Range of the Rockies to the west.

3 Tips for Smoking in Denver

Cram as many of these awesome activities into your Denver vacation, and we guarantee you’re going to have the time of your life. And when you’re in Denver, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re smoking on the move:

Vaporize: vapes are stealthy, healthy, and effective. This is my go-to stash case for vaporizers, which makes your smoke sessions even more discreet.

Use a one-hitter: If you love to smoke flower but you want to keep a low-profile, consider using a one hitter, pipe, or chillum.

Carry a 420 kit. Not everyone appreciates the smell of cannabis. Keeping your smoking accessories concealed in a discreet, smell proof stash box is the safest way to avoid any hassling.