1. Guarantee Your Safety

    If you don’t personally know who cultivated your cannabis, it probably isn’t safe to consume. Bold statement? Hardly. In California, 84% of cannabis samples tested by Steep Hill Labs were deemed ‘unfit for human consumption’ due to the use of toxic pesticides. The solution is simple – start growing at home. Cannabis cannot be considered medicine if it’s grow with the use of synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides. Say no to toxic weed with harmful side effects – start growing your own today!

  2. Grow The Strain You Want

    There’s nothing worse than being subject to the single strain stocked by your weed dealer – and believe it or not, dispensaries don’t always carry the strain you’re looking for. Whether you prefer CBD-rich strains or high-THC strains, growing your own allows you to always smoke what YOU want – not just the most popular, over-hyped strain. There’s a certain comfort in always knowing what you’re getting – especially if you are purchasing for medical use.

  3. Produce Top-Shelf, Organic Cannabis

    We’ve all experienced weed that tastes like hay, buds that burn the throat, or that less than stellar eighth – and it’s always disappointing. Commercially cultivated cannabis, whether grow legally or illegally, is grown for quantity NOT quality. And you can guarantee it wasn’t grown organically with an emphasis on cannabinoid and terpene production. Simply put, if you want to smoke the best top-shelf weed, you have to grow it yourself. With the right inputs and some professional guidance, you’ll easily be cultivating top-shelf organic buds that far surpass the quality level of the dispensary or your dealer.

  4. Get The Most Pot For The Least Money

    Sick of buying by the gram? Imagine smoking by the ounce. Even a small 4’x4’ tent can supply a daily cannabis consumer for several months. Thus, cultivating a single light’s worth of marijuana can truly yield an unlimited supply of cannabis for the average person. People think that growing weed is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be – especially if you implement the Grow Pro Method. In reality, growing weed involves an up front investment for an endless supply of cannabis. Imagine smoking more and paying less than you currently do – you’ll never run out again!

  5. Save The Earth

    By implementing sustainable techniques you save the earth the earth and your wallet. When using the organic techniques, you’ll re-use your soil each cycle only adding the minimal inputs needed to keep the soil balanced after each harvest. In fact, your soil health will improve with each successful harvest. Alternatively, with soil-less growing systems, none of the grow medium is re-used. While hydroponic cultivation is all the rage, it requires all new grow mediums and nutrients with each and every harvest. Not to mention the often-toxic run-off produced by the synthetic fertilizers used in hydroponic and soil-less grows. Watering to run-off is not necessary and you’ll only use natural inputs that are derived from plants, trees, or the earth’s crust.