This particular enail (short for electric nail) has won 3 Hightimes Cannabis Cup Awards so we were very excited to put it to the test. The main benefit to enails is that you don’t have to use a torch to take a dab. Instead you can set the enail controller to your desired dabbing temperature and the heating element will hold precise temperature until the unit is shut off. In this in-depth product review, we’ll break down what’s included in this unit, how it works, and our thoughts on its performance.

What’s Included

710 Life Micro Enail Product Review 2

The unit is delivered in a fully shrink-wrapped box that feels high quality. Each 710 life micro enail is delivered with the main enail unit, power cord, ecoil cord (20mm heating coil), titanium carb cap & dabber combo, universal titanium nail, quartz insert, ceramic insert, and a silicone dab container. The included grade 2 titanium nail is universal meaning it will fit both male and female joints measuring 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm. Essentially, this kit has everything you need to begin dabbing right out the box! The only additional item you would need is the dab rig itself (and any type of dab rig will work with this product).

This unit also comes with a free standard 1 year warranty on the main unit from failure or defect, which the option to upgrade to 2 or even 3 year protection. We always appreciate when companies stand behind their products with a manufacturers warranty. We also enjoyed 710 Life’s online ordering platform which makes it easy to add additional accessories to your purchase—things like a protective case or a quartz nail.

The Unit Itself

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The main enail controller unit is true to its name—it’s extremely small in size measuring approximately 4.4”(L) x 3”(W) x 1.25”(H) and weighing less than a pound. That makes this product ideal for those seeking portability when choosing an enail. The unit comes in eight different colors: black, gold, silver, blue, green, white, pink, and red.

The unit is intuitive to use, simply plug in the cords, turn the unit on, and use the arrows to select your desired temperature. The temperature is fully adjustable and ranges from 0°F- 1000°F. We really like that the unit saves your desired temperature for the next use—no need to readjust it each time you turn the enail on.

The Universal Nail

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We love that this enail setup comes with the ability to dab off of titanium, ceramic, and quartz surfaces—we’ve yet to see a kit that delivers that kind of versatility. The quartz and ceramic inserts are perfect for taking flavorful dabs. Unfortunately, the included universal titanium nail was much larger than we were anticipating—almost as long as the whole enail controller unit! The nail looked unusually large on our small dab rig and gave it additional top weight, which made the piece more prone to tipping over. That said, I would opt for the quartz banger upgrade if you’re intend to use this enail with a smaller sized dab rig.

Along those same lines, the joint of the included universal nail (where it attaches to the rig) got very hot after only a few minutes of being turned on. It certainly doesn’t impact the function of the nail but it’s not ideal for the joint on your glass or your hands—lots of area to burn yourself!

We really enjoyed the shape of the dabber tool, it’s got a flat tip that makes it easy to work with concentrates of all consistencies. The included carb cap makes it easy to seal the nail after dropping your dab into the dish.


710 Life Micro Enail Product Review 5

We preferred the quartz insert and found that setting the controller to 625-650°F was the sweet spot for maximum terpene preservation while still fully vaporizing all the concentrate. Above 650°F, the dab was hotter than we like with far less terpene taste coming through the vapor—not nearly as enjoyable. The heat up time was very short, from turning the unit on to reaching 625°F degrees, only took 3 minutes. The unit held temperature consistently within a +/-5°F range, even when using the carb cap, which we found isn’t always the case with other units.

The only weird thing we noticed with regards to temperature was when you adjust the temperature multiple times in one session, it takes some time for the unit to make adjustments. For example, if you change the temperature setting from 650°F to 675°F, the unit will go past the desired temperature to 695°F before dropping back down to 675°F. It’s not the end of the world, just something that we noticed when trying to dial in the temperature and find our sweet spot.


At a price point of $189.99, this enail offers great value—especially considering full enail kits like this can cost up to $499.00 from competitors. That makes this product great for those looking for their first electric nail or those looking for a small, portable enail to compliment their existing unit. It truly includes everything you need to get started dabbing—you literally will not have to visit a headshop or order any extra tools!

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Table of Contents